I offered her, my blindfolded sub, to a stranger

BDSM fantasy, acted out with an ex partner:

MFM has been your wild fantasy for years; tonight we are going to play it out.

You're hesitant and nervous but you trust me. You trust that I understand your desires but more importantly you trust that I understand your boundaries.

Understanding is a dynamic and circular process. I explore to understand and then I understand to explore. You know that I'm forever stretching out your limits and pushing out your boundaries, probing those inner hidden desires that sometimes you dare not reveal even to yourself.

It has taken us time to get you to where you are now. Has been a long journey of discovery. From a naive natural submissive, a virgin in the BDSM sphere, to someone who can now harness the fear, the tension and guilt into an energy that when released can engulf your body, mind and emotion in an one-all-consuming orgasm.

So here we are alone in a motel room. This going to be our play stage for the night. We are naked on the bed and have been kissing, playing and caressing for a long long while.

I move down and kiss the inside of your thighs. I blow air on your pussy then kiss your pussy lips softly first then deeply and passionately. Slow and long vertical tongue strokes gets your back arching. Few minutes later your hips start moving to the rhythm of my tongue strokes and I know you're ready for a finale. A circular tickle by my tongue on your sensitive clit gives you a small little orgasm.

I hold you tight. A bit later, you've settled and relaxed.

But suddenly there is a new change in the air and you feel it.

I blindfold you, then with a firm hand I proceed to take you to the bathroom. You put up a little fight as you always do first, but I give you an open hand spank on your bare bottom to remind you that resistance is futile. You know you will do what you're told.

I put you on all four on the cold bathroom floor, then I chain you.

The cuffs around your wrists and chains around your feet and neck are tight enough to remind you that you can't scape. You also know I ordered you not to try OR ELSE...

I feel that you're tense. I soften, and plant a kiss on your trembling lips to comfort you.

I could see the chains and metal digging into your soft delicate skin. The contrast between the dark hard metal and your white soft skin made me stop and think.

I thought about all the mean and nasty things I'm going to put you through tonight. I love you. I love you but I'm chaining you, restraining you and will get another man to fuck you! This made no sense!

But hey, who says it should. Desires and emotions are never logical. I know I'm just a vehicle for your fantasies to come through and true.

You're in the bathroom waiting .....

Waiting but not sure what is going to happen next and when!

Later, there is a knock on the door. The visitor has a muffed but unmistakably deep male voice.

You hear our foot steps coming toward the bathroom and we stop just behind you; you're facing the other way. You can visualize what we can see; you're totally open and exposed. You hear me offering you to him. Calling you names you would rather not hear.

You are restrained so you have no choice, but something within you still wanna resist that stranger taking you so you tense your body. I sense it, so I grab you and pull your hair and I spank your butt, not hard but consistent to get your mind resistance to fade. Soon it's working. Your wicked desires have betrayed you, you're getting hot and and turned on despite yourself and to your shame and horror you also know that we're witnessing your wetness.

Baby you're wet and ready for the taking! Under my watchful eyes. Under the guidance of someone that you can totally trust.

He sinks his cock in you. You gasp and moan, admitting that your submission is now total. By receiving his cock in your core, you're admitting to yourself that you wanna be taken by a stranger. You know deep inside that this is immensely naughty and terribly wicked. But that makes you resign even more.

He dominates you, taking you harder and rougher, but shamelessly in your mind you're not resisting, you're actually enjoying it. Maybe calling you these names before now rings true!

You may have wanted it to last longer but soon it's over. Not long after he is also gone. You're left with a trembling body, teary eyes that express feelings of helplessness, guilt and joy.

I give you few minutes to rest then I unchain you and take you to the bedroom.

I lay you down on the bed. I kiss all the red marks on your skin left from the chains. Then I hold you in my arms with your head on my chest. I remove your blindfold and lick away your tears. You keep your eyes closed, still living the experience.

I stroke your hair slowly, kiss your forehead tenderly and whisper in your ears how much I love you.

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