Highway sex

My partner and I converged on out annul sexpo night out in the city, we use to go every year even though it was always the same stuff every year.
This year it was only him and I.
We had wondered around and looked at all the stalls and watched a few stage shows and then decided it was time to leave and venture onto the strippers.
We started out with Bar20 show girls as this was the first one that we walked past. It was early on a Saturday night so there wasnt much going on. We stayed for a drink and then left. Next door was Spearmint and Rhino club, so again we went in there and a had a drink and it was still reasonably quiet so we decided to trot off and go for a wonder through the city. It was getting a little later at this time, so we decided to venture onto the next strip club which was the Mens Gallery. Being later on a Saturday night there were more people, and more beautiful girls walking around offering their services while there was girls dancing on stage and on table tops.
We went to the bar to grab a drink each and relax a little and have a look at the potential ladies that could give us a lap dance and excite me.
We decided to head up stairs to watch the main stage shows, these are always good as they range from singles, double and group acts. We found 2 chairs around the stage and sat at watched. These girls sure do know how to get me wet. We proceeded to watch for a while and enjoy our drinks.
We found someone that I was interested in and received one of the few lap dances for the night. As the night got on and the time ticked away we decided we should probably hit the road and go and visit a friend for her birthday but not before 1 last lap dance, by this stage I was wet and excited.
We made it back to the car and hit the road.
We only made it about 15 minutes out of the city when I decided it was play time. I reached over and started rubbing he growing cock, while he reached over and starting to rub my wet pussy, and it got wetter and wetter the more he touched it. I slid a finger in the side of my dripping undies and started to finger myself while the other hand was on hes cock. He could not take this anymore so he decide to pull over on the side of the highway.
Lights off he got out and walked around to the passenger side of the car, opened the door and kissed me hard and fast, just the way I like it when im horny and wanting to be fucked hard.
Next thing I knew he was down on hes knees removing my panties releasing my wetness, he started at my toes while tickling my clit with hes fingers, making hes way up the inside of my thighs with hes tongue then creasing my throbbing clit making me want him so bad, teasing me and going from one side to the other untill I couldnt take it anymore and put hes head between my legs, with this he circles my clit and running hes tongue up and down and in and out, making me wet and moaning louder and louder. My DD tits are out and Im playing with my errect nipples moaning, he enters a finger inside of me making me scream and nearly climxing, round and round, up and down with hes tongue making me wetter and wetter, untill he cant take it anymore and enters me with hes rock hard throbbing cock.
He pounds me so hard and fast and makes me cum, hes almost at the point of cumming, with this I pull away from him and put hes cock in my mouth tasting my own wet pussy juices and he mouth fucks me till he cums. I swallow he goodness and then we continue on our way :p

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