Tell me a naughty story.

Earlier this year my Best Friend (BFF) went down south for a conference & awards night with the company she is working with. During the awards night I received a very cheeky text from her that put a smile on my face. Despite never being together my friend & I are very open minded & can talk to each other about any topic and flirt outrageously together. Below is a pretty close transcript of our text messages for your entertainment ;-)

Tell me a naughty story, not about making love but what you do when you want to someone?

Are the awards that boring?

Hee hee ... kind of .. I want to run away.

With anyone you've met or so you can fantasise?

Just what would you do to a woman that you really wanted to do?

This could get rather saucy.
I hope it does not make you blush ;-)

Keep it bad & naughty!

For the sake of expediency lets assume that after a few drinks and some serious flirting on the dance floor that an invitation has been extended to go back to this young lady's apartment ,,,,,,
My heart is beating just a little faster as she opens the door of her apartment.
As we enter I can see by the lamp in the cnr of the room that she keeps a cosy little home. We just take a few steps in when she turns to me and looks at me with the sexiest come fuck me eyes I have ever seen.
I reach out with my hands and interlock my fingers with hers.
Slowly I move closer to her yearning to kiss her. Our lips are just centimeters apart as we tease each other playfully.
Finally our lips meet and the passion & lust that are burning from within our bodies takes over.
I push her back against the wall raising her hands above her head, our tongues playfully dancing around and around.
I continue to press my body against hers, laying kisses around her face and neck. She sighs in ecstasy and responding with little kisses and bites to my neck. I release her hands and continue to kiss while gently holding her face.
My hands trail down the back of her head and lightly caress her back and follows the beautiful curve of her magnificent derrière.
I pick her up and her legs and arms wrap around me as I take her into the lounge room and lay her down on the couch. .......

Are you going up bend her over & fuck her really really hard ?

In the glow of the lamp I kneel and enjoy her beautiful shape as she teasingly removes her clothes one by one. Slowly dancing around me as she goes.
She slips out her dress to unveil her hidden treasures
Oh my Lordy !
Her skin is so smooth and tanned. I cannot get enough of this erotic scene and reach & pull her down to kneel with me.
I kiss her again on the lips as my hands massage her beautiful breasts. As I roughly handle her DDs my fingers lightly pinch her nipples until they become enraged with pleasure.
I use my tongue and teeth to lick and bite a trail down her neck and body until I reach her succulent breasts. My tongue and mouth playfully tease her nipples, swirling round and round, sucking & giving her little nips with my teeth. She moans with pleasure and then lies back on the coach taking her sexy little G string off as she does. Her hands start to caress her body with one hand molesting her gorgeous breasts and the other hand sliding between her thighs to rub her swollen clitoris.
While enjoying this sexy little mastabation scene I take this opportunity to get out of my clothes.
My cock springs forward as I take my boxees off and is leapt upon by my cock hungry host. She grabs my cock in her hand and rubs it back & forth wrapping her lips around the head and sucking it deep into her mouth. I let out a guttural moan as she works my cock with her lips tongue and mouth up & down & round & round.
I look down at this beautiful naked woman kneeling before me with my cock in her mouth.
She massages my balls as she licks up & down my shaft. Her hands grab my hips as she takes my cock deep in her throat. Up & down she goes impaling her mouth on my cock. Again she starts massaging my balls with one hand and with her other hand starts playing with my ass. She teases my ass with her finger as she continues to swirl her tongue around the head of my cock. This sends me over the edge and I start to come. She directs my come into her mouth and all over her tits as she milks my cock of every last drop.
My legs are shaking from the intensity of my orgasm so I suggest we head to her bedroom where we could get a little more comfortable. .....

Not bad youngman, quiet the story teller aren't you, so you want to fuck this DD woman in the bedroom now .. She is bent over Aganist the bed, with just her heels on, her pussy wet & waiting for you to
Slide deep inside...

I'll ask you a question... & please be honest.... have you ever thought about having sex with me ?

You know I couldn't lie to you and I hope my answer does not change anything between us.
There have been a few occasions where I have
woken up with a hardon after dreaming about you.
I am human after all.

We both dive on the bed and bounce around until we are in the 69 position.
I lie on my back as she positions her pussy just above my nose. What a beautiful sight mmmmmm.
She keeps her pussy nice and trim with very little hair around her lips and a nice little landing strip to decorate the way. She lowers herself onto my eager tongue and starts to moan as I quickly flick my tongue back & forth between her lips and swirling it round her swollen clitoris. Her moans get louder as she grabs her tits and tweaks her nipples.
The eroticism of this moment is not lost on me as my cock regains new life and springs to attention. As she grabs my cock in one hand, the other hand reaches under her pillow for her favourite glass dildo. She hands this to me and says she wants it in her ass.
With that command she flings herself forward to swallow my cock. She is so wet from my tongue action that I plunge the glass dildo into her pussy to lubricate it.
My tongue reaches back and plays teasingly with her little rosebud lubing it even more. .....

I pull the dildo dripping with her juices from her pussy and place it at the entrance of back passage. My tongue continues to probe her sweet love tunnel as I slowly start to push the dildo into her ass. My cock is enjoying its little oral workout. She reaches back with both hands to pull apart her ass cheeks and then pushes back a little on my tongue to help receive her little glass anal intruder. Her sphincter muscles finally relax to allow entry and with that comes a large guttural moan. I match my thrusts of my probing tongue with the thrusts of the dildo and within a few short minutes she begins to spasm in an anal orgasm. ...
She screams for me to fuck her and so after a quick adjustment she gets on her knees and grabs the railings of her bed as I come up behind her and rub my cock up and down her rear crack and tap my rock hard cock on her engorged clit. This is driving her crazy so finally I slide my cock deep into her soaking wet pussy. I thrust in & out of her pussy pounding it in again and again. It feels so good as her strong pussy muscles massage my cock. I flip her over on her back and pin her beautiful high heeled legs back up around her head. This exposes her beautiful wet pussy to my engorged cock. A gasp escapes her as I plunge my cock back into her pussy I plunge it in again & again with my balls slapping into her ass on each stroke. The intensity builds and the moans get louder as I continue fuck her pussy.
Again we change position and this time I lie on my back and enjoy the view as she faces me and squats on my cock.
I love watching her stab her pussy with my cock and then come forward to kiss me.
She pushes her tits towards me and greedily massage them with both my hands & tongue.
My cock is pounding away in her pussy faster & faster until finally we both come together in a crescendo of oohs & ahs & Oh My God !!
We finally fall into each others arms and lie there in post orgasmic bliss.
Not The End but The Beginning

That story was awesome. I thought you would have a talent for that.
Well the awards are wrapping up so I'd better get back to my table now.
Thanks! I'm so bloody horny now ;-)

Me too! It's a shame we are so far away.
What ever you get up to tonight, just remember!
What happens on tour,
Stays on tour! ;-)
Have a great conference sweety and I shall chat tmw

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