My life in the swingers scene 3

We got ready to go out for dinner us girls got a bit daring and dressing very sexy with short skirts K.B also wearing a see trough top with no bra and after dinner we went to a club a band was playing but before we entered we planned so us and the guys weren't together to see if guys would chat us up so once inside we found a nice spot to sit and it wasn't long before two guys came over to chat us up as our husbands sat not too far so they could see what was going on well these guys bought us a few drinks then they asked us if we wanted a dance as we did I could feel the guy's bulge as he pressed up against me as we danced feeling his hands on my ass seeing that K.B was in the same situation after a few songs K.B told me to join her at the ladies.
Once we were in the ladies K.B said to me she wasn't too sure how far we she go with these guys we both then agreed we should just come out and tell them that we had husbands but if they wanted some fun it would be ok as our husbands wouldn't mind so once we joined the guys again after flirting with them a lot more I had noticed the guy chatting to K.B had his hand on her lap as he moved it up her thigh then the guy chatting to me started rubbing my leg we then decided this was the right time to fill these two guys in on our husbands we thought it was not going to go any further but it intrigued their interest so we signalled to our husbands to join us the two guys introduced themselves to our husbands they didn't know what we had set up they told our guys how lucky to have two sexy women that were very sexually open after a few more rounds of drinks we decided it was time to invite them back to the place we were staying.
They followed us in their car we went inside K.B and me took the guys into the bedroom we all got naked and began to have sex with these guys we just picked up while our husbands stood back and watched once they had come we both swapped guys and once they came a second time and a bit of a break our husbands then joined in as all of us had lots of sex that night till we couldn't go on anymore early in the morning the guys were ready to go thanking us for a great time but before leaving giving us their phone numbers and inviting us to join them sometime that day to go out on their boat in which we did and once we got out a little K.B and myself got topless as we took some sun in the guys then got to a very secluded beach anchoring the boat we saw them strip off naked jumping into the water we did the same having my first ever skinny dip.
After having a nice swim naked we climbed back onto the boat were we began to have more sex with our new friends and our husbands that weekend was not our only time of picking up guys to join us back for sexual encounters then one time K.B and I were out on our own shopping and she told me she just had started having an affair with this guy from work I couldn't believe it when she could just tell her husband as I was sure he wouldn't mind but she went on to explain it was all about the sex he knew how to make her climax unlike her husband but she told me to continue having threesomes with him so he wouldn't get suspicious we did keep this up for quite a few years till they moved interstate and eventually splitting up we never saw them again.
By now though I had become very sexually confident and wanted to continue exploring things we went and got a contact magazine from an adult book shop we had seen an ad for a swingers party we decided to give it a try it was in Clifton hill but it was held in a brothel once we got the nerve to go in we did but there was only one other couple and a single guy we noticed them disappear upstairs soon we went up to watch them have sex but I must say it was a disappointing night for us as we left not having any fun the next party we tried out was near Rowville but you had to dress in erotic wear we waited in our car saw a few single guys going in till we saw a couple go in we decided to follow them in then we got shown around by the lady she then took us to the room to get undressed leaving my bra and undies on with my stay ups and high heel shoes on we began to mingle with a few other people till we sat on the couch a few single guys introduced themselves after a while my husband had wondered off as I sat with these two guys chatting to me I was now curious to see what my husband was upto looking into each room till I saw him having sex with this lady.
I then headed back to the lounge and I was joined by a guy who then politely asked if he could take me into a room I agreed he sat next to me on the edge of the bed as he kissed my neck his hand undone my bra as I felt this huge bulge in his boxers soon he had a finger rubbing my wet pussy I then thought to myself this is the first time I was about to have sex while my husband wasn't with me this got me a little more excited as he lay me onto the bed he removed my undies as he began to lick my pussy while fingering me I just shut my eyes as he made me orgasm licking my clit he then stood up removed his boxers I opened my eyes to look at a nice sized cock as I sat up to lick it I then began to suck on his cock he then put a condom on as I lay back down spreading my legs he got on top slipped his cock into me slowly I let out a moan of enjoyment moving himself around inside me I felt a new strange sensation I was about to climax while being fucked a very first for me then as he got quicker another climax I thought to myself my god this guy can fuck thinking what my husband was missing.
He fucked me for ages and losing count of how many times he made me cum I was enjoying it too much to notice we had attracted a good audience even my husband as this guy got faster my moaning got a little louder and louder till I felt his body tensing on top of me I couldn't tell he had a cum only for the way he moaned I still felt his cock throbbing inside me soon he began to thrust in and out of me as his cock got rock hard again which wasn't long after he had just cum though he fucked me for a real long time making me orgasm a lot more that ever before getting me wetter than I had ever been till he blew his second load into the condom as he lay on top of me thanking me he then slowly pulled out I noticed how much cum the condom had in it I even the noticed the other people in the room i gave my husband a sexy satisfied smile I looked around at a few different cocks taking it all in as I was certainly satisfied.
I had realised on the way home I had sex with this guy not even knowing his name and we both agreed to be back again to this party and me hoping this guy would be there again so a few weeks later we did and yes the guy was there he came over to say hello I found out his name is Jeff we talked for ages he made me feel very comfortable this night I wore a sexy teddy with some undies I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his sexy undies he finally asked if we wanted to go off to a room so my husband and I followed Jeff as we stood in the room he approached me a began to passionately kiss me this too was another first for me as all other times it would be a little kiss on the mouth but nothing as passionate as this our lips were locked together for ages and as we kept kissing Jeff removed my undies as I took his off grabbing his nice hard cock he now slipped off my teddy I stood there still kissing him now I was naked except for my shoes my husband standing back watching us playing with his hard cock.
Now Jeff and I moved over to the bed we got into a 69 position as I sucked on his cock while he made me cum with his tongue licking at my clit we then lay side by side while Jeff kept fingering my pussy he lifted one of my legs up as his hand moved away from playing with me I felt his hot cock near my inner thigh as he moved closer to kiss me again I was now on my back I opened my legs a little I then felt the skin of his cock rub my pussy lips I was enjoying this too much I had forgotten he hadn't put a condom on which was yet another first for me only having my husband fuck me without a condom but Jeff soon found my waiting opening looking down at me Jeff whispered to me if its ok without answering I just lifted my hips taking his cock into me a little as we began to kiss again he moved further in slowly moving himself around inside me my husband had told me later that he and a few other guys just blew their loads just watching us fuck soon Jeff was nibbling at my ear now and then whispering to me how good this felt I then reached around with my hands and grabbed at his ass moving my hands up his back as he fucked me making me climax time after time as Jeff now got a bit quicker I felt him pull out of me as he shot his hot load of cum onto my stomach shooting all the way upto my tits when the last drop came out of him he got some tissues to clean me up then he started to rub his cock on my clit making me cum with it.
He was still hard and he entered me again and I was so wet he then turned so he was on his back as I sat up he played with my tits getting my nipples very hard and erect soon Jeff was grabbing my hips as he lifted me off his cock we then got in a doggy position till my legs weakened I was now laying flat on my stomach with Jeff still fucking me he then pulled out again shooting another load of hot cum all over my ass cheeks slapping his cock on my ass till the last drop of cum was out of his cock we then got cleaned up before my husband who by this stage was so horny joined me on the bed telling me how wet my pussy felt and how good it looked watching me fuck like that once he blew his load into me I was asked by other guys that were watching if it was ok to join in but I told them I needed a drink and a break so we went joined Jeff for a few drinks before we went into a room again later but I will continue that at another time.

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