Wanda wants to play

Wanda wants to play
Wanda was sitting at home with nothing much to do when she got a message from a new friend on one of her play sites… “Come join us, we are two CD/Bi guys who like to have a bit of fun when we can…. We will be playing in a motel in a town nearby. “”MMMM” thought Wanda, I have never tried that…. It could be a great experience… sending back a message Wanda asks when… Next Wednesday was the reply….
The anticipation of the days has been driving Wanda crazy… something she has not had before and doesn’t know enough about it all to have an opinion. But, by Christ she is hot to try it. Finally it is Wednesday… the anticipation, everything from getting her nails done to looking through her closets for something to wear. The hype of the whole evening is starting to build. Wanda knocks of work late, (it was hard not to tell the boss she was leaving early…) racing home she jumps into the shower and makes sure she is hair free. Jumps into the car and starts driving…
Half an hour away from the appointed venue she sends a message… “” Will be there in half an hour… I am so nervous” Response came straight back saying…. ‘Don’t be… go at your own pace and just enjoy.’
Checking the address again I pull up out the front and grab my back. (Wanda did not want to be walking in there in my CFM boots and fishnets.) She walked in the door and was given my first shock…. There was 3 CD girls there… two were already playing Wow that looks pretty hot right there already… the outfits on these girls were stunning and the shoes… Roxanne, Red/ black headed, has these gorgeous red stiletto heels suspender stockings and to me what looked to be a spider web body suit… Stunning… (Glad it was her walking in them and not me) Chelle, Gorgeous leggy blonde, had on some black strappy heels with her stockings and suspenders a lovely little schoolgirl type tartan in pink and a black corset with boobs out… those barbell piercings were lovely with bells on them. And Brooke brunette had on those red Thigh high boots that so excite Wanda every time she sees them in the picture… a gorgeous black corset with red bra and an overtop of black lace…
Roxanne and Brooke were playing on the couch already with Brooke’s legs in the air being sucked by Roxanne… Chelle helping to make Wanda feel comfortable walks up and starts to kiss her, fingers already under the dress and playing with the boobs. “Hello” Breathes Wanda,” I’m Wanda and I am so looking forward to tonight… ”have a drink and just go at the pace you feel comfortable with” Chelle says.
Wanda moves over to where Brooke and Roxanne are playing and leans down to kiss Brooke hello. Brooke kisses her back and tells Wanda she can put her boots on if she likes now. When in messenger they had discussed about the thigh high boots being a part of Wanda’s outfit. Along with the red and black bra/ panty set and the little black dress. Standing up to do just that Wanda hears the knock on the door… A little scared at the thought of who it may be, she looked from Chelle to Brooke. “I actually thought it was just meant to be you and Chelle playing alone. In walked a couple in everyday clothes. (Wanda had just seen them out the front as she pulled into the motel, never realising that they too, are going to Chelle’s.
They walk outside to the patio area to have a drink and smoke and start to feel comfortable… as soon as Wanda had her boots and fishnet stockings on she was heading straight back over to join in with Brooke and Roxanne… Hard cocks and happy to touch guys… Wanda’s favourite combination… she gets down onto her knees and starts touching both the girls. Roxanne offers to share the cock with Wanda and that was when all shyness left. Discovering that Roxanne loves cock as much as Wanda herself does she know she has to share part of the night?
Suddenly Wanda had a cock in her mouth and someone playing with her cunt, fingers, lubed and straight in. Fuck she was wet someone grabbed a toy, a large glass dildo and pushed it straight up into Wanda’s cunt. Feeling very full and already soaked Wanda was sucking cock and moaning at the same time. Positions changing had Wanda leaning over the arm of the couch sucking on Roxanne’s cock and balls and Brooke doing her from behind.
Chelle walks back in and Brooke tells her to show Wanda that cock of hers. Chelle complies, lifting up the little pink tartan skirt to show Wanda what she has. What a gorgeous package… clean shaven, hard cock and cock rings to boot. Wanda’s hands are reaching to touch it, her mind is going one hundred miles an hour wondering what to play with next, when the couple from outside decide to come in to the lounge room.
Sitting over on the sidelines and having a drink and Mia (female part of the couple) walks over and was watching what was happening. She agreed with Chelle when it was stated that Wanda definitely loves the cock... She asked if anyone had a cane. “NO” Yelped David, her partner. Wanda’s ears pricked at the vehemence in his voice… Why was he so against her having a play with a cane?

Chelle was busy fucking Wanda and driving it into her when Mia used the cane on her ass. Whack. Chelle jerked forward driving harder into Wanda who in turn took Roxanne deeper down her throat. And again, whack, whack, whack. Chelle said enough… Turning to Wanda Mia asks if she has ever been caned. “Nope, but always wanted to try it” says Wanda. On her knees she faces Mia, and has her breasts exposed ready for what was to come…. Whack. Wanda’s thoughts are Oh my god… that is so exciting. Again whack, whack whack… Wanda’s nipples were hard really fast and what a sensation… a biting sting with warm aftermath… such an erotic feel…
Mia says, “You have to tell me if you want to be caned again. Wanda looking blankly at her says “Yes please” thinking that’s all it’s going to take. Mia says “yes please what” “Yes please can I have more Mistress” Whack, whack, whack “You learn fast “says Mistress “Now suck Chelle cock” Wanda immediately does as she is told as she has seen how Mistress wielded the cane at David. Suddenly with a cock in her mouth Wanda feels that cane land on her arse. Whack.
Moaning Wanda sticks her arse up for easier access… amazed at how nice that cane felt… whack, whack, whack “Take him deeper into your mouth now” says Mistress Mia whilst pushing Wanda’s head down further to gag on the cock in her mouth. Meanwhile, David whom I have discovered to be
Adrenalin running rampant and toys and cocks happening everywhere. There are Cd Girls with cocks hard and ringed, Mistress Mia, with cane (who I would have to say so looks like she should be a Sunday school teacher), David, the panty wearing cock loving bi-boy who is the property of Mistress Mia. David was sitting on the couch and had Roxanne straddled over his legs riding his hard cock. Not taking in much of her surrounds Wanda suddenly feels someone behind her filling her cunt, quickly looking around she sees it is David, his hand pushing into her cunt… showing no mercy. Mistress Mia stands on the arm of the chair and places her toes into Chelles mouth making her suck them, she complies. Suddenly there is pressure between Wanda’s shoulder blades and she is pushed further down gagging on Chelle cock. Mistress Mia had her foot there to better guide Wanda on what she was doing. .
David pulls his hand back out and is told by his Mistress Mia to get on to Chelle’s cock and ride that and that Wanda can suck him off at the same time… He is an obedient bi-boy and does as he is bid so as not to upset his Mistress. What a sight to behold watching how he sat on Chelle’s cock and rode it well… some beautiful video footage was gained at the same time.
Then Mistress Mia speaks again and David is told to climb onto the coffee table that has been cleared and covered. Mistress steps down and stands behind him. Wanda, wanting to see what Mistress is likely to do stops sucking to watch… Mesmerised at how calm and collected Mistress is. She is a sight to behold. She has changed into a body suit and Red leather Jacket and has grabbed a glove. Picking up the butt butter she lathers her hand and moves towards David. Mistress shows him no mercy and starts to push her hand into his ass… expanding him as she goes. Brook is on his other end and puts his cock into David’s mouth. There are so many things running through Wanda’s mind. Not sure which part to watch more? Absolutely blown away at what she is experiencing.
Mistress Mia is now fisting her bi-boy and he is enjoying cock in his mouth. Mistress firmly taking control, ignoring his yelps of pain. She knows his limits and what she can and cannot do. To anyone watching, it is a sight to behold. She stands up onto the table behind him to get a better access point to drive her fist home into his willing ass….
Eventually he uses his words and Mistress Stops allowing him to regroup. She goes back into the bedroom and emerges with a large black strap on. As David emerges he is told to get on his knees and suck it and he does… sitting with a glass of wine in hand Wanda lets the voyeur in her loose and just enjoys the show.
When Mistress turns David around we get to watch as she slides her strapped cock in deep and fills his man pussy. She rides and rides him holding his hips firmly in place. She has all of us enthralled and enjoying. Brooke is playing his cock and watching as Chelle feeds his huge cock into David’s mouth...
As everyone starts to wind down and people are getting ready to go Wanda finally has the courage to ask Brooke about trying on her boots… knowing that every time she has seen them in pictures she has looked forward seeing them for real as has developed a boot fetish since buying her own CFM’s years before. Gingerly fitting the boots onto her feet she is amazes at the perfect fit, and the comfort. Brook tells her that she may keep them as her gift of memories from the night. Wanda is stunned at the gift offer.
This night is going to always create that secret smile of Wanda’s as soon as she looks at those boots or the many pictures from the night…

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