Master takes a pet

“milk, bread, meat, vegetables, what else do i need?” as I aimlessly walked down the isles of the supermarket when I suddenly realised I walked down the pet food aisle.
There in front of me was an assortment of collars, different lengths, widths, materials. Some with cheap rhinestones fixed to them. I liked them, in some ways imagining my “pet” having one around her neck.
The cheap tacky one showing her position as subservient, maybe one day she could earn a beautiful gold one, but she will have to earn that privilege.
I’d already bought her a Plain red leather collar that I had put a bell on. The memory of putting it on my “pet” the first time still fresh in my memory.
I made her kneel on the end of the bed, then pulled her top off. The sight of her in her bra exciting me but the buckling of the collar around her graceful neck taking me to a whole new level. I’d never taken a slave, pet before and the ceremony of “collaring” her seemed to be a significant step for me as I believed it was for her.
My memory of stepping back and looking at my “pet in the mirror, seeing her reflection, the collar slightly too large, the bell hanging down towards the valley of her breasts. She was a truly erotic sight.
I removed the rest of her clothes and pushed her down on the bed. I began to kiss her, starting with her lips. My right hand caressing her body, from her hip, moving up her side till it reached the curve of the side of her breast.
My kisses working there way to my “pets” neck, then up towards her ear to suck her lobe before giving it a gentle nip.
Then I laid on my back and had my “pet straddle me. She placed her hands on my shoulders and lent down to kiss me. She started to slowly grind on top of me. I could feel her wetness, I knew this was exciting her. The bell from the collar giving an occasional ring.
We took our time, enjoying the closeness we shared, I finally entered her, gradually increasing the tempo, the bell ringing faster as our fervour increased until it rang continuously, swinging in a furious circular motion, The sight of my “pet”, a look of concentration on her face, the red collar two sizes too big for her graceful neck, the ringing bell hanging between her beautiful breasts was one of the most erotic visions I’ve ever seen.

I wonder if that cute cat collar will fit

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