The Bungalow

Work is giving you the shits so you decide to sneak home and watch some porn, you know your wife is in a meeting all day so you'll have time to yourself. As you walk across your backyard to the bungalow you can feel your cock swelling with anticipation, you resist the temptation to jack off in the sunshine and start to imagine what you will soon be watching. As you approach the door you can see it is partly open, you slow down a little and then you can hear voices. You sneak up to the side window and peek in and get the shock of your life, your wife is naked and on her knees in front of a strange man who is also naked. The shock of seeing this renders you speechless and you are about to burst in when you catch sight of the stranger's cock, it's enormous, at least 9 inches. You are rooted to the spot. Your wife is staring at this guy's cock with a look of pure lust and she slowly grasps it with both hands. The stranger's body stiffens and then he moans softly as your wife slowly runs her tongue along the underside of his cock. You can't believe what you are seeing and lick your lips and open your mouth wide as your wife takes the monster cock in her mouth. As he thrusts his hips forward your wife swallows as much as she can, but she can't take it all. You imagine that glistening cock head entering your throat and realise that you are stroking your own cock in time with the strangers thrusts. This is one of the most intense moments of your life, you and the stranger both pumping in unison as your wife sucks and slurps on his cock and plunges the fingers of her spare hand into her sopping pussy. The pace is frenetic, the stranger's face is contorted with ecstasy and his whole body trembles as he cries "I'm coming". Your wife takes his cock from her mouth and wanks it furiously and suddenly he spurts great globs of come all over her face and chest; at almost the same moment your own cock pulsates and you shoot the biggest load of your life. With a start you realise you have crept forward and can probably be seen from inside, your come has sprayed all over the garden and is running down the window. You hurriedly back away and hear the stranger say "Fuck that was fantastic, the best head job I've ever had." What you don't see is the wicked grin on your wife's face as she licks cum off her fingers and the gleam in her eye as she stares through the window at the place you have been.

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