Is this really going to happen

I can't believe we are going to do it I tell my self as I look in the mirror assessing my choice of wardrobe I had been preparing all afternoon ,I had started with a long hot bath then my pussy got a shave ummm just a little landing strip just above my pussy every inch of my body had been seen to .
As to my bra and underwear my husband had not seen them I had bought them in a little shop just last week he would get a few surprises tonight. I smiled as I stood there looking back at my reflection wearing just my g string and see through bra I could clearly see my puffy pussy lips through the thin material,god I felt sexy and tingly all over, I really wanted to slide a finger along my clit just a small rub I was thinking but I knew if I started I would not stop.
My husband would be home soon so had better finish getting ready for tonight .On with the Little black dress that showed off my legs and shoulders not too much but my husband loved it as I could make it ride up and get shorter and let it drop more off the shoulder to make it sexier as the night wore on.
Well all done,umm not bad nice legs ,long blond hair and a sexy ass lol it was my husband as he walked into the room I hadn't heard him arrive ,preoccupied with my attire oh good he hadn't seen my new sexy underwear but I needed to keep him moving or he would defiantly get a good look at them if I stood still long enough .
"All your clothes are laid out on the bed and better hurry up and have a shower "I said "or we will be late " "ok ok " he said smiling as he went, god I wanted to go in and see him naked but I new that would a mistake , best go get a sweet white to calm the nerves .
I was in the lounge room finishing my glass of White when he walked in the room tall blue eyes and a athletic frame he had always made me go weak at the knees.
I knew he would be trouble the moment we met those blue eyes all ways drew me in a cheeky sense of humour to go with it and no fear of any thing always willing to try any thing new, probably why I was drawn to him in the first place.
"Wow you look sexy what you thinking about babe " he spoke softly to me, "oh not much but we had better get moving don't want to be late for our play date " "umm yes " he said picking up the car keys as he turned for the door smacking my ass as he went by.
"Oh you bugger" I said giggling as he opened the door my bum stinging and tingling all at the same time wow as if my pussy needed to get any wetter I thought walking throughout the door he really knew how to smack my ass not to hard but needed to feel it sting it just made me get wetter and wetter every time he spanked my bum and if i was on my hands and knees and my ass was poked up in the air as I was giving him a blow job couldn't help my self it drove me wild on his cock and as a result would give him the best blow job.
I wondered how it looked he always told me wow so sexy your ass in the air and all pink from the repeated slaps the first time he did it I complained but my pussy gave me away as to how I really felt, "god your wet" he said to me and slapped my ass again a few more times I was dripping by the time he had finished spanking my bum and I didn't care by then as all I wanted was his cock in my mouth and his thumb in my ass he called it my creamy button just playing with my ass moving in small circles as I rubbed my pussy would give me the best orgasms,sometimes multiple orgasms wow he really new how to turn me into such a slutty girl still smiling to myself as he opened the car door for me "you look like your miles away "he said.
"Oh just thinking of the first time you spanked me," "ummm yes that was fun that night wasn't it babe "?? he said lol .
Well we were headed out for some drinks with a couple we had meet before and had a play date with a few times now and each time I had felt more in control and more willing to go further she was very sexy a blond like me and very exciting to watch with her partner having sex and god he had a nice cock I had watched him come last time and as she made him blow onto her tits some of his come splashed onto my leg I rubbed it slowly over my leg I could smell his come and her pussy wow so sexy I was tingling all over as my husband licked out my pussy ummm my pussy lips were throbbing now thinking of all the things we did that night.
"Well we we're here " he said pulling Into a park now I was getting nervous he looked at me ready, ? yep I spoke softly as we walked to the club my legs were wobbly, bloody hell I thought ,I feel like a teenager all over again my shaved pussy was extra sensitive and tingling as we walked the movement of walking was rubbing on my lips sending shivers through me , wow if this keeps up I am going to cum as we walk into the place , I thought , wonder what the door man will think of that ? lol I was smiling as we walked into the club I spotted our play dates sitting at a table in the corner.
Perfect I thought we said hi and I kissed hugged them both and sat down I slipped in next to him and she was on the other side Nick sat next to me, "drink ? " he said to me "oh yes please " I said so of he went we chatted for a while it seemed to take a long time for Nick to get back and thought it probably would take longer as I could see him still in line to the bar.
Just then I felt a hand on my leg just sitting there not moving umm it was his and it was half on my dress and half on my bare leg he started to move his fingers just caressing my skin softly I looked down at his hand on my leg and noticed that she was rubbing his pants and I could start to see the out line of his cock I watched as she traced the shaft along its length I didn't notice my own hand as it moved of its own accord to join her fingers now rubbing his hard cock in his Jeans she looked at me and smiled.
I sat there rubbing his cock through his jeans and my pussy was on fire I just wanted to release his cock let it Spring free and grab it slide my hand along its Full length watch her take it in her mouth lick and suck his cock twirl her tongue around the head whist I jacked him off and made him cum in her mouth right there in the club.

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