Naughty girl punished! Round ass roundly spanked and used!

It's a beautiful day, we've lazed in bed till 10:30. It's the first really nice day for ages so I decide to go for a skate. I ask if you wanna come out and soak up some sun but you say you wanna laze in bed a bit longer and say you wanna have a bath and stuff, I had mentioned we should do some hardcore fucking this evening just cos it's such a nice day and you want to make yourself ready and clean in anticipation of some fun pussy and ass fucking later on. I get up and have brekky go to the toilet brush my teeth and a hot hot shower, the usual morning stuff though I do take care to make myself extra clean for later on.

Anyway when I'm ready to go I pop into the bedroom to say bye. I give you a kiss and you ask how long I think I'll be.

"Dunno. probably not that long we can have some lunch and watch the telly for a bit if you want when I get back. Oh and I reckon I'll be hanging for a beer, there's a couple in the fridge isn't there?"

"yeah pretty sure there is" you reply

"Cool see you in a bit then."

At the skate park I see a dude I haven't seen for ages and get talking so I totally loose track of time. When i look at my phone it's 1:45 and I haven't even really skated very much yet. I tell the dude I'm gunna have a skate and skate off. I only skate for another half an hour and with food and beer and you in mind I head off home.

About 12:30 you decide you can't wait anymore, not outright mad but a smidge peeved mainly cos you're pretty hungry. You make a sandwich and in the fridge there are 2 beers. Perfect arvo for beer with lunch. You sit down and read while having lunch. As you drain the glass of beer you wish you had another one it was sooo nice. "well" you think "there is another one in the fridge" You hear me in your head say I'll probably be hanging for a beer. But you think well fuck he has been 3 hours which isn't "not that long" he can always go to the bottle shop anyway we'll have to again at some stage. So with a little bit of a fuck him, you crack the other beer. I tastes good too. You finish your sandwich and go out the back to sit in the sun.

Dozing in the warm sun after finishing your drink you don't really hear me come home. I pull in the drive and come inside quite anticipating that beer now. Open the fridge door and guess what?

No fucking beer!

At first I think it's just male pattern blindness so I have a closer look and sure enough there ain't no beer. Maybe we thought there was but we actually did drink it last night.


Then I see on the kitchen table your empty plate and an empty stubby.

"Trish" I say. No answer.

"Patricia!!" this time much louder.

This you here and you rise with a start. You pick up the empty stubby and come inside. Standing in the kitchen I see you enter with the stubby in your hand.

"Oh that's nice" I say sarcastically.

"What!?" you say a fraction annoyed but just dawning that you probably are in the wrong for drinking both beers.

"You drank both the beers!!"

"Yeah well you said you weren't going to be long and....." you trail off knowing you sound lame all the time looking at the floor starting to feel guilty.

"and what?" I don't give you time to respond and my tone changes

"You know what? What I think?"

"what?" you answer quietly still looking at the ground.

"I think you are a bad, naughty, greedy, girl!" I pause...silence...then louder "Are you? a naughty greedy girl?"

Realising it would be useless to say no you mumble "yes"

"what?" I demand.

"yes" you say louder and a little defiantly.

"Oh" I say with a slight incredulous tone "You are, are you? Well you realise that greedy naughty girls need to be punished then I suppose?"

This time you say yes mock resigned (actually deeply, clit pulsingly, thrilled) to the prospect of being punished "Yes"

"Yes? right!" I sternly say moving to action.

Come with me, I grab your arm roughly. You pull your arm back in protest saying oww! Stop it.

"Nope you know you need punishment!" It was true she knew she did and she was glad.

"Come on"

and I drag you into the lounge room, we stand in front of the couch. I grab a chair from next to the table and place it in front of the couch. I push you in between the couch and the chair and I sit in the chair you are standing in front of me facing the couch eyes on the ground.

Sternly I say "right, pull down your pants"

In jeans and a tee shirt you undo your button and fly and pull your pants down to your knees.

"Tee shirt off!"

You are Standing there in your bra and panties with your jeans around your knees.

"Right now take your bra off and pull down your panties!" You do so and are now standing naked with your jeans and panties around your knees feeling vulnerable and a little humiliated you look at the ground.

I sit there in silence for a minute looking at your ass, admiring the gorgeous full round curves, all converging in to your gorgeous asshole, the beautiful roundness off those, about to be red, ass cheeks. The sexy way you ass crack diverges, forming a little v of raised flesh below your sexy lower back. Your hot wet pussy below forming two v of it's own facing each other. One below your smooth silky perineum the other forming the soft hood over your now hard, throbbing clit. A squiggle of wrinkly, velvet lips protruding from in between them.......

I shake my head from my reverie, ignore the twitching and pulsing in my now hard cock....."Settle" I tell myself internally.

Then I reach up and grab your arm pulling down, forcing you to lie face down across my lap and before you have time to settle I lift my right hand and smack you hard on the right ass cheek. You yell in surprise and stinging pain, a hand mark appearing on your ass cheek almost instantly. Immediately I do the same on your left ass cheek and again you cry out. I spank again on your left cheek and then right straight away and you cry out and at the same time reach your right arm around to try and stop another smack. I grab your arm and push it down.

"That's not going to help. Do you want more punishment?"

"No!" you exclaim but really we both know you do.

Looking down at your ass both cheeks starting to redden, I roughly put my hands on your cheeks and roughly spread your ass so I can see your pretty pink asshole and pussy, which we both know is starting to get very wet. I alternately spread and close your ass cheeks moving my hands up and down at the same time enjoying looking at your asshole and cunt. Suddenly I smack your naughty ass again and again you yell OWWWWW and try to reach around and cover your ass.

Right enough I'll know how I can stop your arms interfering!

I lift you to standing position and push you forward so you are standing in front of me again.Thinking your spanking may be over you go to pull up your pants.

"Just what are you doing?" I ask sternly

Letting go of your jeans you start to stammer an answer. "I..I...I don't know, pulling my pants up."

"If you think I've finished with your ass think again. I saw how wet your cunt is, so, not only are you a naughty greedy girl but you're a dirty girl as well. Aren't you? A dirty girl who likes to be fucked, likes to be fucked in the pussy and up the ass?"

This time your yes is a knowing lustful one


"Yes what?"

"yes I like to be fucked"


"In my pussy"

"aaaaand Where else?"

"I like to be fucked in my asshole!" It feels like a rush of extra blood throbs to your already pulsing clit when you say those words, somewhere your brain is registering the delightful dirtiness of those words.

"Ok then my dirty little anal slut" another throb!

"Get on your knees in front of the couch, put your hands on your ass and spread your cheeks, I want you exposed so I can see your wet pussy and pink sexy asshole. Wait there like that till I get back and do not move."

I go to the bedroom and get the new toy I bought, for just such an occasion and some lube to make your asshole properly slippery. I grab 2 ties from the door handle to stop you from trying to stop me. On my way back I see the laundry in the basket and a clothes peg is still attached to one of the shirts. Thinking on my feet this gives me a wicked idea. I duck out the back and grab another one off the clothes line. I take my time knowing that you are waiting vulnerable, nervous, excited, wet. Your ass hot and red from being smacked your pussy soaking wet and untouched. Your mind racing at what I'm going to do.

Just before I come back in I strip so I am naked my cock jutting out hard in front of me.

I come in one hand holding the lube and clothes pegs the other I have a string of silicon beads. 10 balls ascending in size in pairs on a silicon "string". I have the ties draped over my hard, veiny, cock. You can't see me as you are still on your knees with your hands spreading your ass face turned away from the door.

I stand behind you looking at your cunt and asshole smiling at the redness of your ass, I lean in so I can smell you. You make a tiny gasp of anticipation as you feel my face close to your asshole and pussy but instead of doing anything I pull back. I place the items on the table next to me and sit back down in the chair, cock sticking up red, hard with a bead of pre-cum ooze on the end.

I tell you to stand up and face me. You do and gasp in pleasure again as you look at my hard cock.

"That's it look at my cock dirty girl"

"You want it don't you?"

"in your mouth, in your cunt, up your ass?" You don't make any noise but nod, mesmerised by my cock.

"Look on the table"

You do and gasp yet again as you see the items, each one sending a thrill to your clit as your brain registers what they are and what their purpose is.

I reach out grab your wrist and pull you towards me. Standing close I reach up and grap your nipples hard. You moan and gasp as I pinch even harder as I pull down and let go suddenly. I reach down and pick up one clothes peg. "close your eyes" I command. As you do I open the peg and place it around your right nipple, it's firm and a tiny bit painful, exquisitely painful. You take a sharp breath in as I do the same with the other peg and the other nipple. It's spring actually a fraction tighter squeezing a little harder.

I pick up a tie and tie your hands together in front of you.

"now no more flailing" I bend down and loosly tie your feet together.

I grab your shoulder and pull you down so you are back lying across my lap, this time with your hands and feet tied together.

"now, where were we?"
"AH" as I say ah I smack you hard on your right ass cheek again. This time you were half ready for the surprise and you don't cry out, instead you make a slight grunt and your ass clenches for a second. I smack your other ass cheek immediately and again you don't yell but let out a sharp breath.

"are you sorry you drank the last beer?"

"Yes" you reply plaintively

"Yeah well I'm not sure you are..........yet!!"

As I say yet you get another smack across both cheeks. The sting overriding the sensation from the pegs on your nipples for a second. I know this and I reach under and tug lightly on both pegs as you gasp loudly in intense pleasure/pain.

Your ass is bright red and hot.

I spread your ass again loving the look of your tight sweet asshole. Reaching over I grab the lube from the table, popping the lid I squeeze some of the clear slippery liquid onto your asshole as I use my thumb and fore finger to spread your ass. The feeling of the cold liquid on your hot pink asshole is amazing and for a second you forget about your stinging ass and nipples. I spread the slippery stuff around your asshole and you moan as I push my middle finger in, the slipperyness and your hornyness dispelling all resistance. For a minute or so I finger fuck your asshole slowly pushing deeper and faster, as I do I smack your ass again. This time you actually cry out but with a "yes". I slip my index finger in next to my middle finger and fuck your asshole with my two fingers pushing in and out and twisting at the same time.

"Do you love me fucking your asshole with two fingers dirty girl?"

"Yesss, yes fuck my ass with your fingers!" you reply rapidly, all pretense of resistance now completely dissipated.

"You want that toy up your ass don't you?"

Your lust almost overwhelming causing your voice to tremble as you gasp "Oh yes Sir I want you to put that toy up my ass, please fuck my ass with it."


I stand you up again and lean down to untie your feet.

"Turn around and bend over and spread your legs." I order.

As you do I get the beads off the table and rub some lube on them to make them completely slippery.

"what do dirty girls do when they want their ass fucked?" I demand.

Of course you know without being told and dutifully you put your hands on your ass cheeks and spread open your ass to fully expose your asshole at the same time saying

"I'm a naughty dirty girl please fuck my asshole" again those dirty words coming out of her mouth forced an involuntary spasm to her pelvic floor making her pussy squeeze a little and her asshole wink.

The smallest two pairs of beads are quite small and they slip straight into your relaxed, ready asshole. The fifth bead requires a small amount of pressure but fairly quickly slips into your ass with the next one following. The sensation of your ass having the beads in it but your asshole not being too stretched is exquisite.

"does it feel good to have those beads up your ass?"

"ooooh yes"

"do you want more?"

"oh yesss fill my ass Sir, I want to be your anal slut! It makes my cunt so wet!" you pant wanting to cum already but knowing you can hold it off, knowing you must hold off, knowing you want to hold it off.

I squeeze a little more lube on the beads and push firmly on the now bigger bead and it slowly pushes past your asshole and into you. you gasp as your ass is filled with beads. The last 2 take more pressure again but your hungry asshole finally lets the two biggest beads past. Your asshole closed around the thin shaft of silicone with the ring at the end the only thing sticking out. The feeling is unbelievable, your cunt is soaking.

"Stand up!"

You stand and turn staring at my cock, the intense feeling in your asshole making you a little wobbly. I take the pegs off your nipples and you gasp in pleasure/pain as they begin to throb at the change of pressure, blood rushing back into them making them jut out like small purple thimbles.

I force you to lie across the chair. Arms underneath, your hands tied together just above your cunt. I look at your filled asshole and notice your hands are in a position where they can rub your cunt.

"don't think you can touch your cunt yet either" and as a warning of what might happen if you do and I catch you I smack your ass quickly twice, not ready but also at the sensation of moving with the toy up your ass you shout ohhh uhnnnnn clearly in deep pleasure and clearly in a little pain. Starting to be unsure how much longer you can go without wanting to cum, needing to cum!

Walking around to your face I grab your head and without hesitation stick my cock straight into your mouth and holding your head I fuck your mouth in short thrusts your mouth open you love your mouth being used by my cock. I push my cock deep in your mouth a couple of times then pull back so the head is in your mouth and lean over your back and slap your ass from there with my cock in your mouth. I push my cock back in as i lean over your back a little further and waggle the ring of the toy sticking out of your ass.

I tug a little and the last bead slips out of your slippery asshole, the feeling of it stretching your asshole wonderful, causing a muffled moan from your cock stuffed mouth. Another tug and the next bead gives you that tingling stretching feeling. I push back on the bead that just slipped out and push it back in the feeling the same, a little more lingering as it takes more to push it in than pull it out. I push the last bead back in. You arch your back and push a little forward as it slips into your ass filling it again.

I stand up and walk behind you again.

"OK I'm going to stick my cock into your wet pussy you will be finally allowed to touch your clit, but only once I have shoved my cock in. Remember if you don't wait", and I smack your right asscheek again.

All you can do is nod ready wanting, needing, my cock shoved into you. Knowing it will only take seconds once your fingers push on your clit above your cock filled pussy to cum.

I stand there, behind you, for a couple of minutes waggling the toy in your ass while I rub my cock along the wet slit of your cunt. Then, quickly and without warning I lean forward deftly spreading your cunt with my fingers I thrust my cock all the way in balls deep in your pussy.

"OOOOOHHHHh UnNnNNHHH GuHhhh YESSS" you grunt loudly not expecting the full thrust of my cock so deep in your sopping cunt but not having felt too many things as pussy quiveringly delightful, dirty....HOT!!

After initially holding my cock deep in you pumping with hard short stabbing thrusts I pull back till the head of my hard cock is almost exposed and then thrust back in, deep as I continue fucking you with long hard strokes, while I'm pounding your cunt I can hear you start to make short fast moans every time my cock thrusts deeply into you.

Your cunt being fucked hard and asshole full you finally start rub your clit. You let out a cry of joy as I grab the ring of the toy and firmly but not too fast tug on it while I'm still shoving my cock in and out of your saturated cunt, your asshole slightly resisting the larger beads. The feeling of the beads pulling out of your ass, my cock deep in your cunt and your fingers hitting clit in exactly the right way sends you into a massive orgasm, as your cunt muscles start to spasm I pull my cock out of your now squirting cunt and push it straight into your tight used asshole, You love it! The feeling driving your orgasm on even more legs shaking, body quivering, heart thumping!

Your spasming and flexing ass muscles on my cock thrusting deeply up your ass and the paroxysm of your orgasm drive me wild pushing me over the edge and I cum, my cock twitching and pulsing my hot cum deep up your ass, just where you love it!

Exhausted we collapse on the couch panting, satisfied. Sorry I drank the last beer. you say and laughing I have to admit in the end ;) I didn't mind that much.

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