Afternoon in the city

We are both very busy, working together for the last few months. Long hours, late nights, just you and me left alone in the office. Nothing sexually has happened between us, ohhhh but the tension. One lunch time after a particularly long week, we grab a quick drink and a bite to eat in a secluded city hotel bar at lunch time.
Sitting on a sofa in the dimly lit lounge, we chat, touch and flirt, the waitress keeps filling the drinks... You get up to go to the rest room, the drinks are starting to break down my resistance. On your way back to me, you just stand in front of where I'm sitting, I take the hints you've been giving me the last few weeks. Leaning forward I run my hands up you stocking covered legs, under your short business skirt, further.. It seems you forgot to put something back on in the rest room.
Excusing myself I see the waitress who has been watching us the whole time, I ask if she can arrange a room for the afternoon. She just smiles and nods. I go back to you on the sofa, leaning in slowly we have our first kiss. A first passionate but the intensity quickly rises (there will be time later for more sensual pleasure, but for now I need to eat you alive..)
We hear a someone above us trying to get your attention, the waitress is standing above us with a room key card. We get up off the lounge, straightening our clothes. I tipping the waitress heavily, you grab the room card and lead me to the elevator.
I love afternoon sex.......

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