The Window

He watched from the shadows, concealing his presence. Wanting to be seen, but unsure about the response, he remained calm, gently squeezing and releasing his penis in his hand, imagining her leaning over him. If he let his mind wander to feeling her soft hair brush against his cheek while she straddled him and began to slide onto his shaft, he began to lose control. Just a little.

Every night he had watched, every night he had wanted. But tonight would be different. He had decided to photograph her, enjoy her form anytime he wanted, and be able to stroke himself to orgasm gazing at her.

There wasn't anything more I wanted to do than slip into a warm bath after a long week at work. My body was tired from so much moving around and I undressed slowly, carefully removing each item and enjoying losing every one of them.

My shirt was the first thing that needed to go. I ran my hands down the smooth white silk and released each button slowly, deliberately. Pulling my shirt slightly out of my tight, knee-length black skirt, I knew that the next thing to go would need to be the pins holding my hair together.

Standing in front of the mirror, I carefully pulled out all the pins holding my hair in a neat bun, suitable for a secretary, and shook my hair, letting it cascade over my shoulders and fall naturally. It felt fantastic, taking my hair down for the last day of the working week. I began to wriggle out of my skirt while pulling it down and noticed a flash in the reflection. My curtains were pulled completely open, and the house next door could see directly into my bedroom.

At first, I felt a little violated. But then I thought about it again.
'Someone likes what they see. Maybe I should show them more. It could be fun, and besides, what's the worst thing that could happen?'
Whenever my inner voice says that, I know I'm probably going to do it. Continuing to remove my skirt, I left my stockings, black silk panties and heels in place (as a small change of plans) and lay on the bed, on a thick, fuzzy black blanket.

I positioned myself so that my mysterious stranger could see my whole body: my open legs, my open shirt and my delicate pussy. I began to rub my neck, in slow, circular motions, until I thought it was time to move closer. Sliding my hand into my bra, I teased my nipple until my clitoris began to tingle like sherbet on the tongue. My free hand (on the right) felt all the way down my body and slipped my hand down to my lips, carefully parting them and gently stroking at my clit, but knowing my watcher couldn't see beyond the black silk.

I pounced up onto all fours and slid my panties off in one quick motion. I lay them carefully on the end of the bed and stood at the window. The white silk glided down my shoulders and came to rest on my elbows. Lowering my hands to my sides, while still watching the dark window across from me, I let my shirt drop to the floor and removed my bra, winking and sitting up on the bed, facing the window, fingering my pussy.

It was beginning to become too much to bear. The idea of someone watching me, having no idea who it was, knowing they were wanting more and more just made me want to provide a raunchy show. Tickling my clitoris and sliding two fingers in and out of myself slowly, then faster, building up to an incredible climax that rushed over me in waves, making me quiver and tingle.

My legs still shaking, I walked to the window and blew a kiss. I closed the curtains and lay on the bed again. My inner voice had one thing to say:
'Screw the bath, you can do that later. Grab the vibrator. Now.'

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