New Experiences

Bored on a Saturday night I decide to sign into an adult chat site I’d joined recently. As I’m watching the chat screen, I notice people in the chat room keep mentioning a club. After a few minutes, curiosity got the better of me and I ask where this club was. A few of the site members advised where is was and that they were going to a masque party at the club that was being held that evening. I realised it’s not a long way from where I live and I was without plans. I always liked to dress up and I’m fairly open minded. So that decided, I went about getting myself done up for a night out, not knowing what to expect.

I arrive at the club at about 9:45pm, not wanting to be one of the first to show. Before getting out of my car I put on my gold masquerade mask, making sure it was secure. After a few deep breaths to reassure myself I wasn’t being stupid, I walk up to the entrance of the club, surprised at how non-descript it looked. To anyone during the day, it was like an office building. Opening the door, I’m greeted by a big smile and a warm welcome. Looking around nervously, I check out the lobby, not entirely sure what an adult swingers club is meant to look like. The woman behind the counter asks if this is my first time to the club and I nod. The lady introduces herself as Jenny and gives me a reassuring smile. After being told some house rules, I hand over my purse so she can lock it away with the other guest’s personal items. Jenny turns to a man standing nearby and introduces him as Tom, who shakes my hand straight away. After being told that Jenny and Tom run the establishment, Jenny asks me to follow her as she gives me the tour of the place.

Near the lobby is a couple of bathrooms, the personal items cupboard and 2 bedrooms. On the other side of the lobby is a door that leads outside. There’s a bunch of people sitting outside chatting and laughing. They all wave a welcome to me and I smile back. Jenny indicates that area was the smokers section and around the corner is the spa, where I can just see a couple of naked people lounging. Back inside we head up the stairs and I can hear music playing loudly. Jenny tells me that the softdrink at the bar is free and if I want alcohol, I would have to supply my own. She indicates a room that is split into 2, one side has a massage table and the other side is a big bed. In the next room is a bed and a sofa but I’ve noticed this room was missing a door. Jenny explains that some of the people enjoy others watching, but if someone wants to join in, they must ask permission first.

As we continue through the upper floor, Jenny indicates the bar she mentioned earlier. There’s a bunch of people playing at the pool table next to the bar, having an animated discussion about a bet that was being played out. I grin at how relaxed people appear to be. On-wards we go and we enter the “lounge room”. This is where the music is coming from but I can see on the tv there’s a porn movie playing. On the opposite side of the room is a stripper pole and there’s a lady enjoying herself, dancing and grinding around it. The last room Jenny shows me is a massive room, complete with a couple of beds, sex swing and a bunch of accessories to avail oneself to.

Left to my own devices, I wander around the club for a bit before going to the bar and grabbing a drink. I stroll into the lounge room and sit down so I have a view of the room, tv and into the other nearby rooms. I become engrossed in the porn movie playing on the tv, mesmerised as to how the female can do some of the tricks I've just seen. Too distracted by the movie I fail to notice someone has sat down beside me until they clear their throat. Jumping a little, I turn to look who is next to me.

Startling blue eyes meet mine, face half covered in a black mask, lips curved in a pleasant smile.

“Hi, I’m Gary”, you say, introducing yourself, holding out your hand.

Shaking your hand, I smile back. “I’m Belle. Nice to meet you, Gary.”

“I noticed that you were quite engrossed with the movie and I had to come over to find out what has you sitting here, with a slight tilt to your head and a puzzled look to your face”.

I blush a bit before responding. “I was watching the woman on the porno and what she was doing and I was thinking, there’s no possible way I can do what she’s doing. There’s no way I can take something so big, so deep.” Realising what I just said, I blush again and look away. You chuckle at my reply and tell me not to worry about what to say, especially in a club like this.

I turn back to you, asking if this was your first time at the club. “No, I’ve been many times, to different clubs. I didn’t come alone tonight though”.

“Oh, your partner likes to swing as well?” I ask. Shaking your head at my question. “No, I’m single. I came with a couple of mates who are also single. I mentioned to them about this club and it piqued their interest, so I’ve brought them to tonight’s party”, pointing out 2 guys standing by the bar.

“That’s Johnny, the tall one with the eagle tattoo on his forearm. Ben’s the shorter one with the shaved head.” You motion the guys over to introduce to me. Shaking their hands, I introduce myself to them. Johnny sits down on the other side of me while Ben stays standing. I ask both the new guys how they’re feeling about being in a swingers club. Johnny replies that he’s curious to see what happens and Ben says he’s a bit nervous.

“Don’t worry, Ben, I’m a little nervous as well. Especially being here on my own.” You appear surprised by that comment. “Why are you here alone? I lovely looking woman like yourself, I would have thought you’d at least have a male friend accompany you.”

Shaking my head, “No. None of my friends have gone to swingers club. Well, not that I know of anyways. This was a spur of the moment thing for me. I was bored at home, I was in an adult chat room and saw mention of this club and decided, why not. So here I am.”

The 4 of us continue chatting for a little while, alternating between the porn movie that’s on the tv, to the different people who are still arriving at the club. Ben decides to go and chat to some girls he’s been watching while Johnny heads to the bar. I turn back to you and mention checking out the spa again, to see if there was anyone in there.

I stand up, taking a moment smoothing down my black mini skirt before heading toward the stairs. You decide to accompany me as well. We arrive at the spa area and are in luck that it’s empty.

“Do I have to go fully naked?” I ask. Laughing, you reply, “No, you don’t have to, but when you get out and put your clothes back on, there will be wet patches in spots.”

“Ok. Can you turn around? I’m a little shy.” you oblige laughing as you do.

Quickly I strip off my skirt, shoes and top, hesitating at my underwear. Taking a deep breath, I strip off my g-string and bra, tossing them onto my other clothing. I climb into the spa, being careful not to slip over.

“You’re fine to turn around now, Gary. I’m going to take my mask off, as I feel silly sitting here with it on.” I pull off the mask, throwing it towards my clothes.

You look over at me and grins at my attempt to sit as low as possible in the water. I splash water at him, telling him not to smirk at me. As I watch, you slowly unbuttons your shirt and remove it, revealing a toned torso that was well hidden. Unbuttoning your jeans, you kick off your shoes at the same time. As if to tease, you inch the jeans down your legs and then kick them off. Walking over to the spa, you climb in and sits next to me, but leaving a bit of room between us.

Gary reaches behind me to press the button to turn on the jets and I let out a surprised squeak when a jet under me bubbles up between my legs. I feel myself start to float from the bubbles and grab the sides of the spa to hold myself down. Suddenly I feel a hand on my thigh, firmly pressing me down into my seat. I look up and see you watching me, a glint in your eyes. I feel my pussy go wet, instantly, at your touch.

Hearing footsteps coming up to the spa, I watch Gary turn to see who it is. The man who has just arrived starts to undress, but a look from Gary stops him. He grabs his shirt and puts it back on, giving one last look at the spa before moving off to another area. Sliding up next to me, your leg pressing against mine. “Is this okay?” you asks.

I can only manage to nod that it was okay. Dropping your head next to mine, your mouth right next to my ear, you start to whisper to me. Hot breath against my skin makes me shiver, goose bumps raising my skin, my nipples hardening. Carefully, I place my left hand on your thigh, running my fingers lightly over the skin. Turning slightly, I place my left leg over your lap, pressing my side against you more. As if taking my shift as permission, I feel you run your hand up and down the side of my thigh, curving around my hip, pulling me slightly closer to you.

I can feel his cock hardening against my left thigh as it rests across his lap. I place my hand on against your stomach, feeling the ridges of muscles beneath my hand. Turning my head towards you, I tentatively kiss your lips. I pull back and trace your bottom lip with the tip of my tongue before I deepen the kiss. I can feel your restraint as you let me take things are my own pace. I decide to shift completely, sliding my left leg behind your back with my right leg over your lap.

I slide my hands into your hair, pulling your mouth to mine in a deep kiss, my tongue playing against yours. With a firm but gentle touch, you mold my breasts with your hands, squeezing them. Moaning, I let myself to float up so my breasts are out of the water. Breaking the kiss, you drop your head to lick the mounds of my breasts, nipping at them. I thrust myself higher in the water, my nipples aching to be touched. I decide to straddle your lap, resting with a knee on the seat and using my right foot to lift me enough to have my breasts fully out of the water.

“Please, Gary, pinch my nipples”, I beg.

Acting immediately, you take my nipples between your fingers and rolling them slowly, back and forth while pinching them as I beg. Your mouth replaces your fingers on my right nipple, sucking and nibbling. I moan, my head falling back. I feel soft tickles on my thighs as you slip a hand between my legs. I feel your fingertips brush against my folds, making me gasp, which quickly turns to a guttural moan as you finds my aching clit.

With 2 fingers, you press against my clit, rubbing back and forth. My hips move in time with your deft fingers, wanting them to never stop. Suddenly, you drop your fingers lower, thrusting 2 into me at the same time as you bite me harder on my right breast. Panting from the intense pleasure I tell you not to stop. “We’re going to have to take this to a room if you want to continue”, you tell me, causing me to pout.

Giving me a quick kiss on the lips, you lift me off your lap and onto the spa seat. Rising, I watch as you step out of the spa, grabbing a towel and quickly drying off. Grabbing another towel, you beckon to me to get out of the spa too. You quickly dry me, stopping to suck a little on my nipples, before wrapping me fully in the towel. We pick up our clothes and head inside. Noticing the rooms downstairs were all occupied, we head upstairs. The only room still free was the one off the lounge room with the sex swing and massive beds. “Are you comfortable with this room?” you ask.

I nod, “This is ok. I’m open to new things, so why not this”.

You drop your clothes in the corner of the room before coming back to me, turning me to face you, cupping my cheeks and lowering your mouth to capture mine. The kiss starts out slowly, lips meeting lips. Your tongue presses against the seam of my lips and I open, letting you in. Our tongues meet, sliding against each other, turning our kiss more passionate. I drop my clothes to the floor before raising my arms, wrapping them around your neck, pulling you against me.

You wrap your arms around my waist and walk me backward toward one of the beds. As I feel it press against my knees, I allow myself to be lowered onto it. Without breaking the kiss, you lay next to me on your side. Right hand sliding up my leg, you push aside the bottom of the towel. Allowing your hand to continue up, over my hip, my belly, right up to the knot in the towel. With a flick the wrist, my towel falls open, leaving me naked to your gaze. I cup your neck, playing with the hair as the back of your head. Turning slightly I put my leg over yours, brushing over the towel that still covers you. Grabbing both my hands, you raise them above my head, pressing them to the bed. Sliding between my legs, you nibble and suck my neck, slowly moving down to my breasts.

You start sucking on my left nipple until the pleasure almost becomes pain, then moves across to my right nipple, treating it the same. I raise my hips, pressing myself against you, wanting more. Letting go of my wrists, you continue down my belly, making the muscles twitch and tremble as you lightly kiss and caress them. Finally, stopping at the junction of my thighs, your warm breath ruffles the moist curls covering my mound. With a gentle hand, you part my pussy lips, revealing how wet I am. I can smell the musky scent of my sex as you blow slightly against me. Leaning forward, lips closing over my clit, you suck on me, drawing me into your mouth. Moaning, I buck against your mouth.

With your other hand, you slip 2 fingers inside me. As you begin to move your fingers in and out of me, you flick your tongue in time with the rhythm. Panting, I move against this pleasure onslaught. Sliding another finger into my tight pussy, you press them against my g-spot, making my moan and beg for me. As I’m about to orgasm, you nip at the tip of my clit, causing me to go wild as I cum. You pull away to grab a condom from the nightstand.

Tearing the packet open, you quickly put it on, coming back to kneel between my legs. Lifting my hips, you position yourself and slide your hard cock, inch by inch, into me. With my orgasm still fresh in my system, my pussy clenches hard. As I feel you pull out, I start to whimper in protest. With a thrust of the hips, you bury your cock deep into me. Wrapping my legs tightly around your waist, I hold you to me, grinding my clit against you, causing quivers to run through me. You start moving at a slow, but steady pace, making me moan in pleasure at your loving.

I run my hands up and down your sides, nails clenching into your firm arse cheeks, trying to urge you to fuck me harder. Sliding your arms under my back, we roll over so I’m sitting on top. Bending down, I kiss you deeply, raising my hips so my pussy slides along your throbbing cock. I sit up and notice that we have an audience. There’s a couple standing near the sex swing, he has a hand down her shirt, fondling her breast, with his other hand between her legs, playing with her pussy. I can see her head thrown back in pleasure, a hand behind her back, in his pants, teasing his cock. Looking around further, I spot your mates, Johnny and Ben, both with raging hard-ons.

Noticing them as well, you grab my neck gently and pulling me down to you. Whispering, you asks, “Are you agreeable to Johnny and Ben joining in on our fun?”

Looking back at the two guys and then back to you, I nod. “Yes”.

Beckoning your friends over, you grab my hips and rotate them. Johnny and Ben strip off and come over to the bed. Leaning back, I rest my hands on your thighs and rock back and forth against you. Ben and Johnny lean down and capture my nipples in their mouths, sucking and nibbling. Feeling massively turned on, I grab their cocks and stroking them. With sensations bombarding me, I start to ride your cock faster, your hands guiding my hips.

Turning my head, I pull on Johnny’s cock hard, bringing him closer before closing my lips over the head of his cock. Ben continues to play with my breasts as I stroke his cock. Sliding up and down your cock, I’m getting closer to orgasming again, I release Ben’s cock and concentrate on fucking you and sucking Johnny. Ben moves behind me, rubbing my arse cheeks as I move. Feeling my arse cheeks being gently parted, fingers finding my juices and spreading them around my back entrance.

With a little pressure, Ben slips a finger into my arse, causing me to moan around Johnny’s cock. He moves his finger in and out, matching the pace of your thrusts. Gently he adds another finger, continuing to finger fuck my arse. He grabs a condom and covers up, then he pulls his fingers out, only to replace them with his cock. You stop moving to allow Ben to enter me. Slowly and gently, he presses into me, making me whimper around Johnny’s member. I feel so full, not knowing if I can take it all. As he pushes carefully forward, I try to relax. Feeling the head of his cock now in my arse, Ben grabs a hold of my waist, while you hold my hips. You both move at the same time and I gasp at the immense feelings.

Wanting to pleasure all the guys at the same time, I start to suck harder on Johnny, while letting you and Ben move me to your rhythm. I can taste so much pre-cum coming from Johnny so I grab his balls and squeeze gently, massaging them, wanting his cum to explode from him. Feeling my orgasm quickly approaching, I stop working on Johnny. I brace my hands on either side of your head, my breasts swaying near your mouth. You capture my right nipple, sucking hard as I start to squeeze my pussy muscles tighter around your cock. Having felt the change in my body, you dig your fingers harder into my hips, thrusting deep and hard into me while pulling me down towards your thrusts, Ben meeting the pace.

Unable to hold back I let out a loud moan as I shatter around your pulsing and twitching cock, your orgasm hitting seconds after mine. Ben pulls out of me, ripping the condom off, stroking himself a few times before he, too, lets out a groan, his cum spurting on to my arse cheeks and between them. Johnny has yet to cum, so reaching for him I slide my mouth down his length, my tongue flexing against the underside while I suck him. Using my hands I pump the base of his cock and massage his balls, feeling them start to tighten. Shifting my angle, I feel the head of his cock slide into my throat. Unable to contain his orgasm anymore, Johnny grabs my hair, holding me against his groin as his cum sprays straight down my throat.

Slowly taking my mouth from him, I sip and lick the sensitive tip of his cock, before falling to your side on the bed, panting. Trying to shift into a better position, I can barely move from how intense my orgasm was. Johnny moves off to chat to some of our audience, which had grown a lot while we were occupied. Feeling slightly self-conscious, I tug on the towel that is still on the bed, covering myself. We lay there, not talking, for about 10 minutes. The couple that were playing near the sex swing were now going for it. He had her in the sex swing, gripping her hips and fucking her harder and harder as she let out small shrieks of ecstasy.

Turning to me, you ask, “Are you okay?”

Nodding, I respond. “I’m better than okay. That was intense! I can barely feel my legs, but I feel in need of a shower.”

Grabbing the discarded towel, you stand up, wrapping it around your hips. You then go around the room, collecting our belongings. Whilst you’re grabbing everything, I shuffle to the side of the bed, standing up and securing the towel tightly around me. I can see several men watching me with leery eyes, hoping to have some of what these guys just had. Walking over, you slip an arm around my waist, placing a kiss just below my ear before shooting each of the guys staring at me, a look to back off.

We head toward the stairs to go to the bathrooms, not getting far before someone stops us to chat for a few minutes and ask if they can join in for another round. We decline and go in hunt for a free bathroom. Closing and locking the door, you place our clothes on the bench while I turn on the shower. Dropping the towel, I step into the large cubicle, feeling the water beating on my sensitive skin. Stepping in, you pull me against you, wrapping your arms around me. Leaning against you, the water at my back, his hands running up over my back, I feel content and happy I came to the club.

Stepping back, you grab a new cake of soap and a wash cloth, lathering it up. I take it from you, turning you around and I wash your back, sliding it down over your butt, which I grab in both hands and squeeze. Moving downwards, I wash your legs and stand back up. Turning to face me, I wash down your chest and stomach, deliberately missing your groin, before washing the front of your legs. Dropping to my knees, I start to slide the cloth around your pubic mound and over your balls. Your cock starts to harden as I clean you. Wrapping the cloth around the length, I stroke it up and down, making sure I clean you well. Leaning back against the wall, you let the water wash away the suds. As the last of the soap leaves your cock, I start to kiss and nibble the shaft. Sliding back to the tip, I flick my tongue over the head, before sliding my open mouth up and down, loving your taste.

Grabbing my shoulders, you lift me up to stand in front of you. Re-lathering the wash cloth, you tell me to turn around and rub the cloth over my back, my shoulders, down my arms. Crouching down, you work the cloth over my arse cheeks and down my legs. Standing up, you press yourself against my back, your cock settling between my arse cheeks. Running the soapy cloth over my shoulders and breasts, you stop to pinch the nipples to hard points. You continue to work the cloth down over my stomach as my head drops back onto your shoulder.

Turning me to face you, you crouch down to wash from my feet up, but not before nudging my feet further apart. With teasing slowness, I feel you slide the cloth up my legs, along the fronts first and then on my inner thighs. Dropping the cloth, you grab the cake of soap and rubs it over my pubic mound, using your fingers to work the soap into a lather. You spread my thighs open wider, running the tips of your fingers over my pussy lips toward my arse, stroking me but denying me the pleasure of touching my now throbbing clit.

I lean my shoulders back against the shower wall, letting the water sluice over me. With your left hand, you part my pussy, revelling my pussy, pink and juicy. Sliding your index and middle fingers down the sides of my clit, you run them close to my entrance, making me tilt my hips towards you. Leaning forward you dart your tongue out and flick my clit, causing me to suck in a breath. Moving your tongue lightly against my clit, you circle my wet hole with your fingers, making me strain towards his touch.

With a quick movement, you thrust 2 fingers into me, sucking my clit into your mouth at the same time. Grabbing your head with my hands, I ground myself against your lips and tongue, moaning and begging for this sweet torture. Standing up quickly, you turns so the water is at your back, pressing my back against your chest, cock prodding at me. Placing your left hand on my hip, your right on my shoulder, you push me to bend over. Bringing your right hand to my other hip, I feel your cock nudge at my pussy. Reaching under me, I help to guide you into my aching, wet hole. Pushing forward, you spread my arse cheeks to watch yourself enter me, pushing into me until you’re fully inside. You pull out as slowly as you enter me, loving seeing yourself moving in and out, driving me insane with these slow thrusts. Reaching my left hand forward, I brace myself against the other wall of the shower, using my right hand to feel where your cock is joined with me. I reach back further, touching your balls, tugging lightly on them.

Moving my fingers back over my pussy, I start to stroke my clit.

“Gary, please, fuck me faster. You’re driving me insane”, I beg.

“I aim to please, so your wish is my command”. Keeping your left hand on my hip, you grab my right breast, pinching my nipple as you start to move faster.

“Harder, please”, I plead.

Shifting you right hand to my shoulder, you pull me back in time to with your forward thrusts, but it’s not enough. Grasping my hips in a bruising grip, you start to pound into me, our wet flesh smacking against each other, my hungry pussy sucking at your throbbing cock. I’m crying out for more, harder, faster!

Above my cries I hear you ask, “Can I cum in you?”

“Yes! Yes, oh god, yes! Please, fill me with your cum. Make me scream. Now!”

I start to tremble and shake, my pussy clenching, milking at your cock. Reaching around, you pinch my clit hard, making me shriek in pleasure. Thrusting into me a few more time, I feel your cock swelling more.

“Fuck, yes. Cum for me”, I moan.

I push back as you slam into me one last time, feeling your cock twitching as you pour your cum deep into me.
With legs like jelly, I sink to the shower floor, shudders still travelling through me. Bringing my knees up against my chest, I rest my head on my knees, waiting for my heart and breathing to calm. Switching the shower off, you step out of the cubicle and dry yourself off. Reaching out, you help me up, wrapping me in a clean towel, rubbing it over my skin to dry me.

Slowly, we get dressed and leave the bathroom. Looking at the clock on the wall, I notice it to be about 3am, almost closing time. I collect my handbag from Jenny, who asked if I've had a good evening. You grin as I blush, telling Jenny that it was certainly a great evening. Bidding her good night, I head to the door, with you following me. Once we reach my car, you lean down, kissing me softly.

“Gary, thanks so much for tonight. It’s been a night of firsts for me and what memories I’ll keep”.

“Belle, I hope this is just the beginning. It’s been a great night, but I don’t want it to stop. I’d like to catch up again. Soon, if we can”.

Unable to wipe the grin from my face, I respond, “I’d really like that. I’ll give you my info. After a night like tonight, I want to see what else we can do”.

Grabbing a pen and paper from my car, I scribble my details on it and you provide me with yours.

“Thanks again for showing me what a place like this is like. Call me soon, okay?” I ask.

Leaning down, you kiss me passionately. Drawing back, you cup my cheek, “I’ll see you soon, I promise. Drive safely”.

I watch as you start to walk away, turning to wink at me, a smile on your face, like you were the cat that got the cream. A shudder of pleasure moves through me as I slide into my car, anticipating our next meeting, which will come sooner than I realise.

Until then….

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