Our First Time Swinging

We had been together for six months and were very much in love. A love like no other, and eight years later we are still going strong. Right from the start we loved sex. He surprised me by telling me about his fantasies and I surprised myself by confessing mine. We both loved the idea of sex with more than one person, other guys, girls, group sex, whatever. We would whisper stories to each other while lying on the bed touching ourselves. Our stories got very intricate and our imaginations went wild with different scenarios - We would call a masseur who would come round and service us both, we would fuck our ex's in front of each other, we would be at a holiday resort and meet another couple, we would get a hotel room and invite several men round to fuck me while he supervised. It was great fun, creating custom-made fantasies where we could do what we wanted, be as brave as we liked and fulfill all the extremes of our perversions and secret desires. I experienced more in our shared imaginations these first few months than I ever thought possible. Then one night we asked ourselves - could we do it for real? And if we dd what would it mean? If our fantasies felt this good - what would the real thing feel like? We knew it was a risk. In reality we couldn't control people and situations like we did in our fantasies. Plus what about jealousy? Our insecurities? And was it morally right? For weeks it was all we talked about. We examined the socially created, deeply embedded relationship values we traditionally lived by. We wrote a list of potential impacts both positive and negative. Then finally, we set about creating a new, personalised relationship style based on mutual understanding, mutual respect and a modern set of values. That was when we realised that, logically, swinging could work in our relationship,a positive projection of our fantasies, a way to further express ourselves and be free. Through swinging our sex life could be an adventure, an exciting hobby we enjoyed, an activity we could share together. We could both have a relationship without the restriction of traditional fidelity, one that had a free and open dialogue about sex. Two months later we were staying with my boyfriends hot girlfriend. They had fucked years before and she still had a bit of a crush on him. The three of us talked for a long time in her lounge-room one night - drinking and laughing and always, inadvertently, coming back to discussions of promiscuous sex, the idea of threesomes, foursomes and of course - swinging. Eventually we confessed that we had decided to give swinging a try but hadn't found anyone to try it with yet. She then confessed she had always wanted to do something with another woman. When she left the room my boyfriend asked if I thought we could try it with her, I felt relaxed and secure with the dynamic between the three of us so said yes. When she returned my boyfriend asked her straight out. I was quite impressed. She looked at me and we smiled at each other. My boyfriend came over to me and we started kissing, passionately while she watched. He took my top off and I undid his shirt. He looked over to her then and made room for her to join us on the big rug that was on the lounge floor. When she came and knelt next to us he kissed her. Only for a minute before pulling away and looking back at me to check i was ok. Again i smiled and turned to Natalie who unexpectedly moved toward me and gave me a long sensual kiss. When we came up for air i felt flushed and embarrassed but much more relaxed, i wanted more so i lent forward this time and instigated a passionate kiss with her. My boyfriend watched us for a while and then i felt his hand on my thigh slowly working its way up my skirt. I opened my eyes and glanced down and saw his other hand working its way up her soft naked thigh too. Within minutes we were all in a passionate fairy tale, doing justice to every fantasy we had ever had, but more because this was real, a real connection, a real experience shared intimately and forever between the three individuals in the room. The moment I knew swinging was for me was when I was sitting on the soft lounge-room rug, wet and disheveled from where my boyfriend had just fucked me. He was on top of Natalie now and about to enter her. I remember thinking this was it, how I felt the moment he pushed in would dictate the rest of my life. And as he did and began moving in and out of her I could see a wondrous expression in his face - pure freedom. I felt a big smile spread across my face and knew right then watching your man have sex with someone else could be a beautiful giving experience and did not have to tarnished with the conventional way of looking at love and life. Eight years on we are still swinging, not as much as we did in the first few years, probably a few times a year at most. But most importantly, for both of us, swinging has remained a positive influence in our lives. we have met many great people, done things that make me blush and all the time been in the safe and happy confines of our mutually respectful, unconventionally monogamous relationship.

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