Games of Power

“Games of submission and dominance, amazing how erotic it can be”. I tend to be dominant but I have played submissive as well, there was that time with two…….Well that is another story. I enjoy both; and playing both sides gives me a deeper understanding.

“When I am dominant; it is not the taking; it is being given, being asked.. Begged that turns me on. ] love teasing out those dirty little secrets. The ones that you would love to tell someone, but you are too embarrassed. The ones that/make you really wet when you play with yourself.” I guess you can say the seduction; finding out those deep dark fantasies making you want, ask and beg for them to be done to you; that’s what turns me on”.

My hands run over your body strong hard slightly calloused, a man’s hands. Your hands over your head clipped to a coat rack on a door. Naked except for a garter belt and stockings and cfm boots. I lean in close you lips brush mine the tip of my tongue flicks against yours. As you lean forward for a deeper kiss I pull away. As I bite and kiss your shoulders and neck I cup your bum and pull us close. The tip of my nose my lips brush against your ear sending goose bumps all over you. “This is about teasing making you want. I am going to explore touch taste and play with your body. I know you have dirty little secrets thing you want done to you, happen to you. You are going to have to ask for them beg for them”.

Fingers up and down between your breasts. Spirals to your nipples.” You want me to suck on your nipples don’t you?”


“How badly?”

“Please suck on them. Make them hard.”

You didn’t think the night would turn into this. You knew it was going to be interesting. Me sitting on the lounge fully clothed glass of wine in hand as you stood in the middle of the room taking your clothes off. Then I handed you the bag the garter belt and stockings, black high heeled cum fuck me boots the ankle and wrist cuffs. Standing there as I walked around you touching, examining like you are my plaything my possession. Behind you whispering in your ear as I put it on. “A collar is a funny thing it is definite; a statement and a boundary crossed. It’s like putting on a costume freeing you to play to let go of your inhibitions.”

“Do you want to wear my collar?”


“Are you sure?”

“Yes please collar me” click as I lock it in place sends a chill up your spin.

The collar the cuffs the stockings and the boots, you look at yourself in the mirror. You look like a porn star.

“On your knees”

On your knees hands tied behind your back blindfolded. I find the whole sight erotic. You feel my nearness as I sit down in front of you. This is the part I enjoy, where I start to own you. This is where I start to make you want, need, be hungry. I lightly runs my finger tip all over your body. I explore, roam, tease and touch. Your breather becomes a bit quicker. I love how hard your nipples get when I play with them. Light pinches, then I run my fingertips lightly back and forth on your nipple tips. Your lips get that little bit poutier as you get aroused. I run my fingers through your hair play with your ears. Over your face back and forth across your lips. “Stick your tongue out”. I run my fingers back and forth on your tongue. You start playing with my finger with your tongue like a cock. “Don’t move”. My finger again lightly plays with your tongue. You never realized how erotic this could be. You are so wet. The tips of my fingers glide down your belly. You so want me to touch your pussy. I know that, but I am enjoying being in control; setting the pace. My finger run over you mons, the front of you thighs the inside of your thighs, then I stop….. I step away to have a sip of my wine. You fell so turned on your whole body is being stimulated teased you want me to do more.

“Why did you stop that was great?”

“Because I wanted to stop and have some wine, why? Do you want more?”


“Yes what”

“Yes please play with my body I need you to”

You feel me behind you kisses and bits necks shoulder and back. Kisses on you rear as my hands slide over your back and bum a finger glides up and down in your bum crack.

“You are mine tonight. The moment you put that collar on you gave yourself to me”


“Yes what?”

“Yes I am yours”

“Putting on the collar is like putting on a costume it give you freedom to let go of you inhibition to give up control to someone else. Tight but not too tight around your neck. The sharp click as I attach the lead. You are now mine. I run my fingers through your hair and take a firm hold. You know what is going to happen next, but I take my time. I rub the head of my cock all over your face. You can smell my musky sex smell. You want to suck on it, I know you do, but I want more…. I rub my cock between your lips you open your mouth to suck.

As I pull away I chuckle “I love what a slutty little cock sucker you are, but where are your manners?”

Your lips pout “please can I suck your cock”

“That’s more like it stick out your tongue” Your tongue is still sensitive from when I played with it before. I rub the head of it up and down your tongue around your lips. You want it so bad in your mouth to suck on it to feel it throb, to taste it. I slide my cock in your mouth slowly; rotating my hips to the music. “I am going to truly fuck that mouth of yours and you are going to fuck my cock with it”. Again slowly in your mouth deeper and deeper just stopping before your gag reflex then back out again.

“You want my cock all the way down your throat don’t you?”


“Yes what?”

“Yes I want you to fuck my throat to take it to use it for your pleasure”.

Each stroke a bit deeper faster. My hips rotate to the deep seductive music we build up a rhythm. You relax your gag reflex and my cocks slides past. The next stroke down your throat with no effort. You want this to have you mouth and throat fucked. It is turning you on so much that your pussy is dripping. With the next thrust you lean forward so that my cock goes down as far as it can. Your mouth slides up and down on my cock.

“That’s right fuck my cock” You can feel my orgasm build my thrusts become a bit harder, more demanding primal. You meet my thrusts moaning wanting my cum this is the filthiest blowjob you have ever given. With a grunt I cum. It flows down your throat and you eagerly swallow it.

Oh god you are so horny this is one of the dirtiest things you have done and it has only started. The sound of furniture being moved. I push a low coffee table with cushions on it against your legs. Bending you over it I untie your hands and tie them to the front two legs. I then spread your legs and tie them to the back part of the table. You are spread wide exposed. “Open your mouth”. Suddenly a ball gag is put in your mouth and strapped around your head. Now you are totally vulnerable, anything can happen, it’s scary it’s edgy and it is such a turn on tied up blindfolded gagged and spread wide.

I take a silk tie and slowly drag it over your body. Lightly against your ears, goose bumps break out. Your back, your legs the inside of your thighs, your bum hole your pussy lips. The tie glides everywhere teasing tantalizing. The tie is replaced by something shorter firmer, made of leather. Your realize it’s a riding crop. I explore your body with it, find all those sensitive areas. Between your legs up and down dangerous and erotic. This is the horniest you have ever been. Totally at someone else’s mercy and all you want is to be fucked hard. If you weren’t gagged you would be begging for it. Your pussy is so wet. My fingers replace the riding crop. On set of fingers plays with your clit the fingers on my other hand explore the inside of your pussy, touching stroking.

The fingers in your pussy make their way to your bum. Anal sex so many men want to ‘take a woman up the ass and so many woman don’t want to do it. Gentle pressure then slow light circles. “I don’t want to take you up the ass, I want you to ask me, I want to seduce you into wanting it. The trick is to let yourself go. Give in to the moment”. You feel my finger straighten up; getting ready for me to put my finger in your bum tenses. Instead warm oil flows down the crack of your bum. With my finger I massage slowly just a bit deeper each time. You find yourself enjoying. I never push I just circle downward. You realize suddenly, my finger is in too the first joint of my finger and you are enjoying it. Guys tend to be very linear; back and forth; up and down; in and out”. I prefer spirals and circles slower more seductive. My finger circles in then out; more oil, a bit deeper slow and steady. My second joint then Oh my God you finger is up your bum to my knuckle. It feels good sexy slutty. You gasp through the ball gag. Not from pain, because you actually are enjoying it. “See you’ve given yourself to the’ moment my finger slow in and out. Each time more oil a bit more relaxed my fingers in your pussy and my finger in your ass- create a rhythm. It’s going to be a long one. You can feel the orgasm building. Your hips rotate you push against my fingers As much as your bonds will let you; I pull my finger out of your bum Pressure. I push something in it spreads you wider and wider. Suddenly it pops in; a Butt plug!! It drives you crazy not quite in not quite out mmm you want more!!

I put a vibrator in your pussy that covers your chit and g-spot. Suddenly the butt plug and vibrator start vibrating. . Oh God that orgasm is building. “I know you watch those porn movies were the girl is funked by 3 guys you say you could never or that. I know you wonder what it would like to be filled, the bag gag comes out

“Yes I wonder what it would fell like to have all holes filled to be used”.

My cock slides in. Your thrust your head forward taking me all the way down your throat. I turn up both remotes. The orgasm long, hard deep. My thrusts down your throat in time with each wave. Your throat totally open my cock slides in and out effortlessly. My cock down your throat bottles your orgasm no release it just builds. You want to moan to scream for release but my cock is too far down your throat. Suddenly I pull out “open your mouth wide if you want the ball gag”. The ball gag will make it feel sluttier dirtier. You open your mouth. Ball gag in mouth I pull the butt plug out and gently slide my cock in. Your bum pushes back meeting my thrusts. I grab a handful of hair. It is so primal being taken being truly fucked. You bite into the ball gag moaning grunting. This orgasm hits hard, you bury your head into the pillow and scream my cock in deep and hard I pull out pull the condom off and cover your back in cum.

Later Collapsed tied to the table your body exhausted quivers. I lay lightly on your back warm comforting. I whisper in your ear. “I haven’t fuck your pussy yet…………….

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