I'm very good with my hands, as you would know if I brushed your hair aside, exposing your soft flesh. You feel my breath, then my lips upon your neck , lightly, at first, you tilt your head, inviting me to continue, shaking my already stirred passion. My hands move slowly across your shoulders, peeling away your light blouse, cupping your bosom. Lips and tongue follow them, alternating with soft kisses on each breast, gently biting your nipples, letting them scrape from my grip...Hands sliding down your side, to your legs. They put the slightest pressure between your knees, your legs open. You feel small bites along your neck, as fingers make their way along your thighs. Your legs open wider. Fingers brush your pussy through your silk pants. You whimper as my fingers take hold of your wet snatch, my other hand takes your hair, firm, confident, leans you back on the bed. Our lips meet as my hand slides under your pants, gently parting you. Two fingers slide inside effortlessly, you are so wet... You grind against me, your mouth to mine, your pussy to my hand. My thumb finds your engorged clitorus, I move it from side to side, paying attention to your breathing, your moans. I continue this for a few minutes, building pace, pressure. You feel the pressure build inside you, I keep you on that edge, twirling your clit under my thumb, then sideways making you cum. I kiss my way down your body. I lick around your wetness, your puffy lips so smooth... I run my tongue between your lips sucking you into my mouth, my teeth nibbling so gently. My fingers open you, my tongue plunges deep in and out, making slow circles around your clit before plunging again. I repeat this a few times, lapping your overflowing cunt juice in between..... I slide three fingers deep inside you, moving them quickly up and down, my mouth closes around your clit, licking, biting sucking, my fingers don't stop, their intensity grows with the pressure behind your mons. You start to squirt... The frantic pace continues, as does your orgasm. Your body played as expertly as a pianist, playing his crescendo. I stand back when finished and remove my clothes, revealing a fit, hairless body. My cock at attention. I remove your soaked pants, slapping your ass as turn you to your knees . I enter you slowly. My hands grab your hips, pulling you to me as I explore your depths, feeling you along my entire length. You contract your muscles, milking me as I pull you closer still. I withdraw a few inches and slap your ass again before pumping back into you, deep into you. You moan, pushing back onto me, encouraging me to do it again and again. This continues until I remove myself from you, throwing you onto your back. I place your feet against my chest, taking my weight as I enter you again, my hands on your hips, bouncing you onto me. Your nails dig into my back as another orgasm rips through you, setting off my own. I collapse into you, sated.....

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