First mistress

No coffe or drinks and a slightly Dom woman I didn't think single women gave their address so easy but I was horny and took the drive when I got there the door was opened and we didn't get time for names before I was lead to the bedroom
Once there I noticed a dog collar on the bed "would you like to try it on " she asked so I thought why not ,she told me firmly to take off my clothes except leave the collar on strange but I felt ok with it she started kissing my neck then snap a leash was on me . Wow I thought this is actually a turn on as she told me to get on the bed on all fours
Then she emptied a draw full of toys and bdsm gear and picked out a gag and blindfold "would you try these as well " she asked and I reached out and put them on

Shen then became very snappy and told me to stand back to the wall and stay while she gets something . I heard the door shut as she came in then I felt a hand run up my thigh straight over my cock all the way to my nipples then the mouth followed but stopped and run its tounge all over my hardening cock

As the mouth took the head of my cock in its lips I heard a vibrator start which turned me on madly I softly said I was about to cum and she said "ok now swap" my head was doing cartwheels every mans dream a threesome . As she moved us into position i was pushed to my knees and had my head pushed into an ass and told to eat so I gave the best rimming I could . The other persons moans were muffled she likes the gags I thought . Then I was told to fuck "that tight little ass " so I slipped the head of my cock in and instantly I was balls deep

Once again I said I was going to cum and she told me to leave it "deep in there" as I finished I was told to stay on my knees and asked if I love to give head and I said I could eat pussy for hours and she giggled . I thought this was strange but then she asked me to open my mouth and to my shock a cock was wiped around my lips . Oh no this wasn't the head I had in mind

I thought to myself well I don't know these people and they don't know me so let's see where my boundrys are ........

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