Our friends first time

Names have been changed to protect the guilty!

A few years back we were talking with a couple who were very interested in our lifestyle. They knew we were swingers and wanted to know more, the ins and outs, what happens at clubs etc. They were over our place one evening and things were going well. John and I were outside at the firepit just yakking as blokes do, good footy game, lets go fishing soon…..blokey stuff. We’d discussed the lifestyle and both had the same idea to let the girls decide. We were both keen to have some fun, but it was the ladies call.

Jen and Deb came outside with their coats on as it was a bit nippy, and sat in front of the fire. They both had bowls of nibblies and their drinks which they put down on the table between them. Deb then spoke up and said to John and I that her and Jen had talked and had made a decision. John and I both perked up immediately!!
At the same time, both ladies opened the fronts of their coats and their legs to show us they were completely naked underneath. John and I looked at each other, grinned and moved towards the girls. As I approached Jen, she leant forward and grabbed my hardening cock, stroking it while looking at Deb, who was doing the same to John. Before we knew it, the girls had our cocks out and where sucking us both like porn stars.

I looked over to see that John and I were pretty much the exact same length and girth, only to be busted by Deb looking back at me and grinning cheekily. Both girls had slipped a hand down and were furiously rubbing their clits. I reached down and started pinching Jens nipple which brought a moan from her. For some reason, this seemed to set her orgasm off. Before both John and I knew it, both Jen and Deb were writhing around in their chairs as the first of their orgasms ripped through them.

Jen smacked my butt, looked at Deb and said to her…..”Are you sure?”

Deb gave one simple response…….”Fuck yes!!”

At that point, Jen stood up, grabbed my cock and walked towards Deb. She walked me right up to her, grabbed Debs’ hand and put it on my cock, as Jen then took Johns cock and started to lead him inside. Deb looked up at me from her seat, my cock in her hand and said nothing, just started sucking me like a porn star. Now Deb is a size 8, B cup lady and it didn’t take me long to inform her she was going to get a hot protein shot if she kept going like that. Her response was to put her arms around me and pull me deep into her throat. It was an amazing feeling as she used her mouth and throat make me blow my first load of the night. My knees nearly gave out as she gave my nuts one final squeeze and sucked the last of my cum from me.

We stood and both went inside to find Jen on top of John riding him in a reverse cowgirl position. Deb got onto all fours and started licking Jen clit as Johns condom covered cock pistoned in and out of her. I moved beside Jens head and she hungrily started to suck me back to hardness. It wasn’t long before I was rock hard and slipped a condom on. We all changed positions to accommodate. The girls got into a 69 on the coffee table and I moved in behind Deb. John was already deep inside of Jen and watched as I teased Debs opening, man was she wet. I slid the head over her clit, covering it with her juices and placed it at her opening.
I grabbed her hips as she pushed backwards, trying to get me in in one stroke. I was going to savour fucking this lady. I gently eased the head inside her, which made her release a guttural growl into Jens pussy. Then I pulled out, teased her ass with a finger and popped the head back into her pussy. She turned her head and commanded me to hurry up and fuck her, and I did. Balls deep in one push, which made her cum violently. Next thing Jen and I knew, Deb squirted all over my cock. That was my signal to give it to her.

The session lasted another 2 hours as we all fucked and sucked our way to orgasm after orgasm. It was a good week as they came and stayed and we explored each other for the entire week. To this day, we still have Deb over as her and John have since broken up.

Theres a few more stories to cum……

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