The Seduction

The Prelude
“In your dreams” she said as she threw her head back and laughed
“Well you wanted to know”, just a fantasy I said, she looked at me and grinned “not gunna happen mister” she replied.
Oh dear what am I going to do with you, there’ll be none of that going on I can assure you”
“Too old for that now anyway.
“Don’t be silly” I said “you are really sexy, I know men look at you” they look at my boobs you mean” she retorted smiling. “I don’t blame them” I said.
“Anything at the movies” She asked, changing the subject.
Back to work, the days dragged into weeks and the weeks into months.
Lurking away in the back of her mind my fantasy of her seducing someone, obviously someone she liked and found attractive, I mean, there would have to be a connection otherwise it just wouldn’t work would it! No ridiculous! The whole idea.
As for me, after her initial reaction I tried not to think about it.
Work on the farm continued over the months getting things to point where it could be a functional enterprise. It was at times hard trying to manage by myself with some of the physical jobs, but with a little ingenuity I usually achieved what I had set out to do.
I met Don at our little Post office as it was a regular point of convergence as there were no mail deliveries in this part of the world.
He and his invalid wife had moved on to a small lifestyle block like ours about 30 kilometers away and were trying to set it up.
He was looking for some iron to build a shelter for the calves he was trying to rear, I had some left over and as the good neighbor I threw it in the trailer one day and took it over, did the usual things, met the wife and had a cup of tea. She was lovely but virtually incapacitated these days.
They had us over for a meal and we shared are expertise, for what it was, on various jobs around the place.
It was about a year later that Don’s wife passed away, it was shock to us as we had no idea how ill she really was.
We never saw Don much after that, I think it was about two years later that I bumped into him again in town doing some shopping, looking very much the widower, with old baggy farm clothes and unshaven.
Mentioned it to W when I got home, she thought about it a while and said why don’t I go over and seen how things are over there and invite him over for lunch.
The house was pretty run down and as I suspected, he had let himself go a bit.
Coming over did him the world of good, he started to become more motivated and a little more social. We got back into the old ways of helping each other out on our blocks and life for him was on the up.
He and I were working on my southern boundary one day when the wire strainer snapped and the wire went like a stock-whip hitting him on the forearm, tearing his shirt sleeve and inflicting a neat thin cut between his elbow and wrist.
He said there was nothing to it but I pushed the issue and persuaded him to come back to the house so we could at least put something around it.
To his embarrassment W got him to remove his shirt, then bathed the wound and wrapped some cause around it. Her tender touch seemed to put him at ease, for her it was something new to touch the flesh of another man and she enjoyed playing Florence Nightingale and we finished the day with a few wines and a lot of good conversation about nothing much.
He had us around after that, in appreciation I think. We kept sharing our work-loads and at times he would stay for dinner.
Some months later we moving sheep when she arrived home early from town and made sandwiches and billy tea. A totally enjoyable lunch in the winter sunshine ended with not much work being done and few risqué jokes and laughter.
It seems Don was starting get back into the land of the living, but after that day we didn’t see him again for around four weeks. On her way to work one morning W said over her shoulder “better go over and see if he’s ok, invite him for dinner Friday”
The Evening
As the evening wore on with champagne and laughter it was apparent there was a degree of unresolved tension between my wife and our guest.
Earlier he went to help bring some nibbles out from the kitchen and they lightly brushed past each other, a slight hesitation on both their parts as the contact was made.
Later when the chill of the mountain air forced us inside, the warmth of the fire lulled us towards sleep.
I found it hard to keep my eyes open.
As we talked, I was conscious of their gaze locking on to each other and lingering for a second.
We sipped as the conversation subsided; I felt my eyes close. I had to force them open; it was a battle I knew I was not going to win.
I was asleep on the couch yet conscious of bits of conversation that ebbed and flowed, punctuated with a chuckle here and there.
I sensed her picking up plates and going into the kitchen and he following.
The rattle of dishes and low chatter stopped on occasion, only to start again, then it went quiet.
I was conscious of the silence; the darkness, only broken by the flicker of the fire. I don’t know how long I had been asleep. I lay there not moving, straining to hear the sound of their voices, but nothing.
I lowered my feet onto the floor, hesitating for a moment, before lifting myself off the couch.
I edged my way towards the hallway door that was slightly ajar. I stopped and listened and heard the soft rustle of bed-clothes ahead.
Quietly easing forward to the bedroom door I stopped and tried to pear in.
As my eyes adjusted to the dark I could make out their figures on the bed, caressing each other. Their breathing was becoming heavier and louder yet no words were exchanged.
I thought the sound of my heart pounding, would give me away, but they continued, oblivious to my presence in the hall.
He was massaging her, the scent of the oil now filling the room.
For her, he felt different, his hands, larger, yet tender, as he massaged the warm oil into her skin.
When he rolled her over onto her back he was gentle yet in command. His hand gliding over belly, then with a palm soaked in oil, he took her breast and massaged her in a circular motion.
As he knelt beside her on the bed she felt him hard and rigid against her side.
She lowered her arm and her fingers encircled his thick muscle, sliding her hand along him, feeling the veins along the contour of his shaft up to the smooth bulbous head, trying not to imagine what it would feel like inside her while her husband lay asleep on the couch just meters away.
In the hallway I could tell the sexual tension was rising; the sound of their breathing was getting heavier with her scent overriding the sweetness of the oil as her body prepared to receive him.
In the darkness I couldn’t see, but I sensed his fingers were now down exploring her lips as she arched her back drawing them into a deeper place.
They were kissing now, tender and soft at first, then deeper and longer as the need for the other’s body grew more urgent.
His head moved along her body and he kissed her oiled lips, his tongue exploring her.
She moaned quietly raising her hips to his mouth, his head making gentle bobbing motions between her thighs.
I stood motionless at the door as he slowly lifted himself up and along her body, holding himself above her he lowered his hips to hers.
They were still for a moment, and then I could make out Don moving the lower half of his body to match hers, then a slow tentative move forward.
I heard her sharp intake of breath and felt a deep pang of hurt and an overwhelming wave of eroticism with the realization that Don had begun to enter my W.
They held themselves motionless for a moment, then I sensed her raising her hips and he pressing down until he was completely inside her.
I had now become incredibly hard and instinctively moved into the open doorway just a meter of two away.
They were so deeply locked into erotic state they had no idea I was there .
The sound of their breathing was only punctuated by a wet sticky sound as he began to move back and forth inside her.
I could make out her hips rising, pulling him down deeper into her with each thrust, her rapid breathing, a sign of an insatiable need for his seed.
I stood mesmerized in the dark just inside the room as they fucked. His movements were smooth and rhythmic, with an occasional slowing, only to increase the rate of his thrusting again.
At times he would push deep into her and grind his pubic area into hers; she would respond in shallow high pitched whimpers and sharp upward thrusts of her own, immersing herself in the pure physical pleasure of the act.
It was hard to gauge how long the sex had gone on for before his breathing became quite deep and rapid, the pace of his thrusting increased but I could sense he was trying to delay the inevitable, he slowed but it was no good, all that pent up lust that had been dormant for so long was not going to be held back. He knew it too and gave in to his primordial urges quickening his thrust, with her whispering “yes now” and pushing her hips up to meet his thrusts, a long low almost guttural moan as he pushed himself in hard and in rapid series of uncontrolled contractions he filled her with his hot thick fluid.
For her, he kept going, the wet sounds of each thrust now very audible as she was completely filled with his cum.
Eventually they slowed and he relaxed on top of her, the wiry hair of his body against her soft pale skin their breathing subsided and returned to normal. I backed out of the doorway and down the hall to the lounge and waited in the dark.
I heard W get up and go to the toilet, the flush then the running tap and quietly she came into the lounge to check on me, luckily I was able to get back onto the couch in my sleeping position, she moved quietly back to the bedroom, I could hear them whispering but could not make out what they were saying, then silence.
Had they gone to sleep; I waited for around five minutes then worked my way down the hallway, as I drew close to the bedroom door I could make out his voice in a shallow moan. Edging forward W had taken him in her mouth and was working her way up and down his penis getting him hard again, just like she does with me.
In the darkness I couldn’t see, but I gather he was fully erect she lifted herself up an over him and gently lowered herself down. She settled on him for a moment then slowly began to rock back and forward gathering pace, the sound of their heavy breathing was combined with the sticky sound of his semen and her juice as she approached her climax, leaning forward she moved her hips in a jerking motion and trying to suppress he screams of pleasure that escaped her mouth as short sharp high pitched sounds as wave after wave of intense pleasure swept over her,.
It must have lasted for the better part of minute or so before she lent down on him resting her breasts on his chest. They lay there like that for what seemed like an age, before she rolled off him.
The lay on their backs before he moved to get up and head to the toilet, and I just managed to make my way in the dark back to the couch before being caught out.
He found his way into the spare room and slid under the covers and presumably to sleep, eventually.
Sometime later W came and gave me a shake as I pretended to be asleep, I stirred and she took my by the hand and led me back to bed.
We lay there together with the smell of sex permeating the room. With our arms around each other, she drifted into sleep, her body warm and soft, still full of Don’s seed.

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