Our fantasy

The evening started as most do no hassles feed the family and go from there.It was getting on and she turned to me and said you are going to fuck me tonight and I want a different fuck or fantasy your choice.Now a different fuck made my ears prick straight away.So everything is going through my mind and she looks at me and says a fantasy fuck and night baby.so I says school girl baby no prob comes from her.She slips into the bedroom and my mind is racing plus got this hard on that could not be described.After about 15 out she comes and my draw drops where has this outfit been hiding.Not what girls wear to school but short dress/ black stocking/ little short top and my god how did she get those tits in there.She then says to me I am the teacher and I have been bad.So what does a good teacher say to a bad and horny little girl dressed like this.Me get over here and get on my lap and over she comes and sits.My first reaction was to push her legs apart and run my hand over her tight nickers and feel her beautiful pussy lips through her pants while all the time telling her she is a bad girl and man are we going places.So after rubbing her pussy and going from her arse to her clit she says I have been bad and I need a spanking.then she is over my lap and I have her panties down and slapping her arse cheeks and she says harder so I do leaving a nice imprint of my hand on her cheeks.The next just blows my mind get on your your all fours and I do then she gets on her back and slides in from the rear and grabs my cock and just starts giving me the most unbelievable head job.I am so near to coming when my little dirty girl knows when to stop.She then rolls me over and says fuck this little tight pussy baby.Well next she gets on top and slides my cock over her pussy then just holding sits on it with the the thrust Downward I can only cry out with my god you are just so tight.Thats the right word to have said she just pumps my cock like there is no tomorrow.Then to my surprise she gets off and rolls on her side and says fuck my arse.Yes never been there with her and up I get and get the lube and slide it in.she is a bit hesitant at first but I just get the head of my cock in then the rest just follows and fuck it is awesome I am watching my cock slide in and out.Thats it I am just going to blow when she pulls away and rolls over and says blow on my face grabs my cock and brings me to one of the best blows ever.I just roll off and fuck I am in another world.We lay there for quite awhile and just talk about the next time.So readers of this give it a try and you will not be sorry...

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