The neighbour

The morning was warm and clear,a great morning to just relax at home,as he lived alone he would often walk naked around the house as it was rural,private yet close to the city,the best of both worlds,close to the action but far enough away to hibernate from society when he wanted
As he had just showered he only had a towel around his waist, a shirt wasnt necessary in the current temperate conditions,as he walked the hallway towards his room he thought he heard a knock,surely he must be hearing things he tought, but, then again, there it was louder this time followed by a soft female voice calling out "hello, hello there" hmmm thats strange he thought,maybe the jehovas witnesses he pondered as he went to the doorway,
Opening the door,half expecting to see some elderly ladies wanting to share the good word,he was pleasantly surprised to see the woman from next door who he had never met but had often offered a friendly neighbourly wave to, she was around 45,he 42, she was still very attractive, with a well toned body and a welcoming smile
"hi there,I'm Jo from next door....hope Im not intruding ?" I reply "no,no not at all, would you like a coffee?" she smiled and said" yeah,why not,that would be nice thank you, Im afraid I have come over seeking a little help with moving something,and saw your car was still in the drive so I thought, oh well,worst that can happen is you say no" she laughed,she was really very friendly,and engaging in conversation,as they sat and drank the coffee and chatted it was clear they were hitting it off like old friends, the atmosphere very light and not at all awkward
Darren enquired "so,anyway Jo,you said you needed help with something?" Jo says "yes,its just a new kingsize bed my husband has gone and bought, I don't know why,The queensize is lonely enough" she said with an air of sarcasm, "no problem Jo,I'll come over shortly and give you a lift", Jo replies "listen its really only the heavy wooden Bed head that I need brought in, my husband did half the job before returning to the mines on Sunday,he's good like that,doing half the job"
He noticed a look in Jo's eyes when she passed the half a job remark,as If looking for s response from him, he cheekily said "half a job...thats ok at work,but never in the bedroom" Jo smiled and said "youre telling me,without saying to much ummm he has never been to interested in finishing anything I want done in there", sensing an opportunity to keep the light hearted and flirtatious banter going Darren says "yeah well these days its all about getting help in with these things" jo says "precisely why I have ceased upon this opportunity to get your help" Darren smiling says "well glad to help a lady out anytime she needs helping,at your service Maam lol"
She laughs saying "hey dont let my appearences fool you,Maam isnt something people who know me after a few reds would call me lol" interesting he thought hmmmmmm maybe she needs more than just a bed head shifted,he felt a twinge as he followed her towards her home,his cock made its intentions clear,then it dawned on him,he had only the towel on,oh well he wont be here long he thought so rather than turn back he just carried on inside,down the hallway and into the bedroom,he was thinking hmmm that bed heads just there surely she could have slid it into place herself, it was a heavy wooden bed head with two sturdy pillars at each end,
Jo said "before we shift it could I be so rude as to ask you to screw the last few screws into the bottom of the bed base so we can secure them together?"
Darren replied "yes we wouldnt want the neighbours hearing that clanging against the wall in the height of passion"......"not like ly,my husband prefers to lay rather than play, I just do it to keep him happy,you know,oh hell,he just wants blow jobs he is just lucky I love giving oral pleasure" Darren replies "lucky bugger lol I need to find myself a woman like that" Jo looks puzzled at him "seriously,I thought you would have had any number of keen ladies lining up to look after a handsome guy like you" "anyway before we get to carried away I best do that job for you" she winked and said "who knows I might do a job for you too,fairs fair" she winked twice
try as he might to control himself he felt his cock getting excited,it was now semi erect and starting to show through the towel,they stood silent,her eyes seemed to sense his mounting tension,they fell to his crotch,then without a word she reached out taking him in her hand,"mmmmmm well well,whats this we have here,mmmmm that feels like its up for the job" "you like that then do you?" darren nods "very much,but who said you could touch that cock?" she looks humiliated and takes her hand away saying "sorry,sorry,I dont know what came over me" he replies "shoooooosh,I didnt say you wouldnt be allowed to touch it I want you to ask,and ask politely,do you understand me now" nodding she lowers her voice and asks "please may I touch your cock"" I told you politely,address me as sir,show some respect"...."please sir,may I please touch your cock" ...."give me your hand," he holds her hand close to his cock" looks in her eyes and says,"lower your vision when you address me,how dare you look straight into my eyes,now ask again" "Please Sir,now may I feel your cock"...."he places his hand on her shoulder pushing her to her knees,"look at that cock,appreciate that cock,you have a choice to make now,do not hesitate with your answer when I tell you your choices,acknowledge that you understand my instructions now by nodding or shaking your head,do not talk" she nods her gaze still at the floor,she dare not look at him, "should you choose to touch that cock you will be agreeing to worship that cock whenever you are required,you will be agreeing to give that cock access to any part of your body its desires,you will never question me or refuse when it decides it needs to use your pussy,arse,mouth,alternately,you can decide not to touch it now and I do the job you require and leave and never say another word about this"..."what do you choose"......he looks straight ahead,not wanting to sway her decision,then he feels her delicate fingers pulling at the towel,his cock springs up brushing her lips,she asks "please may I talk sir" he says "yes you may" ...""truth is I have been wanting your cock for far longer than you know,I came to you today in the hope I might get to feel it,taste it,from now on I will obey your wishes sir,I want to please and pleasure sir" "good girl,I knew you would be a good trainee,trust sir and you will be rewarded" "thank you sir"....."show sir how you get your cock hard" and with that she opened her mouth and took him in the warm wetness,she had craved his cock ever since accidentally seeing him from her bedroom window,she would wait for hours just for a glimpse and play with him as he stroked his cock not knowing he had a secret audience right neat door
"you may look at sir for approval when his cock is inside your mouth,should i touch your shoulder you will stop all activity and listen for sirs assessmnet of your ability,punishment for poor performance will be at sirs discretion,but may include such things as having to suck sirs friends cock and or cocks,or being fucked by those same friends,this is entirely up to sir,you will of course suck sirs cock without hesitation or in any situation he deems to be what he wants,this may include sucking cock in the presence of others,male or female,during these times you will wear a mask and nothing else,you will never service any cock without my approval,and certainly never alone,the exception being your husband,sir wants that whimp to continue to support your upkeep,it is your obedience and loyalty sirs requires not your bills,anyway enough of that for now,enjoy the cock sirs provides for your enjoyment, she does nothing but look to him and nod with his swelling cock growing in her mouth
he took out his camera phone,taking pics of his new whores mouth full of cock,taunting her saying oh no how will you explain this to hubby,his beautiful wife with a mouthful of hard cock,of course sir will never do that to a loyal cock whore,what do you have to say to that slut? she stops just long enough to thank sir,shes never felt like such a wanton whore before,she has always been so prim and proper,such a lady,but its this she has always dreamed of,and this was to be only the beggining,as she learned how to be a better cum slut she would soon be used by many mnay of sirs friends and even bussiness colleagues, she had accompanied him on business trips to provide sexual favours to clients,she had sucked 5 guys cocks in a busy inner city bar hiding under the table unable to see whose cock she had in her mouth,like a good whore she followed sirs instructions,simple as they were,suck any cock that is out under the table,but never swallow their come,spit it into a container to show sir how well you had performed,any cock other than sirs was to be emptied exclusively over her ample tits,her face was only to recieve sirs come,which she would have to scoop up and swallow then show sir how clean her come splattered face was,anal was something she had never experienced before sirs teachings,but now she loved nothing more than a good hard arse fucking,she would wait for sir to unload inside her then greedily suck and clean his cock afterwards,they had real fun together when sir came over and introduced himself to her husband, he would say how lucky he was to have a lovely quiet homebody for a wife,such an old fashioned lady sir would say,all the time knowing his wife he thought was so refined and gentile was nothing more than a cock hungry slut who would do anything to please sir, Darren would say things like,you sure have that one under the thumb,I guess some guys just have that gift,ocassionally her husband would call out to Darren saying "hey ole mate,you havent seen Jo around this morning have you" Darren would reply,"Im sure I saw her walking to the store earlier on,who knows where these women get too hey he waved with one hand and held her head down on his cock her husband never suspecting a mere couple of metres away she had a mouthful of that friendly bloke who lives next doors cock,sir would then insist she went home and kissed him with his cock and come fresh on her lips

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