Just because...

I walk up to you and kiss you, our tongues entwined. Breathing getting faster… we are near my bed, a king size four posted mahogany wood with a high mattress… it is dressed with a cream and black scrollwork doona with bright pink sheets to set it off. I attach the restraints to the end of the bed.
Your hard and have on some of the red boxers that mould to your body. I look down and already your cock is growing… I let my fingers brush very gently above them. Teasing but not quiet touching you… your cock is pulsing wanting release form its bounds.
I push you back down onto the bed and reach for the restraints that are attached to each of the posts… they do give you some movements but not overly much… I strip the boxers off you as I want you naked to tease you.
You are hard and wanting to feel my cunt near you… “Now, Beautiful, come impale yourself on my cock and ride me slowly.”
I do as you ask… “Slowly babe, go slow and tease me” that’s it, I thought. I will tease him alright.
Letting him think that I am doing what he asks I Squat down in my black seamed thigh high stockings and my inch heels. As I am still dressed I am wearing a red diamante bra and panty set with a little black lace dress over the top. I take you deep inside me but only an inch at a time…. I can feel the pulse of your cock inside my cunt. “ohh Yes baby, that’s it. It feels nice” you moan. I raise my hips time and again… teasing you and getting you hard. Making you want to let loose and just fuck me…
Your balls are tightening. I stand up… straight up. I grab one of the high rails and swing down onto the floor and walk out the door. “Where are you going” you ask. No answer.
I walk back into the room carrying a container of ice… I place it on the bedside table and lean down to taste that droplet of precum I seen. While it was on my tongue I move back to your mouth and kiss you… sharing the taste with you.
Your looking from my mouth to the container of ice… there is a question in your eyes… …
“I thought you might be thirsty so I grabbed some ice… ““Sure, that would be nice.” you said. While you are watching me, I move over and climb back onto the bed. Straddling your shoulders. I get about four ice cubes and I place them into my cunt still straddled over you. My cunt is so hot and horny that the ice starts melting really quickly and drips out. It lands on your chest. You know what’s coming and your hands are clenching into fists, wanting to have more freedom to guide me to you. I laugh… I move forward and place myself over your mouth so that I can let you drink me one drip at a time. The water drips, Drip, drip, drip. Your cock in my hands behind me you are stretching your mouth up with your tongue out wanting more. And more.
I tell you to remember that tonight it is my way. After letting all the ice melt and drip into your mouth I move down and quickly sit onto your hot shaft. The difference between the heat of you and my cunt that had been filled with ice. As your hot cock warms my cunt back up I move off your cock down further on my bed. I face you and start to play with your cock. It’s hard and throbbing and I tell you that you have to tell me on a scale of one to ten when you are going to cum. I am not ready to let this happen yes and I need you to know that I would be unhappy if you did.
“At the moment it’s about a 7” you tell me. Ok so I grab your balls and put a ring on them…. Making sure it’s tight enough. You moan… that gorgeous little sound that tells me I am exciting you… I lean over and grab something off the bedside table. Pegs. I put one onto your balls… and another and another… and one more… your cock is beading. “8.5” you tell me, I know to back off. I get up off the bed and your eyes are following me… I walk to the cupboard and open it.
Taking out my toy box I come back to the bed… your cock is settling a little… I step near your face. Placing one heeled foot on the bed beside your head I lean down and tell you “make me wet. Make me so wet that my toys can fuck me” You obey as you know it means a show is coming. Your tongue darting out and flicking against my clit… wetting me… my body is responding with its own juices… knowing your tongue is teasing it.
I move from beside your head back lower between your legs yet facing you. I take one of my toys out of the box and my eyes not leaving yours I push it straight into my wet cunt. I moan. Your cock is pulsing… I grab another three pegs and attach them with the others making it seven now in total.
Your balls are almost blue… your shaft is a delight that keeps my cunt wet… I release one of your feet and then the other… still toying my cunt while I watch you. You move your feet over and start to use it to tease the toy in and out of my cunt, watching my eyes. They are a glazed as I am so horny. “Release my hands you whisper” I reach across and snap one undone. You use that hand to release the other one. You stand up... still with all the pegs on your balls, your cock pulsing and wanting release but I know you can hold out.
You grab my legs and pull me down the bed a little. My legs leaning on the edge of the bed with my knees up you use your cock to flick against my clit… you do this a little then you pull back… you go to your knees and you put your tongue there instead. One hand on each of my legs... just behind my thighs. You push them higher tilting my pelvis more… you are licking and flicking at my clit… you move lower letting your mouth tease my ass… rimming me one of your hands move over a little so that you are able to push some fingers into my cunt.
Starting to stretch me… two, three then four fingers… my moans a mixture of pure pleasure tinged with pain… you grab the bottle of wet stuff from the bedside and using some you put it onto my cunt. Teasing me your fingers moving in and out… in and out… you decide I should be able to take more and also put your thumb in. My feet are pushing down on the bed… trying to help you make it fit..finally its in… your fist fucking my cunt and I am moaning and orgasms building.. faster and faster your hand is moving in and out of my cunt and I squirt… juices flowing over your hand…
“Now” I tell you. “Fuck me now… Please god fuck me… Please” you pull your hand out and straight away you replace it with your throbbing cock… pegs still attached to your balls and coming off as they are slamming against me. Your orgasm is building… I can feel you tightening as my cunt is convulsing around your cock… “Please “, I beg. “Please fill my cunt with cum”
You’re riding my cant so hard that with each thrust I am moving on the bed… my ankles in heels with the seamed stockings up by your shoulders… with an almighty thrust you pump my cunt full of cum…

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