A hot day by the dam

This is a story that I wrote for a person we met from the site. She was enjoying my sexy emails and wanted more.

When I pick you up with you are in skimpy top and barely there skirt, I start driving to a nearby friends property that has a secluded dam with it's own picnic table. While driving there I begin rubbing my hand up and down your exposed thigh, tickling the inside of it as I do so, but stopping just short of touching next to your moistening pussy.

I run my fingers up your arm and over your shoulder, down the side of your neck and down into your exposed cleavage. I then continue on over the flimsy material covering your tingling breasts. I lightly squeeze each breast and tenderly pinch each hardening nipple through the material.

When we arrive there we park and get out, moving across the paddock to the dam and table area. On the way I am running my hand up and down your back and over the curve of your beautiful arse.

When we arrive at the table I start to cuddle and kiss you and at the same time start to lift your flimsy top, exposing your ample breasts to the air. I bend and take each into my mouth in turn licking and sucking at each nipple. They begin to harden even more, making you moan in pleasure.....

I run my hands down to your thigh, running my hands back up I lift the back of your skirt to expose the G-string you have on. Using both hands I start to squeeze your arse as we continue to kiss. I alternate between kissing your lips, nibbling your ear and neck and sucking your very hard nipples.

I move my hands down to cup the bottom of your arse cheeks and lift you onto the table. I lift the front of your skirt up revealing the front of the white flimsy G-string, so wet now it is see through. I can see the outline of your pussy lips, just aching to be touched, licked and sucked.

I bend, you moan in anticipation of the imminent touching of your wet tingling pussy, only to be teased by me running my tongue down your left inner thigh and back up to just short of the material. Then jumping over it I run my tongue down your other thigh. I do this a few more times, you moan more and more and ask for me to stop teasing. I stand and kiss you again, this time I start to let my fingers lightly touch your wet pussy through the very wet material, you let out a massive moan and cum for the first time.

I start to bend again, licking and sucking each breast and nipple as I do. Trailing my tongue over your stomach circling your navel, darting my tongue into it, you giggle as it tickles.

I move down over your skirt and trail my tongue down to the top of the material of your G-string. I stop, looking up at you, you beg me “please, please lick it, please lick my wet pussy”. I move my tongue sideways, feeling the anguish in the way your stomach reacts. I know you want my tongue there, but only when I am ready to give it to you will I allow it to touch it.

I move my tongue to just about the material; I can smell you and taste you in the air. I can feel the heat radiating off your pussy, one touch of my tongue would give you your second orgasm. Then without any warning to you I plunge my tongue against the G-string licking your pussy lips through the material. Your moan and squeal in absolute pleasure, you do everything not to just scream out as your orgasm floods over you and you collapse backwards onto the table.

I give you a moment to recover, and then I pull your G-string aside and lick each of your lips up and down, but not touching your clit. I lift your legs and lick right down to between your pussy and your anus, flicking little circles in that area. Then I lick straight up your pussy and straight onto your clit which gets a sudden and firm tongue lashing, this again send you over the top and you orgasm again, this time I feel your legs shaking and quivering from it. You also let out a small scream which you stifle by covering your own mouth.

I give your entire pussy another lick and then stand, lifting you to a sitting position we kiss and you taste your own juices from my tongue and mouth. We hug and cuddle like that for a few moments until you recover enough to be able to stand.

You lean in and start kissing me and reach down and remove my T-shirt. You start to kiss your way down my neck and over my chest to my nipples, where you give them the same licking and sucking treatment that I had given you before. My erection is poking through my shorts and is poking your breasts as they hang at its level while you do this. You run your tongue down over my stomach, tickling my navel with your tongue as I had done to you.

Moving down you pull the top of my shorts out to view what is in there, you look up hungrily and ask “is that for me?” I reply “yes it is”, “yummmmy” is all you say.

You pull the top of my sorts down, but don’t release my hard cock. You start licking the area just above my cock, tickling the area, teasing and making my cock harder (if that is possible). You crouch a little and pull the leg of my footy shorts up to expose my balls. You move in and give these a good licking and a gentle suck. This has me wanting to cum already and you sense this and stop. You then remove my shorts completely and start to lick my hard shaft up and down each side, along the top and bottom. Then you lick around the head, circling all around it.

I try to push it into your mouth a little but you pull back. You give me a look that says ‘naughty, naughty’ and go back to circling the head and licking the shaft.

Then without warning you engulf my whole shaft, I almost cum instantly but manage to control myself enough to stop that happening. You have held my cock in your mouth for a few seconds and then start to work up and down it, swirling your tongue around it, taking it out and licking up and down the shaft. After about 10 minutes of this it becomes too hard to hold back and I say that I am cuming. You take my cock out of your mouth and just start to give it a few tugs and I explode all over your tits, spurt after spurt giving your tits a nice cum bath. You are moaning at the thought of what you have made me do and how good my cum feels on your tits.

We take a few moments to compose ourselves and clean some of my cum off your tits and just simply rub the rest all over them. I stand again and hug and kiss you. I reach down and remove your dripping G-string.

I run my hand back up your leg and straight to your wet pussy, sliding a finger straight into you. I start to finger you, slowly at first then a little faster; I can feel you getting wetter so I add another finger and continue. You are starting to moan and whimper from what I am doing. You get wetter still and I add a third finger and increase the pace. This gets you moaning louder now, almost at a scream. Then I flick your clit with my thumb and you start cuming and screaming so loud I try to stop so as not to draw any possible attention, but at that point you don’t seem to care and clamp your pussy onto my fingers and just put your head into my should and scream into that, muffling your screams somewhat. I continue fucking you like this until you are about to collapse and I withdraw my hand to allow you to compose yourself a little.

I get you to sit back up on the edge of the table. I kneel between your legs and start to tease you with my tongue again. Circling around your pussy, darting it into your pussy but only briefly, flicking you clit but only enough to keep you just above relaxed. I then start to circle closer to your clit, taking it between my lips and continuously flicking it with my tongue. This sets your next orgasm off. I continue to flick at your clit and lick your entire pussy. Then I insert first one then two fingers into your pussy and begin to fuck you with them while continuing to lick and suck your clit.

I withdraw one finger and place it at your arse, looking up at you for any sign of resistance; I see none and slowly insert that finger in your arse, causing you to inhale a deep breath. I continue licking and fingering both your holes giving as much pleasure as possible, you are in heaven, juices flowing out over my face and hand. I continue until you have had another orgasm, by which time I am hard again.

I stand up and kiss you again; I position my hard cock at the entrance to your pussy, just touching it to your lips, making you want it. I insert the head just a little, leaving it there for a moment. You try to push yourself onto it but I move with you. Then I plunge into you with one stroke, you gasp with the pleasure of having me inside you. I leave it in you without moving so as you can feel it, I pulse it just a little to tease your insides. Then I slowly start moving in and out, building to a good rhythm that we both are comfortable with.

I am watching your tits bounce as I fuck you and start to play with them. Then I ask you to stand and turn around, getting you to bend over the table. I place my cock back into your pussy from behind and start fucking you again. I place a finger at your arse and slowly insert it while continuing to pump away with my cock. This sets off a whole new level of moaning from you. You ask if I can fuck your arse, so I withdraw from you and place my glistening cock at your arse. I ask if you are ready and you say yes. I start to push in and you whimper and moan. I get the head in and stop, allowing you to adjust to the different size of my cock compared to my finger. After a few moments I start to slide in, bit by bit until I am fully in your arse. You have started to moan louder and louder. I start to slowly pump your arse as you reach down and start to play with your clit. After a few minutes you orgasm again, putting more pressure through your arse and onto my cock. I start to pump a little faster and harder. You are moaning so much now it is a low scream, I say that I am about to cum and you say your cuming again also. I pump to more times and pull out and blast all over you arse, squirting 3-4 streams of cum all over you and then I collapse onto the seat beside the table, totally spent.

After a few minutes of recovering, we clean up and kiss and hug a last time and then I drive you home. When I drop you off I say bye until next time.

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