One great 4some

This is a true storey, only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

About 6 months ago I got invited to a swingers party.....I never say "NO" lol. On the night I met up and played with a new couple that I had never met before K was a petite size 8 and her other half was just your average guy. I played with K twice that night, we really hit it off, not only while we fucked but also in chit chat.

A few months later I went to another party, while chatting with other couples I already knew, K arrived and came straight up to me, I asked where her other half was, she said that they broke up and she was attending by herself. We fucked again that night as well as interacting with some other couples, we had a ball. At the end of the night we exchanged numbers and went our separate ways.

We touched base a few weeks later and I asked K if she wanted to go to the C/Club with me, she said sure, so we made a night of it, we had a nice meal in the city which I paid for... as a gentleman should, then ventured on to the club which I payed entry .... as a gentleman should.

Its always hit and miss at the club, sometimes I run into a lots of people that I know, or sometimes I go and don't see anyone I know, this was one of those nights, I didn't
know anyone there, either did K but we walked around, had a bit of a look and got talking to a newby couple J & S, it was their first time at the club. We walked on and did the rounds but came back to one of the rooms only to find that newby couple J & S we just met, I asked if we could join them and just play next to them, they said it was ok, so we did.

So there we were, the 4 of us having sex with our own partners, as we were having fun, the hands started to wander, a little bit of mutual touchy feely here and there between the 4 of us. Because I was close to S, I asked if I could suck her toe, she said yeah, so while I was sucking her big toe I ran my hand up and down the inside of her leg, from her foot to an inch short of her shaved snatch, I could tell by her moans, this was driving her wild. While this was going on K is sucking my cock and S had Js cock in her mouth, then things just started to flow on from there. K was laying on her back while J ate her pussy, I had to lay down while S sucked my cock, she just did it so well. Not long after that K asked S if she could taste her pussy, with out hesitation the girls were in 69 position licking like there was no tomorrow, J and I just sat back and watched.

With the girls in 69 position, and us guys watching and still rock hard, we just had to join back in, so when the girls had came and were finished and with a little bit of prying I carefully separated the girls and had them both on their hands and knees, next to each other/side by side but head to toe, or maybe I should say head to pussy. I started to pound Ks wet pussy as J rammed Ss pussy both of us doing it doggy style, J said out loud that he could not believe how much S got into eating Ks Pussy, S said to him that she loved it.

I said to S would you like another taste? she said yeah. So I then suggested that us guys could fuck your pussies and then pull out and you could suck our cocks???

Both of the girls said yeah, lets do it!!!

What a Fucking turn on, both of us guys pounding those wet pussies then pulling out, moving our cocks a little to the left and both girls sucking and licking the juice of our cocks.

It was just the perfect set up pulling out of a hot mouth and sticking my cock into a hot wet pussy and back again and sew one stage I had Ss cheek pushed up against Ks ass cheek, both holes with in a few inches of one another, from that moment on the 4 of us were in heaven.

The 4 of us sucked and fucked for another hour before us guys came with in a few minutes of one another, it was a perfect 4some, one of the best I've had in a long time.

As for my new playmate K, we see each other every week or so for fun times :)

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