Meg's Adventures in a Swingers Club

The club smelled like sex, an intoxicating scent to Meg as she breathed in deeply, overwhelmed by a sense of wonder at the exhibitions of human sexuality. She wondered the middle level of the swingers club, the dim lights reflected dully on the wood floor and cast shadows from the wrought iron railings.

She sipped the bubbly champagne she held in her manicured hand and leaned against the railing, the sensation of the cold iron against her naked skin exquisite. People watched her; just as she watched them, and she rested her elbows on the railing allowing her well endowed chest to push out, knowing the line of her curves down over her slender waistline to her stilettoes would look stunning in the warm light.

Her make up was perfect tonight, with her ruby red lips and kohl-lined eyes. She had taken the time to loosely curl her long auburn hair so it furled down over he shoulders, feeling luxurious against her skin. She felt like a model in a glamour photo shoot.

She ran her hand down over her breasts slowly, the feel of her black lace corset sending tingles through her hands, and let her fingers slide down over her matching panties.

Her husband stood across from her, pounding a petite Asian woman. Meg was sure she was far too skilled not to be a hooker. He is prize was bound into a leather sex swing completely at his mercy while he held her breasts in his hands and screwed his fantasy.

He didn’t take his eyes off Meg and she admired his athletic figure a vantage point she could never have achieve when they were making love by themselves.

As the landing became more crowded and her husband became more distracted by his Asian, Meg decided to take a look around. She wondered down the hall slowly, lingering to watch nameless people through the opaque curtains of the adjoining rooms as they indulged their senses and their bodies.

There were equal amounts of men and women and the sounds of pleasure emanated from beyond the curtains. Meg wasn’t allowed to play with men: that was their agreement. She only wanted girls and her husband’s jealousy wouldn’t allow for her to be with a man anyway.

And so Meg watched but didn’t join in. But as she walked the halls of the swingers club she felt the moistness growing between her thighs. The growing need for release forced Meg to find a room of her own.

She lie on the soft leather lounge and let her hand find it's way to her clit. Her fingers met the soaked material of her black lace boy leg panties and she groaned as her finger trailed the line of her swollen pussy.

She knew there were men outside her room watching her, and she met their eyes as their hands rubbed furiously below their waistlines. The curtains billowed with the movement and Meg reallised she had attracted such an audience that she couldn’t see past the crowd of people beyond her curtain.

Enjoying the attention, Meg pulled her panties aside, revealing her shaved pussy to the voyeurs, letting her fingers push her pussy open, revealing her dripping slit. She let two fingers push in as she unconsciously thrust her hips forward, her other hand tugging at the material of her corset, pulling it aside so her breast bulged seductively over the top, revealing her hard nipple, which she squeezed, as small gasp escaped her lips at the pleasure.

One of the men stepped forward; pushing the curtain aside as he strode into the room and before Meg could protest his face was between her legs, his tongue expertly maneuvering around her sensitive clit.

"Oh fuck," she gasped, finding her hips thrusting into his face of their own accord. “I really shouldn’t let you do that!” she said, making no move to stop him. His efforts only increased, his mouth consuming her clit as his tongue slid into her slit, pushing in and out with such fervor she found herself gripping his hair as she shuddered against his mouth.

"I need a cock in me so bad!" she whispered, mostly to herself. The mystery man heard her whisper and obliged, pushing the tip of his thick cock against her dripping pussy. Meg held her hand up against his Greek-God chest, staring him in the eye.

"Don't you want it?" he asked genuinely, his accent thick and seductive as he used his hand to trail the dripping head of his thick cock against her pussy, running it over her clit before dipping it into her slit slightly, causing Meg’s pussy to throb as his helmet stretched her sensitive opening.

Meg watched the head of his cock pulsing in her tight slit and quivered as her body built tension from the minute movement.

"I do," she said, "But I can't, I promised my husband I would only fuck girls."

"You look like a naughty girl to me," he said, smiling wickedly from behind hooded eyes. "I think you need this cock in you, don't you?" He pushed the head of his cock into her slit, further this time; his helmet disappearing completely and Meg arched her body coming to orgasm as his beautiful, rock hard helmet slid into her with gentle precision.

His hands were on her breasts, pulling the corset down over her shoulders, revealing her firm, perky breasts as he bent the corset down below her breast line. His mouth found her nipples and he licked them one at a time with vigor, his helmet sitting just inside her pussy: maddeningly immobile.

Meg felt her the juice trickled out of her pussy as she shuddered from the attention of his expert mouth on her breasts.

“Your beautiful cunt is so wet!” he gasped and she could tell he was only just restraining himself from thrusting deeper into her. “Would you like to feel the entire length of me inside you?” he asked, one hand slipping down to where her panties were still pulled aside, using the delicately textured lace and his finger to flick her clit.

“Yes,” she heard herself say. “But I can’t! This is so naughty!”

“That’s why you’re going to cum when you slide down my shaft!” he retorted, his hands grabbing her breasts firmly and Meg felt his barely restrained want and need. “I need to feel your delicious cunt engulfing me!” he whispered and Meg lost control.

She slid down slowly, her eyes not leaving the dark brown, almost black eyes of her Greek God, as inch after inch of him slowly disappeared inside her, the extreme width of his cock stretching her tight pussy.

Her eyes widened involuntarily at the pleasure shooting within her and she grasped firmly at the back of his head, her fingers convulsing against the back of his strong neck in time with the rhythm of her pussy contracting around his cock.

It was so naughty and she couldn't resist the temptation of the forbidden.

"Oh fuck, yes!" she groaned as her slit reached the base of his shaft and he took control, pulling out just to thrust into her again, still slowly but slightly quicker than the first thrust, knowing the intensity would build.

“Do you want me to bring your beautiful cunt to orgasm?” he asked, his hands caressing her legs, pulling them up around his muscular shoulders, biting and sucking at the sensitive skin of her inner thigh.

“Yes,” she whispered almost inaudibly.

“You must beg,” he replied, maneuvering his hands around the outside of her legs as her ankles rested on his shoulders, her black stilettoes looking stunning against his golden tanned skin, and placed his hands demandingly on her breasts as he slowly slid in and out of her.

“Please,” she whispered with need, expelling caution, doubt and promises from her consciousness under the fog of her base need.

“Please, what?” he encouraged, his thrusts becoming deliberately, maddeningly slow and shallow.

“Please bring my cunt to orgasm,” she surrendered and his pace quickened immediately. She felt every inch of his thickness stretching her, filling her, rubbing against her G-Spot.

“Fuck me, I beg you!” she grunted hoarsely, grabbing his muscular ass cheeks and encouraging his naked cock deeper inside her. He obliged, his rhythm becoming stacco as he pounded his into her silky, dripping pussy. She screamed with the pleasure.

He picked her up, without letting himself slip out of her body, and placed her on top of him, the leather lounge groaning under their shared weight.

"Ride me, my sexy cowgirl," he ordered. She did as she was told, his firm hands guiding her hips as she ground her clit against him as the unyielding desire rushed through her from the built up tension; from this beautiful man beneath her wanting her most intimate pleasure; from the groans of indulgence in the adjoining rooms; from the scent of sex and sweat; but mostly from the delicious naughtiness of surrendering to the forbidden.

She came, screaming uncontrollably, gushing all over his hard cock as her body quivered and convulsed with the enormity of her release.

She felt someone at her back and her husbands voice whispered in her ear.

"Meg, I’ve been watching you. You are a naughty, naughty girl.” Oh god! She'd been caught! But he didn’t sound angry, and she really hadn’t considered the consequences of her actions, she had been so clouded by need.

“I see no other option than to punish you!" her husband continued and she realised he had been aroused watching her with another man.

"I didn't mean to baby, I was just so horny watching you fuck that hot Asian chick! And things just kinda got out of control!" she whispered as he fondled and kissed her neck.

"I still need to punish you," he said, moving to stand in front of her as she still sat astride her Greek God, his abnormally thick cock still gently thrusting into her wet pussy despite the interruption.

"You can keep fucking him, I know you: you are going to need to cum again. But I'm going to fuck your mouth, and the more you orgasm, the further and harder I'm going to fuck it, do you understand baby? Now start by licking that hot Asian’s cum off the head of my cock."

Meg obliged, taking the head of his large cock into her mouth. She had never actually managed to deep throat him but found that having his dick in her mouth as her Greek God increased his thrusting, turned her on.

The fire of an orgasm started to unfurl in her stomach and she rocked harder on the solid cock so deep inside her, rubbing her clit with her fingers and as she began to orgasm. As promised, her husband pushed harder down her throat, his hands gripping the back of her head and his leg up on a ledge to give him leverage.

He fucked her mouth forcefully and his groans of pleasure turned her on. She sucked and licked furiously on the soft skin of his swollen cock.

"Twist her nipples," her husband told her Greek God, "Twist them hard, make her cum on your dick." Meg blew as the Greek God twisted and pulled viscously at her nipples as she rode his rock hard dick.

Her husband pushed harder down her throat, but she pushed him away, needing to scream with the intensity of her orgasm on the thick cock now pounding her cunt.

"Oh you are a bad girl, Meg. Pushing my cock out like that. You are going to require more punishment," her husband said, a nefarious smile playing on his lips. "There is a man standing behind you, turn around and look."

Meg did so to find a beast of a man standing behind her rubbing his gigantic cock. It must have been at least nine inches, if not ten.
"Because you've been such a naughty girl Meg," her husband scolded. "I'm going to let that beast behind you rape your ass."

Meg didn't get a chance to argue as her husband forced his cock back into her mouth.
"Suck my dick, that's it, take it into the back of your throat while he lubes up his cock. Now tell me Meg, is that hottie you're riding got his naked dick in your juicy pussy?"

Meg nodded as he thrust into her mouth again, feeling rough hands on her ass cheeks through the lace of her panties.

"Oh you naughty girl! Since you decided to ride his naked cock, I'm going to let the beast fuck you bareback. Feel that Meg? Feel his dick rubbing against your ass Meg? He's hung like a horse and I'm going to let him rape your tight little ass bareback."

Meg could indeed feel his cock rubbing eagerly against her ass through the lace and her heart pounded loudly in her ears as realised how badly she wanted him inside her.

Then the beast ripped her panties off and her desire turned to orgasm, her pussy clenching hard onto the Greek God her husband thrust deeper into her mouth. She screamed against the cock invading her mouth as the beast grunted loudly as he forced his entire length up her ass in one violent, delectable, world shattering thrust.

The beast grabbed her hips, pulling his knees onto the leather lounge and proceeded humped her violated ass like a primitive animal. She came harder than she ever had in her life, again and again in a seemingly never-ending chain of orgasms.

As her throat relaxed in her intense orgasm her husband’s cock pushed all the way in her mouth. His balls slapped her chin as he fucked her hard, his hands wrapped around the back of her head and she tasted his desire starting to spill down her throat.

"Strangle her," her husband told the beast and the man obliged. Meg felt the man's firm hand around her neck and her husbands bulging cock exploded deep down her throat. He withdrew from her mouth as she gasped for air, watching his legs quiver post orgasm.

"Now, my beautiful Meg," her husband said, caressing her face. "Now you can speak, what would you like to say?"

With the beast's hand still around her throat, Meg croaked out what she had wanted to say the entire time her husband was fucking her mouth.

"Oh yeah, fuck my ass harder! That's it! Fuck me! Harder! Harder!" she screamed and her Greek God and her beast pounded her holes as she screamed in orgasm, her husband leaning down, flicking her clit, causing her to squirt in ecstasy, the thick liquid coating the Greek God’s chest.

She was held firmly by throat and breast by the beast as he rode her bareback, his cock buried ten inches up her ass as he screamed in release. Meg shuddered with delight and satisfaction as the furious pounding subsided. Her Greek God however, hadn't found satisfaction yet.

"I want you in my mouth," she gasped to her Greek God as the beast pulled his cock from her ass, cum dripping down her thigh. "I want you to straddle my face and fuck me."

The Greek God's eyes lit up and he leant over her head as she lay on the plush leather lounge. She felt the tip of his cock first, the foreskin pulling back over the helmet as he dipped in and out of her open, eager mouth. She tasted her cum and lapped at it.

"Oh god, I want to fuck your mouth," her Greek God said, reminding her how sexy his accent was. "I want to push down past your tonsils and rest my weight on you face. I just want to pound that tight throat!"

He grabbed forcefully at her hair, pulling her head up on an angle to take more of his length and Meg groaned in pleasure as she felt the familiar cock push into her pussy.

"Watching him face fuck you is going to make me cum again, baby," her husband said, grabbing her breasts and squeezing. She hadn't thought she could come again, but as he grew hard in her, and his hands caressed her breasts and clit she felt her pussy convulsing again.

The Greek God pulsed in her mouth as she groaned with pleasure, and then he pushed harder, forcing the last inch of this thick cock into her. She choked on his cock as he forced it down her throat, humping her face fervently.

"Oh, take it you beautiful little whore!" her Greek God called.

Between her legs her husband pulled out of her pussy and forced himself into her tight, aching ass, still dripping with the beasts cum. She wanted to scream with pain and pleasure as the Greek God pulled out and wanked his cock on her lips until he squirted thick cum onto her face. She licked at his cum covered cock, sucking his sensitive helmet, watching his eyes roll into the back of his head.

And then her husband pulled out, leaned over her face and exploded, his cum mixing with the Greek God’s cum on her soft skin.

After they finished, the crowd dispersed to find someone else to watch and Meg and her husband lay alone, wrapped in each other’s arms.

"So," he said. "Are you going to be naughty again?"

"Maybe," she shrugged. "If you continue organise Greek Gods to fuck me like that, I think I will need to be very naughty!"

"I don't know what you're talking about!" her husband exclaimed innocently.

"Just tell me one thing," Meg said, "Did you organise the beast as well, or was it just blind luck that my ultimate fantasy just played out?"
Her husband just smiled.
"I love that you know me so well," she whispered, "And I love you."
"I love you too baby," he crooned, wrapping her tighter into his arms. "You're mine."

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