We've booked into a motel room in Melbourne, nice little suite with main room and separate bedroom, we settle in a while and I then go to turn the TV on (or some appliance) and it doesn't work. So of course, I say this is no good and I am going to phone 'reception'. Of course, I have a tradie all sorted well beforehand, anyway, I phone 'reception' and ask if they could have someone come up to the room to sort the TV out.

In the meantime, you and I have showered and dressed, you in something a little sexy, maybe a nice black dress knickers.

Some time later, 'he' arrives and we intro each other etc, he has a nice personality, bit cheeky too. He goes to look at the appliance to attend to the problem. As he is checking it out, I say I must go downstairs and get some milk (or something, lol) leaving the two of you alone.

I leave and head downstairs feeling a little excited about the prospect of what could happen.

I am gone about 15 mins and return to the room. I walk in and see you are both missing from the main room. I walk in quietly and then see you both in the bedroom. You are both kissing passionately and he has his hand up your dress. You are both caught up in the moment and don't realise I have returned.

He then starts to undress you, pulling the straps of your dress over your shoulders and letting the dress fall to the floor, you look so sexy. You are both still kissing, your hands are now undoing his jeans and you pull them down to his knees. I can see his big cock standing there pointing to the ceiling, it is as hard as a rock, I can see it pulsating and I am also hard in my pants, almost uncomfortable and I get my cock out and start playing with it.

I now see him laying you back on the bed, kissing you on the neck and shoulders. He makes his way down to your breasts and starts fondling and licking/kissing them, then down over your stomach and down to your now soaking wet pussy.

He starts to lick your clit and you start moaning, I see your eyes roll back, he is pleasing you nicely, but then you pull him up over you and guide his hard cock to your pussy with your hand. You hold his cock and rub the fat knob on your clit bringing you to an intense orgasm.

Now you let him have his way with you and he slides his cock into your dripping pussy, nice slow strokes, gently and gradually going deeper and deeper. He pumps it faster and harder and you are in another world. He then rolls you over and starts doing you doggy style, you on all fours at first then you lay on the bed, him still inside you and pumping away. I am sooo turned on and hard i want to explode but hold back. He eventually squirts his juice into you and you moan with the pleasure of being filled.

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