The Couple

It’s naughty, it’s dirty, and it is slutty, but you are so turned on. Your husband sits on the ounge….watching. You are standing in the middle of the living room; stockings, suspender belt and fuck me pumps, dressed for sex. You are blindfolded you’ve seen my picture, but not what I look like in real life. Your husband and I have met; discussed your likes your dislikes and your boundaries. You feel safe secure and very slutty. As my hands roam I whisper in your ear” tonight you get to be as much of a whore as you want. Your husband makes suggestions, where to touch what you like. You are dripping wet from all the attention.
I take a vibrator and run it over your clit, between your legs, tease with a suggestion of penetration then pull away. “You want me to fuck you with the vibrator but you need to ask me beg me”. You squat down desperate to have the vibrator inside of you. “Please fuck me I want my husband to see me being fucked with the vibrator”. I slide the vibrator in. You start to fuck yourself on it, slow, long, deep. Your husband asks you “How do you want to be fucked like, used like tonight”? The vibrator slides in” I want to be a total slut, to be used liked a whore, to be fucked.”
“Put on the collar”. Your husband hands me a collar that I attach around your neck. It is soft yet firm; The leather collar just makes things seem even dirtier sexier. It is a “definite”. Putting it on is like putting on a costume, giving you the freedom to let your limits go to release the inner slut in you. I gently push you to your knees and put the base of the vibrator between your legs. “Fuck yourself and give us a show”. You take off the blindfold and look us in the eyes as you ride the vibrator. Your hands roam over your body; play with your nipples, sliding in your pussy. You suck on your fingers tasting yourself. “I am naked, now you two get your clothes off”. Our clothes fly off. Two naked men rock hard turned on by the sex show you are giving them. You feel powerful, raunchy, slutty, desired. You pull out the vibrator now glossy from your sex juices and suck on it, as you finger yourself. You are driving us crazy and you know it. “ I need a real cock or two in my mouth”.
You alternate sucking on one cock while you give the other one a sensual hand job. You lick you suck you play. You have never been so turned on giving a blowjob. You can hear use talking about you, about what a good cocksucker you are, about what we are going to do to you. All the dirty talks just adds to the feeling of slutiness, of the release. Your husband holds your head as I slowly fuck your mouth, each stroke deeper. You suck on both our cocks at the same time just like a porn star. Your husband’s cock slides deeper and deeper down your throat, your gag reflex relaxes. “He pulls out. “Here try it”. My cock slides in and out slow sensual fucking your mouth , looking into your eyes as I fuck your mouth. As I pull my cock out you hear yourself say. “I need to be fucked NOW

“Go sit down it’s Showtime hubby”. “Come with me’ you grab me by my dick and lead me back to the middle of the room, We kiss and touch. Strokes, licks; I kiss your neck lightly, bite your shoulders kiss and suck your nipples. My finger strokes your clit, glides between your lips and then back. My cock is hard and hot in your hand. You lay on the floor on your back legs spread “I want your tongue in my pussy”. “Man she is a demanding little slut”. I kiss my way up your stockinged leg. I run my hands up and down stroking the silkiness. I stop on the bare skin where the top of the stocking ends. I lick and kiss the bare skin making it tingle. I lightly blow on the skin, goose bumps..
My tongue touches your clits teasing flicks. Then long sensuous licks all the way across your pussy. My tongue swirls on the outside teasing. You look over at your husband “oh my god this is good I love you for letting this happen”. You look at his rock hard cock. He is enjoying watching you being pleasured as much as you are enjoying being pleasured. My fingers slide inside your pussy massaging your g-spot as I suck on your clit and slide my tongue up and down it. You look your husband in the eye “oh I need to be fucked please can he fuck me”. Your husband smiles” give the lady what she wants”. I roll you on your hands and knees so your husband can watch your face as I enter you slowly as you take a stranger’s cock.
“Oh god stop teasing me, fuck me now I want you deep in me”. I rub the head of my cock on your pussy lips just slightly entering and pulling out again tantalizing. “Please fuck me now I am so wet”. I slide in slow long deep and sensual. I grab a handful of hair and pull your head back so you look directly into your husband’s eyes. “Oh god his cock feels good’. My strokes harder deeper. “Come here husband kiss me then put your cock in my mouth and use your wife like a whore” You kiss sensual loving deep. Then his cock is in your mouth. Our hands roam; our cocks penetrate take and own you. As one cock slides in the other slides out; the rhythm maddening. I finger your bum and slowly slide a finger in. You are filled. “Fuck he’s fingering my bum no don’t stop I like it go deeper”. Fuck my wife like a whore, that’s what she wants”. “She’s out of control it’s like her pussy is grabbing my cock”. “Let’s see how deep we can go” Your husband pushes his cock down your throat past your gag reflex. You can feel the head of his cock deep down your throat. You use your tongue to lick his base. My cock deep in you just touching the back of your pussy electrifying. I slide my finger as deep as it will go. You are filled with cock your body quivers you whimper. We pull out and do it again a bit harder and faster again and again. You are being truly fucked. Your orgasm builds deep inside of you wave after wave. As you are penetrated over and over. Your husband cums down your throat you swallow it all, you have no choice. The orgasm keeps coming; your legs shake, you can barely hold yourself up and then you collapse and roll onto you back. “Cum on my tits, cover me in you cum”
I pull my condom offm wank a bit and shoot a huge amount of cum on your belly, tits and even some on your face. You rub it into your body. You can’t move, you are so spend, so used. Your husband covers you in a blanket and gives you a long deep kiss.” I was so hot watching you being such a slut”. “We have to do it again, maybe even get some more guys for you to service”……

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