surprise visit

Ok, here we go, one morning I was home alone as I live on a relatively private rural property I thought nothing of showering with my house unlocked and wide open, no need to pull the curtains as The house is well back from the road and visitors are very uncommon and generally make a point of calling beforehand to ensure their trip up the range isn't a wasted one.

I showered as I or anyone else would shower, nothing but the standard shower I had every morning before deciding what I would do with my day off work, I have days off in the middle rather than at the weekend, its just the nature of my job as a long distance truck driver, but, it suited me as I could do my business through the day, then return home for a couple of relaxing bourbons in the late afternoon as I listened to music.

I cursed as I left the shower as I realised I hadn't bought a towel in from the linen cupboard to dry myself off with, so without a second thought I walked naked and wet through the open plan lounge area and through to the cupboard beside the laundry, quickly drying myself before returning to the bathroom, no sooner had I walked through the door I heard a faint knocking, then nothing, I assumed I must be hearing things so continued drying off before walking, still naked, out to the laundry, its was then that I noticed the turned head of a woman at the sliding door which opened directly into my lounge, her voice offering an embarrassed apology, to which I replied "I apologise,I never noticed you knocking,please excuse me while I cover myself and I will be right back,sorry again,I don't often get unexpected visitors"

As I went to the door half expecting her to have bid a hasty retreat my face was likely visibly red, but secretly i found it exciting to have been caught out,unexpectedly as it was, but, no, she had merely retreated to a position under the covered area facing the garden, I apologised again and offered her a coffee as I enquired why she had called on me, this seemed to make her less self conscious and embarrassed, she turned and smiled shyly, with a certain innocence and said " that would be nice thank you,ummm, two with milk if thats ok? I smiled and said "no problem at all, I'll be back in two minutes, come in or take a seat at the BBQ table if you like seeing as it's such a nice morning" she sat, looking more at ease, I returned and placed her coffee on the table in front of her and took a seat opposite

I asked "I guess introductions should come about now, I'm Darren" offering my hand "I'm Helen,nice to meet you" I replied "likewise". As the conversation progressed it turns out she lived across the road and she had come down to see if I was interested in joining the local neighbourhood watch group, the conversation flowed freely, she told of how her husband worked away up north in the mining industry and how she had seen me come and go but never had an opportunity to say hello, we hit it off instantly, I offered her another drink and she nodded her head smiling

When I returned she had opened the morning paper I had left on the table and said "look at this,its ridiculous" patting the seat beside her, motioning me to sit down, it was some boring political story, but I showed interest as not to be rude, I could smell her delicate perfume, the shampoo from her hair, as she leaned forward I couldn't help but take a sneeky peek down her lose fitting cotton shirt, to my surprize she wore no bra, her breasts were nicely sized and perky, with nice nipples which were hardened which I thought unusual as the morning was warm and sunny, she turned and I was sure she must have seen my gaze fixed firmly down her top, I had only a pair of buttoned up boxer type shorts and a t shirt on, she then leaned forward again this time giving me a full view of her perfectly formed pert tits, my cock stirred instinctively, she then said "you know I can see your reflection in the window over there" she turned to me, our eyes met, a cheeky grin across her face, she then said "I should also tell you I was walking down the path as you came out wet the first time to get a towel, I saw you and didn't know whether I should call out or walk away" I replied with a puzzled look "you did?"...."sure did,I waited until you went in the bathroom then knocked softly still unsure of whether I should just walk away"

I cheekily replied "so did you enjoy the view my secret admirer" she looked in my eyes, her eyes filling with a naughty, playful look, she slowly nodded, "sure did,very much" then I felt her hand between my legs, rubbing my cock through the thin silky material, I grabbed the back of her head and kissed her passionately, out tongues exploring each others mouths, she then said "my husband never seems to have the energy to take care of me anymore,I've never played round before but when I saw your cock,saw you naked, I couldn't help but want it, we married young, I've never seen another mans cock in real life, I felt like such a slut even just looking, but, I couldn't help myself" her hand slowly stroked my now rapidly growing cock, I replied "lucky me then, normally I would have had a towel wrapped around me, everything hidden from sight"

Sure it was nice, it was surreal my neighbour who I'd known only an hour or so sitting here stroking my cock in the morning sun,but I knew I had to step things up before she lost her nerve and made a hasty retreat home, I reached out and without hesitation torn her shirt open, the button popping exposing the nicest set of small but perfect titties, she gasped, "that's better,no point in keeping them hidden now is there" her gaze dropped as she said a timid "I hope there's big enough" I didnt respond,instead I reached down putting a thumb each side of my shorts and pulled them down then stepped out of them, her eyes transfixed on my naked manhood now almost fully erect, her hand reaching forward wrapping round mu shaft, "it feels so good, but so wrong to have another mans cock in my hand, you really must think I'm such a slut"....."not at all,a woman has needs and her man should take care of them or shes going to get looked after some how hey"...."yes,I don't know whats come over me,...but yes yes you are right"

"god you are so much harder than Mike" my fingers teasing her nipples as she slowly peeled my skin back n fourth, my head glistening with a few drops of pre cum, "go on Helen, I know you want to taste my cock" she said "oh,Im not sure I should,thats something more,a step further,oh maybe I shouldn't" ....I grabbed her hair and gently guided my cock to her mouth, silently and without any resistance her lips slipped over my head, she may have said she didn't want cock but I knew now she had crossed the line and she wasn't in control anymore, she gagged a little as my cock disappeared down her throat, as she drew back she said "Ive never taken a whole cock like that" I said "the way you took that I would think youre an expert at cock sucking,and in time you will be" pushing her head back down on my cock,she seemed proud she could deep throat, "teach me,teach me how to suck cock like a whore,make me swallow your come,I never have before but I will swallow yours" greedily she sucked and swurled her tongue round doing exactly as she was told, I looked at the reflection in the lounge window,she looked like some porn star her head bobbing wildly, I smiled

her short summer skirt and soaking panties offered no protection as they too were ripped down exposing a neatly semi shaven pussy, bending her over the stool I edged the head of my cock into position then slammed it home,if she felt like a slut I'd treat her like one, I said " look in the refection now Helen" as she did I snapped a pic from my phone camera, she was shocked and pleaded with me as I fucked her hard her tits rocking back and fourth with each thrust "please delete that,it makes me nervous"......"it should do,I'm sure your hubby would be surprised to find a copy of that in the letter box one morning" I grabbed her hips and really started pumping her, she clearly needed a good hard fucking,her moans filled the air, I called her my dirty little slut as I buried myself balls deep in her tight neglected pussy,my balls slapping against her, then I could hold back no more so pulled out and ordered her to her knees, she obeyed immediately opening her mouth as I pulled my cock hard until my load expoded all over her lips and face dribbling down over her tits, I took another happy snap of her face covered in come,then told her to lick and suck my cock clean,she scooped my come up and as she said she would...swallowed every drop

that was 3 years ago and although she moved a few months later I still catch up and fuck her arse off,she now loves anal, but funnily enough she remains loyal to me,never fucks anyone else,hmmmm well thats the sort of surpise I like

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