On Your Knees in a Hotel Room

On your knees in a hotel room bra G-string garter belt stockings. When you came into the room, the smell and soft light of scented candles. A note on the bed instructing you to take off your clothes put on the blindfold on the bed, get on your knees and wait. Even though the room is the perfect temperature to be naked you shiver. Nervous and very turned on, we've emailed texted but you still don't know what I sound like or are sure what I look like except for the pictures. The bathroom door opens footsteps. You start to speak. My mouth by your ears shhhh. My hands explore, light fingertips. Kisses and nibbles on your ear lobe. You lean back and realize I am fully clothed, that idea makes you even feel raunchier, slightly slutty. As I bite and kiss your neck and shoulders my finger lightly touches the lips of your fanny making it tingle. The only sounds heavy breathing your light moans and deep sexy music, music to be fucked to. The sound of jingling. Then you feel it wrap around your wrist, the first leather strap. My finger glide up that sensitive inner side of your arm. More sounds......... My fingers glide down the sensitive inside of your other forearm. Another leather cuff.. Strong hands under your arm pits helps you to your feet.

A glass is put in your hand. Should you drink it? You decide you've come this far. You take a sip. Very chill and very nice champagne. As you empty the glass, my hands explore and cover your body in warm oil. Champagne finished I lead you over to a doorway. Raising your hands over your head I click them together and attach them to a clamp I put on the door frame. I step back you know I am admiring your body even blindfolded you can feel my eyes on your body, Somehow you even know I am smirking right now, enjoying the moment. Planning what to do next. Light fingertips on your breasts tracing the shape the outline, slow long oily spirals. Fingertips lightly across you nipples just brushing. Then spirals starting at your nipples the getting bigger. I step away again. Your nipples tingle, you felt so wet sweaty horny, slutty. Blindfolded tied up in a strange hotel room with a man you've never seen. Letting him do what he wants to your body. As I step forward again my hands slide around and cup your bum. I am still wearing my clothes, my wearing clothes while you are naked makes it feel even dirtier. My mouth covers your nipples then I lightly nip and kiss my way down you belly. Finger nails lightly down the backs of your legs. I kiss all around your mons, nips, licks, hot breath. My finger lightly brushes the outside of your pussy lips. Just touching. Two metallic clicks and now your legs are spread and secured. Your body is mine to play with. My lips brush yours. My tongue follows the outline of your lips. You open your mouth leaning forward expecting a long deep kiss. I lean away laughing. Light finger tips on your nipples. My other hand strokes your mons. You are so wet your skin tingles, but there is nothing you can do but enjoy. I brush past you and I am behind you. Fingers circles the insides of your ears, tease your earlobes trace your spine, the line between your bum cheeks the insides of your thighs. You wait for my fingers to play with your bum to slide in your pussy, but you don't realize I am going to take my time. You moan “Oh god I am so horny" I chuckle again. Kisses bites on your ears, your neck shoulders. Goosebumps and shivers. Then around your neck a leather collar another click and I attach a lead. On my knees I kiss and lick the backs of your legs, I take my time on the backs of your knees they are so sensitive. .My fingertips trail to your pussy, breath on the inside of your thighs. My fingers traces a maddening figure 8 slow circles on the inside of you labia. Not sliding inside your pussy just on the outside. Then along the shaft of your clit. My fingers lightly on the tip of your clit then back to you labia. I whisper in your ear "you are safe and secure. Nothing will happen to you that you don't want. For me domination is about making you do something. It's about making you want something done to you, making you beg for it". A cloth is entwined in your fingers. "If you don't want something done to you say stop or if you can' talk drop the cloth. Open your mouth". Suddenly a ball gag is put in your mouth like you see in the sex shops. Holes let you breath but you can't make a sound. Now you get nervous." you always have the cloth". You relax….. a bit. Something hard yet soft is exploring your body. It takes you a while then you realize it's a riding crop. "Fuck how far will I go with it you wonder". The riding crop traces lines on your body. Every so often it snaps against your skin. It doesn't really hurt just shocks you a bit. The riding crop slides back and

forth between your pussy lips. Fuck this is so dirty so hot. You squat down rubbing yourself against it. "Is he going to fuck me with it?" You are scared that it is going to hurt and really hot because the idea is so dirty it turns you on. Then it runs all over your body and back to you pussy a bit deeper. After a few times you feel the crop inside of you. I take the ball gag out and run the tip of the riding cop along the lips of your mouth, the leather saturated with you pussy juices. You take the tip in your mouth and suck on it. The taste of leather and you pussy linger in your mouth. I unclick your hands and attach them to your lead you feel a yank on your collar and you know I want you to follow. Into another room I help you to your knees onto a soft pillow. The sound of a chain. The first click is the chain to your lead, the second to your handcuffs and the third to your ankle cuffs. My fingers trance lines, circles and swirls on your body, finding all those sensitive bits that make you wetter. My lips brush your ear sending shivers up your spine. "Stick out your tongue". You expect my cock but instead I lightly run my fingers up and down your tongue your lips. You try to suck on them a sting of the riding crop on your bum. "I didn't tell you to suck". Your tongue tingles you can feel your lips getting puffy with lust. “Please I want to suck your cock". You can't believe you are begging to suck a stranger's cock that you want to have it in your mouth down your throat so bad. "Ah I love it, the dirty slut in you is coming out. Do you want to suck my cock or do you want me to fuck your face, see how far my cock goes down your throat?" The head of my cock rubs against your tongue. You want it in your mouth so bad. I rub it all over your face. My cock has that musky male scent and I am marking you with it, my slut. You are so horny 'Fuck my mouth my throat use me any way you want"

My hand slips behind your head grabbing a handful of hair. Slowly I start to fuck you mouth. With each stroke in I rotate my hips like I am fucking your pussy. Each stroke a bit deeper harder. You lean forward trying to get my cock deeper own your throat. The riding crop traces lines on your body. Every so often I snap it on you. I doesn't really hurt just shocks you a bit. The riding crop back and forth between your pussy lips. Fuck this is so dirty so hot. The End of part 1

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