cops and firies

The training was an intense two weeks, and we were paired with one other in the car for the advanced driving training. Me a cop, him a firie. He had the most amazing eyes, I don't normally like white guys with shaved heads, but in that blue uniform and those eyes with a hint of wickedness gleaming in them, he had a raw sexuality that made my girlie bits wet from just looking into those blue eyes.

The innuendos that rolled from him about how smooth I could handle the vehicle and wouldn't I sometimes like to try it rough, just seemed to be an onslaught to my senses. Surely this married firie couldn't be flirting with me, my own husband didn't even look at me these days. Something about me being in the job changing me, was the usual dribble that would get bandied about when conversations weren't going my husbands way.
As does happen the course finished and there was the obligatory end of course dinner and drinks. Dinner finished and some of us stayed on for some dancing, so naturally I stayed away from this wanton man who I was consumed with desire for. But he would have none of it, and cut in when I was dancing with his colleague. We moved like we were meant to be together, the music played and our bodies swayed with the rhythm, he twirled me away and then would pull me back to him. As the song was about to finish he leant down and whispered in my ear "I want you, I want you now. You have driven me insane with lust this past couple of weeks and I need you to do something about it".

I turned to face him and could see he was desperate, needing, wanting.... wanting me. I hadn't felt wanted in so long, and here was this man, a fire officer no less, one of my all time favourite fantasies come to life wanting me here and now. I pulled him down to me so I could whisper in his ear, "Yes". I made an excuse to leave everyone and he offered to make sure I got a taxi okay, and that he would be right back.

He had a room up town, we barely got in the door when he had lifted me off the floor and pinned me against the wall. We were kissing feverishly as though we were struggling for breathe, I felt the full weight of his passion in those kisses. He lifted my skirt and had expertly inserted 3 fingers in my now very wet pussy, and was working me into a frenzy, rubbing my clit with his thumb. His mouth moved from my lips, trailing wet luscious kisses from my jaw, to my throat, then teasing my nipples before savagely biting down on them. I screamed but he held his hand over my mouth, sshhhh.

The pain was intense but quickly subsided as before I knew it, the sensation was replaced by another intense pain and pleasure. While he had trailed kisses to my breasts, he had freed his enormous cock from his jeans. I felt the pressure of the head of his cock pushing at my pussy, and it made me catch my breath, but as he pushed in further I could feel myself being stretched, I winced. He then pushed all the way in, and I gasped. He held still for a moment savouring the tightness of my pussy, he whispered "Breath, breath in and relax, touch your clit and rub it gently", I did as I was told and rubbed, and felt the pressure starting to build in my groin.
He started to fuck me slowly, easing his cock in and out allowing me to get used to his size. He grew tired of this quite quickly and said "This tight little pussy of yours needs a good work out, and I need to fuck you hard. Get on your knees so I can take you from behind".
Again I did as I was told, this was so unusual for me, I'm the one who usually does the telling, but there was no arguing with this man. As I got to my knees expecting the onslaught of his enormous cock, I was surprised by hands pulling my pussy lips apart and him burying his head lapping my juices, making me even wetter than I was. But just as I was getting into this a hard slap rained down on my ass cheeks, and then he thrust his cock in my pussy in one go. Then he fucked me hard, grabbed my hips and locked on like a man possessed. I could feel my climax building, I could tell he was close, our breathing getting heavy, grunting, groaning, raw and ragged, then he came and as his cock pulsed pushing his load deep inside me, I fell apart as I came. My legs wanted to give way beneath me but he held my body firm against his, emptying every last drop of cum inside me. Only when he had finished was I allowed to collapse.

He moved to my side and tenderly kissed my lips, and I said "I hope that's the first of many times", to which he replied "The night is still young, you're not going anywhere tonight...."

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