A friend's letter to me about her swinging and first FF experience

Hi, this is Christine. My husband George and I had been swinging for about two years when we met Grant and Kim. In the swingers contact magazine we used, my profile read I was not bi but probably would not say no if the situation arose where a little FF interplay was to happen. I wasn’t really into that sort of thing although I had kissed another woman once before, making sure I drew George’s attention to is so he could see exactly what I was doing. He had often asked me get into some FF kissing at least. I guess all males want to see that. So, he got his wish and said it had looked so horny. I got a kiss that was definitely different to a kiss from a male. It was very nice and I had done it, overcoming my fear of FF sex as it were. I suppose it is just as hard for two men to kiss for the first time as is for two women to kiss the first time.

So to explain, prior to Grant and Kim who this story is about, the first time I kissed another woman was when George and I were in the early days of swinging. We were with a couple named Kevin and Joan when one night, both Kevin and George were both on their backs, smiling like Xmas come early because I was sitting on Kevin’s cock and Joan was sitting on George. We had control of the vertical – and the horizontal so to speak, with nice fat cocks inside us, getting exactly what we wanted - and how we wanted it. We were side by side on our bed when I felt Joan’s arm close around my back and hand rested near the top of my bum cheek. I turned to her and instinctively, as her face moved towards mine, I moved my mouth towards her waiting lips.

I was a kiss to remember. For the first time, I was kissing lips that were not occasioned by some sort of facial hair. No rough chin, beard, whiskers or prickly moustache. As our lips met, her tongue darted into my mouth and my tongue immediately started to play with hers. Then, I felt her hand lightly touch my right breast, then cup my roundness in her hand. I felt my nipple begin to harden under her soft touch. I moved a hand to one of her breasts and began to explore its smoothness and play with her nipple and felt it too grow hard. With these new sensations exploding through my body, our kissing increased into a passionate embrace of lips and tongues, hands on breasts, I was getting lost in these new found pleasures. I felt a warming sensation coursing from her lips into my body. It moved down to my pussy and it was then I could feel an increased in hardness of Kevin’s cock, up to its balls inside me. He was thoroughly enjoying the vision of his wife and me in this moment of my new found pleasure. In only moments, I was cumming like I had never done before. I never dreamt kissing another woman would be so pleasurable. Be that as it may, Joan and I never went past kissing lips and touching and kissing nipples and boobies…

My first real “fuck” with another woman came some time later. George and I met Grant and Kim from adverts in our swinger’s magazine. We met them first in a quiet pub and over a few drinks. We found ourselves compatible and decided that we would get together. We invited them to our house the next weekend. Unfortunately, at the last minute, our baby sitter left us high and dry and we could not find a replacement sitter for our kids (aged 3 and 4) so we just had to put them to bed.

I was reluctant to do anything much that night because the kids might wake up although we did get into some pretty heavy necking. As we were kissing, and what a nice kisser Grant was, he started playing with my boobies through my blouse and bra. I was content to just kiss and cuddle but things started getting rather hot! Before I knew much about what was happening, by blouse had been unbuttoned. I let Grant do this because I figured I could cover up almost instantly if one of my kids made an appearance. In almost an instant, my bra was slid up off my breasts towards my neck and his mouth was covering my breasts with kisses. My nipples hardened and my pussy was beginning to feel hot. I undid part of Grant’s shirt and started caressing his upper body. I could feel his tight abbs and muscular body. I played with his nipples because some men like that and sometimes they get hard for me. He stopped sucking my nipples and returned to kissing my lips. I then began kissing and sucking his nipples. He seemed to like that. Fortunately I had my back to where my kids might appear from so I had a few seconds to “straighten up” if I had to.

While I was sucking on his slowly hardening nipples, his hand had moved down to the outside of my skirt, right above my pussy. I opened my legs without thinking and he began to caress me, sliding my skirt up towards my tummy until my panties were the only thing between his hand and my pussy. I reminded him that because of my kids in the next room, I was not going to have sex with him this night and he said ok. With that, he pulled my panties to one side of my crutch and exposed to his hand my hairless pussy. He began caressing my pussy lips and soon my cunt was so wet from his touch, his fingers found their way inside me. For a few moments I just slouched on the couch, spread my legs even further and raised my hips so my cunt would be closer to his touch. Whatever he was doing with his fingers was making me feel like I never felt in my pussy before. A strange sensation inside me was causing me to tremble with pleasure and I felt I was getting even wetter with his every movement of his fingers. Then it happened. Oh hell no, I desperately wanted to pee. The more he moved his fingers, the more I wanted to pee. I also wanted this man’s cock inside me as soon as possible… but no, I couldn’t. I couldn’t let him fuck me and I couldn’t let him stop whatever his fingers were doing. Everything he was doing was so nice, I just had to hold that pee.

I reached down to Grant’s trousers and felt through the material a hot bulge. It seemed like it was pretty big from what I was used to. Grant brushed my hand aside and with his free hand, he quickly undid his belt, top button and zip, took my hand in his and placed it on his penis again. My god, it felt so big! I pushed my hand under the elastic of his underpants and engulfed his penis in my hand. It was hot and big. I pulled it out of his undies and it was then I realised that this was the biggest cock I had ever felt – and it was getting bigger. I raised myself up to look at exactly what it was that I had uncovered. His cock was still growing. I could not get my hand around it. I was mesmerised with it. I closed one hand around the base of this enormous cock and my other hand above my first and there was still cock uncovered. Fuck, it must have been more than 10 inches long – maybe 12 inches; and so big and fat! My first thought was how in the world was I ever going to get it in my pussy, and then I thought of my mouth. No way would I get that in there.

I fell back to my reclined position, legs spread wide and one hand holding his amazing dick. While in my daze playing with and thinking about the size of this cock when my attention was brought back again to my pussy. He had two fingers deep inside me, moving them like I had never felt before and all the while, his thumb was rubbing my clit in a circular motion, driving me crazy. All I could do was hold onto his amazing cock as I raced towards an orgasm. His fingers were causing sensations inside me that I had never felt before. My legs spread wide and my cunt juices so abundant I could feel the wetness running down the crack of my arse from his magical fingers. I shuddered all over and my body trembled and shook with an orgasm such as I had never felt before. I was moaning like a whore. It was sheer magic. Although I had just cum and Grant knew it, he kept rubbing inside my cunt, faster and harder like it never had been touched before and I did not want him to stop. I was having the longest and wildest orgasm I have ever had. Then he abruptly withdrew his fingers from my cunt and I began shaking uncontrollably. I actually began to squirt my pee from my pussy. It sprayed about a meter across the room and I could do nothing about it. It just pulsed and sprayed out of me for about 4 or 5 seconds while my legs, in fact my whole body shook uncontrollably. My legs clamped together at the knees and I sort of rolled to one side, still I could not stop the shaking.

Then there were lips on my mouth. I started kissing them back and I drove my tongue into this mouth before I realised it was Kim. I had nowhere to turn so I just kept kissing her. Oh fuck me! My body was in heaven! Then two hands at my knees spread my legs wide open. Cool air rushed to my throbbing cunt but then Grant started slapping my clit with his open hand 3, 4, 5 times. I tried to close my legs but they were being held open. I think it was both Kim and George. Grant then drove his fingers back inside me, pumping them in and out at such a speed for about a few seconds and then withdrew them and oh fuck, I started pissing again. My mouth was locked with Kim’s and most of my whoreish screaming was contained by her soft lips over my mouth. My whole body was shaking and I found it almost impossible to move. Again, my legs were held apart and my clit was slapped again, this time it was so hard but there was nothing I could do about it. Fingers again plundered my cunt and all I could do was slump on my back, powerless to stop and soon I was violently shaking all over and pissing myself again, screaming into Kim’s mouth. I could not stop my body from shaking. I was exhausted. I was slumped on the sofa and I could not move. My throbbing cunt to my feet were soaking wet. I was in a state of shock and awe with a feeling of awe and embarrassment at what had just happened. I had just pissed all over my own lounge room floor 3 times -- fuck! But it was the best and most wonderful sensation my mind and body experiences I had ever had. I had never cum so hard in my life and I had certainly never pissed myself during sex before.

It was nice to be reassured that it was not piss that I had squirted as Grant explained as I told him I was so embarrassed about pissing myself. He told me about my “G” spot squirting. What had happened was that I had actually ejaculated! I was so relieved that I had not pissed all over my carpet. I was happier to know it would not smell or stain. I later told George that I wanted more of that so he had some techniques he needed to learn.

After a few minutes, I sort of came back to reality. In my hand I was still holding the largest cock I have ever seen or felt before and I was soaking wet from cum. Where were Kim and George? Then I remembered that George and Kim were on the couch next to us. I had no idea what they had been up too, when they came to “help” Grant and I decided that really could not have cared less.

I looked up very lovingly at Grant. For a few moments I had that feeling in my mind and heart that I had for the man who took my virginity so beautifully and tenderly all those years ago. I had given something precious of by body and soul in such an intimate embrace. The thoughts in my head were that he now owned me. Girls know what I mean. I kissed Grant on the mouth with the most erotic sexy affection and a feeling of deep love in thanks for what had just happened to me, for what HE just did for and to me.

With most of my energy grained out of me from my massive orgasms, I turned myself around as best I could and looked into Grant’s eye, the one on his cock. I brought my mouth down to his cock and put my lips on its head. I started to kiss and lick this wonder from the gods. I began by kissing and licking it all the way from top to bottom. I had his balls cupped in my hand and when my mouth reached the bottom of his cock, I sucked at his balls, drawing them one at a time into my mouth, sucking, licking and kissing them all over and repeatedly sucking them into my mouth, loving them with my tongue. I then licked from his balls, right up to his big red knob where I opened my lips and lowered my mouth as best I could over it. It was so big I could barely get my mouth around it but I managed. I somehow got the head of it all the way inside my mouth. It was huge, like a soft hot ball gag but I kept my mouth on it and sucked on it while I pushed my tongue as deep into his pee hole as I could. I could hear soft low moaning from Grant and I felt I was paying him back some pleasure. Suddenly and most unfortunately, I heard one of my kids stirring in his room. As fast as we could, we arranged our clothes to a respectable state just before he opened his door and came to the lounge room to greet us. Party time over. Poor Grant, no cum. Lucky Christine, I lost count.

Grant and Kim invited us to their place the following weekend for dinner, an invitation we quickly accepted.

Throughout the next week, George and I really got into the G spot thing. Let me tell you that George is great to fuck and a fantastic lover in return. There is no one I have ever met that can last longer than he but also, he does so many other nice things when we are making love. He does not just poke his cock in me and start pounding me until he comes. If it could be that every woman could experience him, the women of the world would be much happier than they are now. Husbands could learn a thing or two from him. Anyway, during the week, we were stared to get somewhere with the G spot thing. It did not happen easily but we were getting there and the sexy side effects were fantastic. We were having great sex and we felt drawn closer to each other than ever before.

By Saturday I was so excited about being with Grant, another G spot experience with him hopefully and the thought of his huge cock in my pussy, I wasn’t good for much else during the day. I had a long shower and shaved off everywhere a stray hair might have been on my body. Underarms hairless, my legs were as smooth as silk and my pussy and bum were smoother than a baby’s bottom. Needless to say, during all that work around my pussy induced another orgasm. Seems while holding my pretty pussy lips to shave them, my fingers either slipped into my pussy or I found them rubbing my clit. I mean, what is a girl supposed to do?

I put on the nicest perfume I own, a tiny pair of crotch-less knickers and my favourite little black dress. It is an off (one) shoulder affair with a zip from under my armpit running two thirds of the way down, on the side opposite the shoulder strap. The hem was about 15cm below my pussy. No bra. The perfect outfit for sex! A little lipstick, some eye make up and a matching pair of mid height heels and I was dressed to kill. George said to me that I looked so hot that perhaps we should stay home! No way.

We arrived at the appointed time and to the sound of some light sensual music playing in the background. Grant was wearing a tee shirt, some denim jeans, shoes and socks. Kim was wearing a little white skirt that showed off her un-stockinged legs, a matching blouse and some flat heeled shoes. We sat in the lounge chatting while having a couple of drinks and then we had some dinner. More wine with dinner and I was starting to feel really mellow and so excited think that I would soon fucking Grant. What conversations we had, I don’t recall except for one.

Kim and Grant led us back to the lounge room and I thought that is odd, they had sat down beside each other leaving the other sofa for George and me. Grant said he had something to say and if we did not like what he was saying, we could have a pleasant evening watching tv and that would be that. What? We listened and he said that Kim was really into women and that I was her first priority tonight. Anything that happened after that would be fine. If she could not have me first, all bets were off. Oh shit. I looked at George and he was just looking straight back at me. He shrugged his shoulders and said we should do whatever I wanted. He was not going to push me into anything I did not want it. Yeah thanks George. You know I have never fucked a woman before and you are dumping this on me.

My thoughts went back to my first FF kiss and I remembered how nice it was. I had often kissed George full on the mouth straight from him going down on me and that was not unpleasant. I had kissed him directly after he had brought another woman to orgasm with his mouth on her pussy. I had sucked his cock straight out of another woman’s pussy. Not the sort of thing I really wanted to do but it did not make me gag or anything like that and the taste of the other woman was not unpleasant. But when I pictured myself licking a pussy I shuddered. OMG, how bad would that be? I sort of tried to extricate myself from this possible FF situation by telling Kim that I had only ever kissed other women that I had never really done the whole Bi thing, thinking to myself “I really just want your husband’s big cock.” Kim said that my experience did not matter very much and in fact it was a good thing. A good thing I thought! I am glad you think so. She said that she would love to teach me what to do and how to do it. She said it was a long time since she had had a virgin. I thought me - a virgin? I suppose I was in that sense. I looked at George and again asked him what he wanted me to do? He said it was up to me and that whatever I decide, he would always love and support me. I looked into his eyes and I could see he was really excited at the thought of me with Kim. I held his hand for support, took a deep breath, then a little sigh escaped my mouth and said to Kim – OK.

She smiled so beautifully at me, stood up and beckoned me over to where she was standing. I stood up and walked nervously toward her, breaking my hand contact with George only when we were at arms length. I thought to myself that was the last line of my defence just broken. I was on my own.

With the music still playing softly in the background, Kim put her arms around me and started to sway to the beat of the music. I put my arms around her and snuggled in close to her. She smelt so nice. As we swayed to the music, Kim put a hand either side of my face and turned my head to her and brought our lips lightly together. At first she just brushed her lips one way then the other a couple of times against mine, then three or four tentative little “pecks” before pressing her lips full on mine, opening my mouth with her lips and tongue for our first real kiss. The fluttering in my tummy started to go away. I kissed her back. I kissed her hard. We kissed hard. My tongue had found hers and they started a dance in and out of her mouth then mine. As the curves of her body began to meld into mine, we kissed and kissed and kissed. I really felt so good. Soon, she whispered into my ear that I should unbutton her blouse. As I started undoing the buttons Kim was kissing my neck and ears while her hands were caressing my body. She found the zip in my dress and lowered it part way down. As her blouse hit the floor, Kim slid my shoulder strap off and pushed my dress down to my waist. My 36C breasts were exposed to her view and she commented how beautiful they were as her hands found them. She tested their weight and firmness and smiled a re-assuring smile at me just before her she began kissing me again. Her kisses moved very slowly from my mouth to my neck then slowly down to my breasts. She kissed all around them until finally taking a nipple in her mouth and began to suckle it. I am going crazy. This woman is … wow. Just keep doing that. She kissed and licked and made love to my breasts with her mouth and tongue. I held her head to my breast, closed my eyes and enjoyed the soft luxury of this so smooth face and skin at my breast. I could feel the heat building in my vagina.

She straightened up and began kissing my mouth again. I can feel the wetness from her kisses on my breasts as they pressed against her warm skin as our bodies merged in our embrace. I could feel my nipples, hard as diamonds, pressing into her soft skin. She whispered for me to take off her bra and went back to kissing me. I found her bra hooks but I had trouble un-hooking them and I realise it is all backwards. I have never taken a bra off this way before. No wonder you men have problems. Her hooks undone, she breaks away from me and removes the bra to reveal a pair of so beautifully rounded breasts, about the same size as mine. I realised she must never have had children.

She told me to do to her exactly as she had just done to me. She cupped my titties one in each of her hands and I began kissing her lips, then her neck and her breasts. As my mouth found one of her nipples, I realised just how beautiful she smelt – all over. The fragrance of her body became part of the sensual effect. I took one of her nipple in my mouth and gently rolled it around with my tongue as I sucked it softly at first then finally harder and harder – just like I like mine sucked. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and took into it as much of her titty as I could. I wanted to devour her. All this time her hands were caressing my tits. I swapped breasts and gave this new one all the loving attention I had just given the other. I felt her body shudder and I wanted to make her feel more.

She brought my face back to hers and the deep kissing began again. I am in heaven. I felt my dress slip off my hips and drop to the floor. I did not even feel her unzip it. As we kissed, her hands began roaming all over my body. She told me to undo her skirt and let it fall. As we kissed, I did her bidding. Her hands were getting closer and closer to my pussy. She put one arm around me and the other went straight to my semi covered pussy. When she found the panties had no crouch, she smiled and said that I really had come well prepared. I replied that I was dressed for Grant but he would now have to wait because there was no way I wanted to stop this with her. She smiled because of my comment, thrust her tongue into my mouth again and her fingers found my wet pussy lips. She whispered that I should “Put you my inside my panties now and touch me. Do what I am doing to you”. I found the waistband of her knickers and slid my hand under the elastic, over her warm skin and found a small little tuft of hair just above the rest of her shaved pussy. The first pussy I have ever touched. Kim gently let her hand explore around my pussy and I did the same for her. So soft and so warm. I explored all around her pussy with my fingers and as I touched her, I could feel her wetness begin. I felt up and down the line of her lips. I felt one of her fingers go inside me and my knees buckled as I moaned in pleasure. As the weight buckled my knees, my hand, caught by the elastic bent at the wrist and in doing so, my middle finger pressed past her pussy lips and entered her vagina. Oh wow! I straightened up and we stood there for some time caressing each other and in a short while I could barely stand as a massive orgasm raked through my body. I held Kim tightly so I would not fall.

When I recovered my composure, Kim beckoned me to lie down. She took off her panties and lay down beside me and the kissing started again. I found her pussy with my hand and I pleasured her. I moved my hand and fingers on it, in it, around her pussy and vagina, over and over until my ministries brought her to her own climax. My hand hurt from the work but the softness, the warmth and the wetness and the silky smooth feel of the inside of her pussy was something I swore I would never forget and if I get the chance, I will do this again with Kim and I then thought of another woman I know that I want to fuck now, just like this with Kim. I felt so proud that I had made another woman cum. We kissed softly and tenderly for a few minutes as we came back down from that high.

Kim said to me to turn around and kneel over her in a 69 position. By now I would have done anything for this lady. I felt her arms go around my bottom and her tongue hit my pussy lips. The velvety smoothness of her tongue only took a few seconds before I was screaming “YES – YES” as another orgasm ripped through my body. Shaking with pleasure and near exhaustion my head fell into her crutch. The smell of her pussy aroused me and I realised I had not yet pleasured her with my mouth.

Not knowing what to really do, I just started licking her. I kissed her pussy lips. I sucked them into my mouth and played with her lips with my tongue. I held her lips to one side and ran my tongue up and down her skin where the lips meet her skin. I liked the other side the same. I licked the skin between her pussy and her bum hole. I spread her lips and put my tongue as far inside her cunt as I could. Kim began shaking and her hips were lifting off the floor. George came and lay down beside me. What is he doing here? Fuck him. I was too far gone. He watched as I continued kissing this pretty pussy, licking up the ever flowing juices and swallowing them as eagerly as I could and as much as they flowed. Kim was moaning like I never heard a woman do before. Her body was shaking even more than before and finally, I sucked her clit into my mouth, closed my lips around it and suckled her spot like it was my last supper. I felt her mouth clamp around my own clit and then she screamed and screamed that she was cumming. Her mouth covered my clit again and I cum in her face and she in mine. When the convulsions that were running through her body eased, I felt her just go limp. My entire body weight just dropped down on her as I too was completely exhausted.

After a short time, I realised I was still in the 69 position with Kim and as I looked around to get off her, I saw George’s face right in front of mine. He was smiling at me so beautifully I could do little but smile back. He said to me that I was a stunningly beautiful lady and that loved me so much and he had never been more proud of me. He brought his face to mine, our lips met and we had the most fulfilling loving kiss that I think we had ever had. I had just had the most stunning experience and there was my husband reminding me of just how much he loved me. If I had died right then I would have died happy.

While we gazed at each other, I felt hands on my bum. Where was Grant? Kim was still underneath me and George was in front of me. It was Grant. As I knelt there, my bum pointing skywards, I felt the hardness of that great big cock of his at my pussy lips. Now I have just had about the best sex I have ever had in my life and now I was going to be fucked by the biggest cock I have ever seen AND doggie style at that – my absolute favourite position. I just held my position and prayed that it would not tear me apart.

Grant was exceedingly gentle. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down my wet pussy lips. I am sure they were still dripping from all that Kim had done to me. Slowly, and little by little, my pussy lips opened a little more with every forward movement of this cock towards its goal. I felt my eyes open like they were going to pop out of their sockets. I could feel the heat of this thing. Push retreat, push retreat, over and over, a little deeper each time and then pop, the head of that monster was inside me. I yelled out as a stabbing pain of agony and ecstasy engulfed me. Kim started sucking on my clit again. Oh, the exquisite pleasure as my cunt was stretched so wide – wide, wide open to accommodate this huge cock and my clit was being sucked on again. OMG. Slowly Grant drove his cock in and out of my cunt until I could not take it any deeper. It felt like it was going to come out of my stomach. I have no idea how much was inside me but I know it was big, hot and fucking beautiful. Grant then started a rhythmic sliding of his cock into my and out of my cunt. Kim was still sucking on my clit as I looked at George, tears of pain and pleasure were streaming down my face as the beautiful pain of that monster created slid into me and the clit sucking driving me out of my mind. The ecstasy rises to a crescendo and I scream as another orgasm tears through my body. I collapsed again on Kim’s body. Grant was still inside me!

Then he starts fucking me again. I can hardly endure this pleasure. He is now moving faster and faster, pounding it into me, over and over again. Minutes seem like hours. As his drives into me yet again, I feel Grant start shaking and his vocals are getting louder and louder. He withdraws his cock almost all the way out of me until his big fat knob is just inside my cunt and I felt it pulsate as the warmth of his cum squirt into me. From deep within me another orgasm had started and again I screamed as lubricated with the cum he had squirted into me and by my own juices, he slammed his cock full length into me and I felt his balls slap against my clit. OH FUCK ME! The entire length of it was inside me! I have at least 10 inches or more of big, fat, fucking hard cock, slammed up to it balls, deep inside me. I was so fucked that I could hardly move. I somehow rolled off Kim and she and George started fucking.

Grant picked up my limp body and carried me into his bedroom like we were on a honeymoon and we made love again. The last time he fucked me that night there was nothing I could but just lay on my back with my legs spread wide like a dirty little slut and let him fuck me. In the end I fell unconscious after another mind shattering orgasm.

While I was out to it, Kim and George had joined us in the bed, Kim it seems had made sure she was next to me. The boys soon fell asleep and Kim and I made passionate love again. This time when I sucked on her sweet pussy, I could taste cum that George had deposited in her cunt and I eagerly sucked his juices out of her. But that is another story…..

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