Oh What a Night

New Years Eve Swing :
After attending the Couples Club three times during the
year we qualified for an invitation to the clubs New Years
Eve Party.
We decide to spend the weekend. So drove the 100 miles to
the nearby city with eager excitement.
We checked in to a nice hotel and had a refreshing shower,
changed and had a romantic dinner in the hotel’s
restaurant. After dinner, at about nine thirty pm, we returned
to our suite to freshen up again, after splashing on some
perfume and body cologne we set off excitedly for the short
walk to the club.
Another couple were at the door when we arrived, so we buzzed
the intercom and entered together. Peter was at the top
of the stairs to greet us and led us to the bar area, where
there were already about twenty couples relaxing, enjoying
some laughter and small talk.
Louise and I ordered some drinks and walked through to the
outdoor area, where there were a further six or seven couples
enjoying the cool night air. We chatted with a few couples
, then had a game of eight ball with a couple, Monica and George,
in the pool table room, before heading back to the lounge
bar area.
There were couples dressed in formal wear, who had obviously
come from black tie affair, to casual wear like us, to couples
dressed in leather/lace to lingerie wear, the place had
warm buzz happening as midnight approached.
Peter told us all to get another drink and to meet at the outdoor
area to watch the midnight fireworks. We all squashed in
to the area, and as the countdown to the New Year was completed
and the fireworks began, everybody cheered and kissed
each other, it was as if a starters gun had gone off! People
were kissing and groping one another and anyone near them
as well, as all inhibitions gave way.
Monica and George invited us to go downstairs with them,
to party on in the spa. The four us changed into our black
mini robes grabbed our towels and headed for the spa. There
were about eight couples there already in various combinations,
but there was no room for anymore, so we headed for the massage
room instead.
Louise was first to disrobe, and lay face down on the massage
table. Monica massaged her back/neck, George the cheeks
of her ass and back of her thighs as I attended her calves
and soles of her feet. After about fifteen minutes she rolled
over, and Monica kneaded her pert breasts and teased her
nipples between her fingers, George massaged her stomach
to her thighs, teasing her trimmed pussy every now and then,
while he massaged her toes again. Louise was breathing
heavy and emitting low moans as Monica licked her tits and
sucked each nipple in turn. George was gently stroking
her bare pussy lips and teasing her clitoris, I had a hard
on as I continued to work on her toes and enjoying the scene
before me.
Before too long Monica said that it was her turn now, so we
traded places. I was massaging Monica’s back and
neck, George stayed where he was and kneading her twin moons
and Louise attending to the soles of her feet. Another guy
still with his dress shirt on, slid the curtain back and
stood behind Louise admiring the erotic view we were providing
Monica eventually turned over, offering me her large firm
breasts with hard proud nipples for me to massage and please
her. But she was really getting off on Louise’s foot
and toe massage as I kneaded those delicious globes while
George was fingering her wet pussy. As I rolled Monica’s
nipples between my forefingers and thumbs, I noticed our
newcomer was kissing Louise’s neck and whispering
in her ear as he was obviously feeling the cheeks of her ass!
Monica then said to us, ok guys your turn now. George beat
me to it and lay down, no problem, I gave him
a back massage as Monica worked on his butt and played with
his balls, while Louise massaged the back of his legs. The
young guy behind Louise now had one hand inside her robe
squeezing her tits, the other somewhere behind her playing
with her ass or pussy, she half turned, leant back and kissed
him hungrily, as he played an erotic tune with her body.
As George was on the massage table with Monica playing with
his balls and the other guy had his hands full with Louise,
I asked would anyone like another drink from the bar. Louise
said she would like a Bailey’s and milk, Monica a
white wine and the guys said beers would be fine.
When I returned with the drinks, I slid the curtain aside
to find Monica still playing with George but Louise was
no where to be seen. I gave them their drinks and asked where
was Louise, to which Monica smiled and raised her eyes and
said that they might have gone to the play room! I didn’t
know what I was thinking, but I had her drink in my hand and
went looking for her.
When I entered the dimly lit large “play area”
there were couples and groups in various combinations,
from group oral sex to multiple fucking and other couples
just watching. As my eyes grew accustomed to the light I
could see a woman holding her legs elevated, hands under
her knees, as her partner was fucking her with slow but hard
strokes. I then realised the guy was wearing a dress shirt,
and indeed it was Louise with her lovely legs in the air,
being seduced by this young stud. My half erection now was
well and truly hard and at full mast as I moved and observed
them from behind. Louise’s arms were now under his
armpits and over his shoulders pulling him frantically
towards her, he in turn had his hands cupping the cheeks
of her ass as he pounded that sweet pussy. I felt a bit awkward
staring at them and not to offend the other couples who were
enjoying themselves in the room, I decided to leave them
alone, and let Louise enjoy the fucking the young guy was
giving her and returned to the massage room.
When I entered the massage room, Monica smiled and said
that it was my turn now, so I laid face down, adjusting my
hard on, on the massage table. George proceeded to massage
my neck and shoulders, while his wife kneaded my ass cheeks
and the back of my legs. I reclined there and enjoyed all
of the attention, with my head in my arms, thinking of Louise
being seduced in the nearby room had my cock hard and throbbing
beneath me. After awhile, Monica could see my predicament,
and suggested I roll over so she could see my hot throbbing
erection. George stood back with his drink and watched
as his wife massaged oil into my balls with one hand and stroked
my cock with the other. Monica said she had to taste that
cock, I closed my eyes and felt her warm tongue lick around
and over my throbbing knob, then as her hot mouth engulfed
my knob completely, I felt another pair of hands massaging
my feet and toes. I looked up to see Louise had returned from
her tryst, her face flushed and hair slightly matted with
perspiration, to rejoin our massaging party. Monica,
after sucking my cock for a few minutes said, that there
was too much massage oil and since it was not the edible type,
suggested we all go for a shower and spa to continue our party.
When we entered the spa room, to our surprise it was empty,
so we dropped our towels, started the pump and all entered
the warm bubbling big spa. We kissed and cuddled our wives,
then Monica slid over to Louise and me, she kissed us both
and said she wanted to suck my cock again. I sat on the edge
of the spa to give both her and Louise access to my rock hard
cock. It was so erotic and sensual to have them alternately
licking and sucking my cock as George was behind them, caressing
their beautiful butts and fingering their bald pussies.
As Monica was swallowing my cock, Louise would play with
Monica’s big nipples, while George was behind Louise
and had her pert breasts in his big hands gently squeezing
them. Finally as Louise had her mouthful of my cock, Monica
kissed me and said lets go and find a playroom, I want you
to slide your hard cock into my hot pussy now! We dried each
other off with our towels then headed for a playroom.
We found a vacant mattress room beside the massage room
and in we went.
We had Monica lie down on her back, after I tongue kissed
her passionately and worked my way down to her bald pussy
lips, all three of us began to seduce her. Louise was kissing
her while tweaking her right nipple, George sucking on
her left breast as I was tongue lashing her clit and diving
between those wet bald lips to taste her wet juices that
were erupting from her hot pussy. Monica moaned that she
wanted to be fucked now, as George kissed her and said ok
baby, Louise rolled a condom onto my hot cock, applied some
lube. I knelt between Monica’s outstretched legs
and pushed the head of my cock into that beautiful bald pussy.
Come on honey fuck me, give me all of it she said, I grabbed
her legs and gave her all 7-1/2 inches to the hilt. As I was
fucking her Louise was sucking on one tit while George was
on the other or whispering in her ear for her to enjoy herself!
We repositioned so Monica was on her knees and elbows, Louise
was on her back with her head under Monica, sucking alternately
on her hanging breasts, and I was presented with the view
of Monica’s twin moons before me. I grasped her hips
and penetrated her now very wet pussy easily to the hilt
in one swift movement as she grasped Georges aching erection
and manouvered him so she could lick and suck his cock as
I fucked her from behind. Monica was moaning very loudly
between fucking and sucking and before long I could see
the faces of an audience through the viewing slots around
the sides of the room.Monica let go of Georges cock and started
to buck harder back against my groin and moaned loudly that
she was about to cum, George said yes baby go for it. Louise’s
groans were muffled by the big breasts that were mashing
into her face. Our audience also was moaning and whispering,
some said yes honey we want to see you cum! With that Monica
said yes, yes, I’m cumming, oh yeah oh yeah , I’m
there! Her body pushed hard against me and went rigid, as
Louise slid out from beneath her, George and I had our hands
on Monica’s ass and we could feel the erotic flush
spread over her twin moons.
As Monica collapsed forward disengaging my still hard
cock, into Georges arms, Louise grabbed me, removed the
condom and said , come on baby fuck me now I’m so very
hot and wet. She laid back with her legs akimbo and I knelt
between those gorgeous thighs and speared her wet pussy
easily. She was so turned on by having our audience watching
that she crossed her legs behind my ass and pulled me into
so that my cock was buried to the hilt. As we were fucking
Louise whispered in my ear that George had not had any pussy
yet, and should she let him fuck her? I replied whatever
you like babe its up to you, with that she said to George would
you like to fuck me now? I withdrew my cock and made way for
George to position himself between her legs.
With our audience he had trouble maintaining his erection
as he tried to fit the condom on , Louise said its ok, knelt
before him and swallowed his knob, then worked her hot mouth
down to his pubic hair, as she massaged his balls. When his
cock hardened, she removed her mouth and as she massaged
his balls, said “I know what will get you rock hard”.
Louise spread Monica’s legs, positioned herself
on her knees with her ass in the air, leant forward on her
elbows and buried her face in Monica’s wet pussy.
George had no problem fitting the condom, lubed his cock
and positioned himself behind Louise’s upturned
ass. He grasped her hips and plunged his hard cock into her
waiting pussy easily. Monica motioned for me to join them,
so I laid down beside her so she could guide my rock hard dick
to her hot mouth. Our audience was enjoying the show we were
giving them, we could hear moaning and words of encouragement
coming from the windows and I could see that some were obviously
fucking as they were viewing us. What a view they could see!
George fucking Louise from behind as she was licking Monica’s
pussy, who in turn was sucking my hard cock! George went
rigid and moaned “what a beautiful ass!”
withdrew his cock, removed the condom and shot his load
over Louise’s twin moons. As he pressed his slack
cock against her thighs and spread his cum over her ass,
it was too much for me, I moaned to Monica “ I’m
cumming babe!” she moaned “yes, yes cum in
my mouth” and engulfed my knob and swallowed my hot
cum as I flooded her mouth.
George and I sat back and with our audience, watched as Monica
reached down and gently grasped Louise’s head and
said “my turn now sweetie”, as she lifted
her ass to meet Louise’s probing tongue. Louise
became more aggressive in her pussy licking/eating, so
that Monica was literally fucking herself on her tongue,
til she cried out “oooh yesss, yessss I’m
We cuddled in the afterglow of our erotic session, as the
audience gradually left, we all agreed that we enjoyed
our tryst and hit the showers together to freshen up. We
dressed and returned to the bar for refreshments, to our
surprise it was now 4:00am and Peter was about to close.
So we had a final drink and George and Monica offered to drive
us to our hotel, where we said our goodbyes and exchanged
phone numbers.
Back in our hotel room we smiled at each other and agreed
“What a Night!”

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