Melbourne Mixed Night Sauna

I have been living outside Melbourne for the past 9 months, I fly down pretty regularly. On my last trip, I decided to go to this Swingers Party, in Elsternwick. It was a mixed Bi Night. I wanted to try something new and thought Why not, I will give this a go.

The night there starts at about 8.30Pm, I entered around 9.15Pm. It has a discreet entry on the main road, which sounds a bit odd but I am sure anyone who has been to this place would know exactly what I am talking about. The Club is on the first floor, I walked up the stairs, to be greeted by a very polite guy on the counter, paid my entry and was buzzed in to the venue.

I had read about this place on the internet, it's primarily a Gay Sauna and Spa Club which holds swingers events on certain nights. I was given a nice tour of the facilities and was pretty impressed with the layout. The Sauna, the Steam Room, and the nice bubbly Spa caught my attention along with the line of public showers. It was pretty well maintained.

I was given key to the lockers to put all my things and change down if I wished to as it was optional on this night. I had a look around the club, and saw about 10 guys mostly all had changed down to a towel around their waist and about 7 to 8 ladies, off which 4 had towels wrapped around them while the others were fully dressed. I decided to go with the flow and took off my clothes put them in the locker and ventured out wearing this blue towel around my waist. The towel wasn't very big and I was wondering if they had different sized towels for the ladies. A quick look around and I figured out that was not the case, even better.

Being my first time, I was very conscious of how I looked; I am no hunk, but try and keep myself in shape. I am 5'7, have olive skin, and weight about 72 Kilos.

Once I reached the Bar area, I saw about 5 couples having a drink and a few single men watching the Porn playing on the large screen, a few having a smoke in the outside area. The atmosphere overall was very relaxed. The Bar Man, was excellent and he must have sensed that it was my first time here, he greeted me with a big smile and offered a drink for free, Wow what a bonus, I already started to like this place now.

While having a drink I started up a conversation with the couple next to me. The two were sitting in the bar stools wearing towels and it gave a nice view of the lady's legs. The guy (Gavin) was middle aged, about 5'9, average build and his partner (Fiona) was in her late twenties, about 5'3, and petite, with nice firm boobs, a nice cleavage showing and a great smile. She was looking really hot wrapped around in this modest sized towel. We had a nice chat about football Gavin supports the same English team and we started a really hearty conversation. I completely forgot that I was in a swingers club; it felt so normal, just like a drink with a friend at the Local.

After about 10 minutes, Fiona asked the Bar Man for a glass of water and then asked me if I wanted to join her in the Sauna. I was a bit shocked at this suggestion but Gavin had a big smile. Fiona gulped down the ice cold water and said she was really sore from the gym and could do with a bit of stretching and relax her shoulder muscles a bit. I expected Gavin to join us as well but he just stood at the bar and ordered a drink for himself.

We walked to the Sauna the walk was very interesting, as we had to pass quite a few locked rooms and there were a few pleasurable moans coming out of two of the locked rooms. Fiona stopped in front of one of the doors put her ears to the door and said, I am sure, they are having a threesome. This cheeky comment from this gorgeous girl had a great effect on me, and I could feel getting really hard beneath the towel. I tried to put a hand in front, as we walked the last few paces to the Sauna.

The Sauna was nice, it was a Dry Sauna and had a Coal fire burning. It was a bit dark in here and took me a few moments to adjust to the dim light. It had two steps of benches, and Fiona lied down on the upper bench facing the opposite direction to the door, but did not take off her towel. I wanted to sit next to her and at the last moment realized, that there was someone already there. So I quickly changed my direction at the very last moment and sat at the lower bench otherwise I would have sat on top of someone! which I am pretty sure, would not have gone down well.

As I took a seat my eyes were getting more used to the light. I could make out it was a girl, she was nude and was lying on her stomach, She was facing Fiona at a right angle. I sat there in silence for the first few minutes as did not want to have a conversation with Fiona with another person present.

Then, Fiona broke the silence and asked her, if She had been here before. She said that She was a regular on these nights. She generally comes alone and likes spending some quality time by herself. She told us the Steam room is her favourite, She continued "Due to the steam, I can hardly see anything and it's always fun to be groped by several hands the steam makes my pussy wet and sex is a whole new sensation". This kind of broke the tension and we all had a great laugh. Our Sauna companion's name was Loren. She was about the same height as me, had tanned skin and a very firm juicy ass.

Fiona took off her towel and rolled to her back. This gave me a great side view off her lovely boobs, and the erect nipples. I was almost fully hard now sitting amongst 2 beautiful ladies wrapped in a towel. I realised, that its making me look completely out of place, and with that I slowly opened the front of the towel still sitting on it.

My shy reactions, sparked another topic of conversation, and Loren asked if this was my first time, to which I again had a shy nod. She said, "You will like this place, and I am sure will come along again". She told me I had an above average body, and generally younger men like me have a great time here. I was surprised at her direct approach, but it gave me a much needed confidence. I thanked her, She asked me, if I wanted to check out the Steam Room with her at a later stage. I said, I would love to. Fiona then made a comment that I was already in demand and the ladies had a bit of a laugh. After about a minute Loren left the Sauna. She said She was here long enough and would enjoy a nice shower. While closing the wooden doors of the Sauna, her last comments were "Enjoy"!

I was a bit perplexed at what I should do now, I have a hot nude girl lying next to me and how should I start the conversation or move on with some light touching. I decided to sit on the upper bench, the spot vacated by Loren. While shifting positions I left my towel on the lower Bench, stood up with my erect cock and sat next to Fiona. My Cock was twitching in anticipation. In this new position Fiona had a full view of my cock and her face was inches away. I didn't want to rush anything but asked her if She needed a massage for the sore muscles. To which She replied, "I can see one big Sore muscle, I wouldn't mind massaging that". That just made my day, She leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth, and started licking and flicking her tongue over it. I was in Heaven. She then slowly moved a bit closer, and started touching me all over my body and lick my balls. It felt so good. I started to slowly massage her shoulders. She was now bobbing her head more frequently and at a steady pace. I was loving the sensation but trying not to cum too quickly.

I changed positions and started licking her pussy. Fiona was very wet and started to moan softly. I increased my pace and inserted one of my fingers for some added sensations which made her quiver a bit. It was a great experience to see her really enjoying herself. She lowered her head on my cock again now we were in a 69 and She started to gather up her pace again. I had increased my pace on her pussy then suddenly there was a squirt. She was a Squirter. This was my second time with a Squirter and I increased the pace, Fiona's body was now having orgasmic spasms, She was moaning very loudly and I was scared that someone would come in straight away. Once She had her orgasm, She almost collapsed on the bench. She turned around to lie on her back, and started thanking me. She said, She was too exhausted by her orgasms and the Sauna and promised to suck me dry before the night finished. I lied down on the upper bench as well, and within a few seconds 3 men came into the Sauna. I am sure they would have heard the noises and came in to check it out. Fiona, said, "The actions over guys, but I am sure, there would be more" to this 2 of them left and the other guy sat down on the lower bench.

We made our exit from the Sauna and had a nice refreshing shower. I could see the guy in the Sauna,checking out Fiona's ass through the glass opening in the door which kind of thrilled me even more. We made our way back to the Bar area and now it was bit more full, with most couples in towels and quite a few ladies in lingerie. As we approached the Bar, Gavin took a few steps to greet us. "How was it all" was his first comment, to which, before I reacted, Fiona told him, It was awesome and Gav you should buy him a drink, for his performance.

This was turning out to be a great night.

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