Coastal Conrol

A sunny Saturday afternoon, a nice, not too fancy lunch, a few drinks and some much needed time together. That's all it takes sometimes. Between work, classes and general social life there wasn't a huge amount of "alone" time I guess you could call it. Time for just the two of us.
Sam leaned across the table, kissing him passionately. "Thank you baby" she said, running her hand down his face.
"Much more to come. We only just arrived"
He was right. Not anywhere extravagant, just along the coast for a few days but they had plans.
After a slightly drunk conversation a few weeks ago the idea of her being his slave kept coming up. Finally they decided to give it a try instead of just talking about it. They both had a colorful history sexually, just in different spectrums. The idea of tying her down seemed to excite him and that wasn't anything new to her.
A trip to the adult shop online proved fruitful with bounds, and a few implements getting delivered during the week.
It wasn't that the sex they had wasn't good, it was great. Even better at times. The night they decided to follow through he had her bent over in the kitchen, pumping his hard cock roughly and deeply into her. She swore she could feel him bashing against her cervix he was so deep. Sometimes though, something different is what you need.
Sam could feel her pussy tingle remembering him fucking her that night. She came so hard her legs near gave way. It was good timing though cause she turned just in time to catch him cumming in her mouth.
Her blushing face gave Samantha away.
"Now is as good a time as any..." He reached into his pocket, pulling out two boxes, one a lot larger than the other. Handing them to her, the larger one first Sam opened it to find a collar, leather with the words "cum whore" written either side of the buckle.
"That one is for when we are in a less public place" he stated seeing the look on her face.
The second one was a large stainless steel bracelet, very heavy with a largish plate attached. Engraved on the inside was the word "owned".
"That one is for when we are in public,” he said leaning across showing her the engraving.
Cum whore did nothing for her, a part of her simply accepted she was that way inclined a long time ago. But owned, that was different. Just reading the word caused her nipples to harden, her blush deepen. That word, one simple idea caused her to feel different. Sam was looking forward to this more than she had realized.
"So when do we start?" Samantha looked up from the bracelet. Her mind raced at the possibilities. "Should I put this on now?"
He sat back and thought for a minute "if you want to start now, then sure, put it on now"
Samantha wrapped the bracelet around her wrist. It instantly felt heavier. Perhaps it was just the implications that made it that way. The clasp snapped shut.
Now she was his slave.
Now, she was owned.
As the thought dawned on her, as she realized and accepted it, she could feel her demeanor change, becoming more timid and agreeable. Throwing herself into the role.
"What will you call me?" He asked her. They had discussed this before, but she knew he was just flexing his control.
"Sir. I will call you sir" Sam answered.
"Good. When I ask you to do something, what will you do?"
"Exactly what you ask, sir"
Samantha could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter, her knickers soaked already. If this continues, she thought to herself, her dress is likely to get wet too.
"Good girl." He said, just as the waiter brought dessert. They sat and ate and talked like nothing was different. Just as her arousal began to dim, she would feel the heavy chain around her wrist, and that word would sear into her, teasing and exciting her all over again.
"I'll be right back" Samantha stood and went to walk to the bathroom.
"Excuse me?" His expression one of disappointment. "You didn't use your manners, bad girls get punished. Remember, you need my permission" she couldn't believe it, he dressed her down right there, people could hear him. Apparently the bracelet had an affect on him too.
She timidly looked at him then at the ground. "Sorry sir. Please, can I be excused sir?" He let her go and Sam headed to the bathroom. She cleaned herself up and as she was about to walk out her phone went off.
"When you come back you need to have nothing under your dress. No bra, no panties. You need to think of a way to prove it without everyone noticing"
Oh god she thought. Stepping back into the stall she shed her dress and bra and panties, just as she was told. Then replacing her dress. She stuffed her bra into her handbag and was about to do the same with her panties. She thought better and headed back to the table.
As she got closer she made sure to drop her panties right into his lap. The sex soaked garment proof she was commando.
He grabbed the used wet panties out if his lap, immediately feeling the moisture on them. He put them in his pocket and then said to her "I'll be keeping these. And as long as you’re wearing that," pointing to her wrist, "you won't be wearing any underwear. Understand?"
"Yes sir" she said, nodding compliantly.
"Good, time to go" he stood and headed for the stairs down to the street. Sam quickly followed him. He walked to the hotel they were staying at but instead of heading to the room, he pushed the button for P3, where they had previously parked the car. Confused but daring not to question she stood silently as the doors closed. He turned as soon as they were shut and lifted her dress, exposing her wet pussy. He probed it quickly, getting his hand good and wet, and then he licked one of his fingers, savoring the taste.
"Ding" the elevator pulls to a stop, her dress still being held high above her waist. He presses two fingers into her mouth. Sam moans and sucks her own sex off his hand. The doors open and he drops her skirt.
He walks to the car. And waits for her.
"Put your hands on the bonnet" a stern tone to his voice. She does so. "You forgot your manners earlier, didn't you? You need too be punished"
"Yes sir"
"What do you think your punishment should be?"
Samantha wiggles her rear, playfully and innocently. "I don't know sir"
He grabs her dress and flicks it up over her arse, tucking it in to itself behind her neck. She froze, a mixture of heightened awareness of what's around her and excitement of what she was about to get.
"Oh!!" The sound escapes her lips as his hand comes down on her bare cheek. The sting flows through her. Her eyes wander the car park, no one around but it wouldn't take much for someone to walk out of the elevator and catch them.
Harder this time. "Ooooh!" This time more pleasure than shock. Her pussy responding of its own accord.
"That will do for now, what do you say?"
"Thank you sir" as she stood up he placed his hand back between her legs. Invading her sex once more, a moan escapes her lips as he presses his fingers deep into her, his thumb caressing her clit.
"Do you want to cum?" She nodded. " I said, do you want to cum?!"
"Yes, yes sir please can I cum. Please make me cum"
"No, you've been bad. This is your punishment. Your not to cum, no matter what, until I say otherwise"
He pulls his hand from her pussy and wipes it clean on her stomach and dress. "Pardon?!"
"Yes sir" a tone of disappointment through her words.
He grabs a bag from the boot, one she hadn't seen get packed. She starts after him before realizing her dress is still hitched high, exposing her. She pulls it down and they head to the room.

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