completely for her pleasure

This is a true story from an encounter I had with a beautiful mistress who I still dream about. I hope you enjoy it

so where do i begin.
i made an appointment and arrived on time.
i knocked on the door
a woman opened dressed in a red latex body suit
she gestured for me to enter
closed the door
walked in front of me clicking her boots on a wooden floor
the house was dimly lit
her fragrance was expensive and seductive
short blonde hair
tall toned feminine figure
beautiful white skin and red lipstick
very well spoken and articulate
Perhaps early 30s

left in a room alone and directed to strip naked and wait in an appropriate position of my choice
i undressed folded my clothes and left them outside the room. totally vulnerable
kneeling in the middle of the room and waiting for her return
Anxious, excited, nervous and so turned on
i could hear her walking around the house but saw nothing
the room was dimly lit
candles flickering in the corner
a soft scent from the candles and no natural light from outside
the floor was wooden and the room had little in it
a cross stood against one wall with a board on the wall, various items of bondage hanging on the wall

It seemed like i had waited an eternity and my knees were aching from the wooden floor, I am sure it was only a few minutes but the thoughts racing through my mind were elevating my pulse.
Was this real, was she going to somehow take advantage of me, what condition will i be in by the end of this session.
she entered the room and i could feel my pulse quicken
she approached me slowly and whispered "good, I approve"

she walked around me viewing me, completely nude and totally exposed and totally at her disposal
what a tremendous feeling

she went to her board and collected a set of leather cuffs and returned to me
she squatted in front of me and i desperately wanted to touch her but dared not
she took my right hand and secured it in a leather cuff
then the other hand and pulled it firm with a buckle
"stand "
i did and she stood so close i felt like falling as if intoxicated
she was in my face and somehow that was both comforting and intimidating at the same time
her breath was fresh and i wanted to inhale when she exhaled taking her breath inside me
i so wanted her to touch me
she moved around me so close so much in my space, totally invading my person

Stepping away from my body she stood with her hands on her hips
gazing at my naked form
I wanted her so badly, I wanted to taste her bright red lips, to caress her beautiful perfect white skin, to inhale her perfume and consume her sensuality

her boots clicking on the wooden floor as she walked away from me snapped me back to reality.
she walked to her board and collected a leather item then returned to stand in front of me and millimeters from my body
she placed a leather collar around my neck and secured it firmly
Jolting it slightly from side to side ensuring it was secure and demonstrating her control and ownership

sliding her finger in to the ring of the collar she began to move my body across the room towards the only large item in the room, the wooden cross
guiding my body facing the cross and pushed me against it
i could feel her wait against me pushing me against the hard wood
nothing to soften the contact nothing but skin
she leaned in to me and i felt her breath against my neck
felt her garment against my skin
felt her hands exploring my body
she whispered "Lift your hands "
instinctively my hands moved to the arms of the cross
her hand slid along my right arm caressing my skin and awakening every nerve until her hand reached mine
her fingers entwined mine like a lover and she pressed hard against me again exhaling close so i felt and heard her sensual breath escape her lips
her hand moved and secured my leather cuffs to the ring on the cross
she stepped back and ran her hands over my body taunting me and showing me i had no control
she leaned in to me again pressing her sweet feminine form against mine contrasting bodies, male and female, hard and soft and yet she had the power
she reached for my free hand and again slowly secured it to a ring.
feeling her body pressed against mine I was so intoxicated I was forgetting to breath and began to feel lite headed adding to her power over me.

working down my form her hands seemed to touch every part of me
as if reaching inside me and touching nerves that awakened all of my senses
she worked her way down to my feet and was squatting beneath me
i tried to imagine how she would look completely naked and in that position so close to me
she forced my legs apart
i felt leather bind my ankle and then the other
open and vulnerable totally at her disposal
aroused and awakened all of my senses tingling

she slid her hands upwards caressing the insides of my calves and then my thighs as she rose to her feet
her hands exploring what i so desperately wanted her to touch and dared not ask
my mind was rushing, is someone watching, is anyone else there, will i be given away somehow, am i safe with her

she walked away to her wall and collected something
returning to me she slid a piece of soft fabric over my body just small and silky caressing my skin like a soft breeze
again she leaned in to me and felt i her form against mine
i craved it and it was so comforting
her hands reached around me
fingers worked across my chest her nails found my nipples and scratched them slightly then pinched them firmly and pulled at them hard

her hands moved up my body and i felt the fabric move across my face, in front of my eyes and finally firmly secured blindfolding me
her hands moved in front of me as her fingers adjusted the scarf over my eyes preventing me from seeing anything
my world was now dark and only my hearing and her beautiful perfume were there to comfort me.

Blindfolded and bound totally under her spell
i felt her move around me touch me explore me inspect me
her hand slid between my thighs and she grasped my cock feeling it swell
she had my undivided attention gripping my cock and stroking it to a full hard length

she was milking me pulling at me gripping my balls and stretching them downwards
she moved around me somehow never loosing contact with my body
leaning in to me she found my nipples with her tongue then her teeth firmly pulling at my nipple till the pain was overwhelming and yet the pleasure from the grip she had on my cock somehow made me want more.
she released me and walked away
i could hear her steps as she moved away from me
then silence
i think she had left the room
and yet i wasnt sure
my cock was craving the firm grip of her hand
my balls sac wanted to feel her claws digging in to my skin
my nipples wanted to be bitten
and nothing was being satisfied
not even her perfume was there to comfort me
there i was with my cock engorged and desperate for attention and i couldnt even touch it.
i felt it throbbing full and heavy just waiting for my mistress to return

an eternity passed and i was still alone, i felt so abandoned
suddenly the comforting noise of her heels clicking, heels on the wooden floor
and finally her perfume filling the air around me, even though my eyes couldnt feast on her at least her scent allowed me to enjoy her
She was so close i could feel her moving around me, the swish from her clothing, the air movement around me and the varying intensity of her perfume
i felt her hands at my feet
she slowly released my ankles and my body still couldnt move
she stood and leaned in to me
pressing her body against mine
her hands traveled along my torso then up to my hands
my wrists were released from the cross
the weight of her body was against mine, her hands travelled over me exploring me
reaching around and inspecting me squeezing my cock, pulling it firmly,
what a delight
this was so comforting to know my mistress had returned to me
slowly she turned me and again forced me hard against the cross

the pain in my body was significant my muscles ached from the stretched stance against the cross
i felt my hands secured again to the cross
her body pressed in to me again
my cock squeezed between her thighs
she rocked back and forth
firmly securing my cock
stroking and stretching it
masturbating me with her thighs, driving me insane

she took a handful of hair and pulled my head down to her breast
obediently i feasted on the opportunity to taste her to have her nipple in my mouth
to have my tongue on her skin
to pull and stretch her nipples with my teeth
ahhh escapes her lips
i bite a little harder
i suck a little harder

she forces my head away and slaps my face
then guides me to her other breast
a little too eagerly i bite at her nipple
i feel the sting of her hand slapping my cock
then firmly pull down stretching me a little too hard
how dare you she says
somehow i was a little ashamed while at the same time delighted.

she stepped away from me
again my body craved her
the sound of her heels took her away from me
then slowly back
even blindfolded i sensed every move she made in the room
i felt her hands take hold of me
holding my cock in one hand and stretching it away from my body
i felt her weight swing away from my body, the length of my cock used like a rope
the other hand gripping my balls and digging her nails in to me
always reminding me who is in charge
i felt her hands working something araound the base of my cock
wrapping something firmly
gripping my cock with one hand and wrapping something firmly at the base behind my balls
i felt it tighten and force my balls away from my body
the blood was flowing to my cock but somehow not escape back to my body
my cock was engorged to the point of pain and somehow still a pleasure

my hands were released
slowly and painfully i was allowed to lower my arms
as i regained motion and the pain faded i could still feel the firm grip of the binding on my cock.
"kneel" she whispered
i obeyed
forcing my head to the floor i was ordered to worship her
i kissed her feet , occasionally my tongue tasted her skin
my lips and tongue explored her
slowly i worked my way up her calves kissing, licking , tasting
i worked my way up her body waiting for her to stop me
pushing the boundaries
somehow she allowed me to continue
her skin was soft and yet her thighs were firm and a little muscular
she must have removed her garment that covered her legs as i had full access to her skin

finally i was on my knees and my nose was nestled between the soft skin of her thighs
my tongue went out to taste her and stroked the gusset of her body suit
she gripped my hair tilting my head back a little
allowing her free hand access to the crotch of her garment
i heard it clip open
she pulled my head toward her and my tongue led the way
meeting the soft fleshy folds of her swelling lips, her dampness was evident
she tasted so sweet
my tongue wanted more
i worked at her feeling her legs slightly give way
hearing her breath quicken
feeling her body tense a little
hearing her slightly gasp
feeling her pull my hair tighter
steadying herself against the cross she began to lose control
she urgently and forcefully pushed me to the ground
forced on my back she straddled my face
squatting over me
presenting her wet cunt and demanding her pleasure
i could barely lick fast enough to consume her wetness
i could feel her body convulsing
my cock was still bound and hard and desperate for attention
all that mattered was her pleasure
the urgency grew
my tongue was inside her
a little in her cunt
then she presents her ass to be licked
then her cunt again
her lips were so wet, so full so swollen
she wanted to cum
i sucked hard
she pulled her body up and stretched her lips till i released them
she sank again against my mout and my tongue was seeking out her clit
i teased it
i licked it
i sucked it
she screamed
rocking back and forth
then setteling over me
catching her breath
she sighs
allowing her orgasm to subside i lay still
occasionally my tongue would test her darting inside her
she would pull at my hair causing me pain as she convulsed with pleasure
this was my one chance at some control
it would subside then i would surprise her and dart my tongue inside her wet cunt again
this continued for a short time until her sensitivity was gone
i then licked her slowly as she rocked on my face enjoying the sensations from my lips and tongue against her saturated cunt

good boy! now get up and dress
she walked away and left me alone

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