The Oxford

Quite a few years ago in Sydney there was a small cinema called the Oxford,they showed porno movies and about every hour they had a stripper come on,after her initial act she would pick a guy out of the audience and take him on stage for a hand job, I visited there regualy and went on stage very many times,it turned me on even more if there was a woman in the audience watching me cum luckily a lot of the guys were too shy to do it.
I had told a lady friend of mine about this and about how the stripper gave guys hand jobs, she said she wanted to see that and would I take her? I said I would love to but under one condition, she had to wear no undies and a very short skirt, she said ok.
When we got there she had her undies on but went straight into the ladies and removed them. We sat watching a movie and I started playing with her pussy, a bit later the stripper came on and did her show and gave a guy a hand job, the guy spurting jets of sperm out which Betty loved watching really turning her on.
Now you got the occasional woman in the Oxford but not too many so lots of the men were checking her out, guys seated in front of her would turn around to look at her and were watching me fingering her, this was getting her even more excited, she had her legs spread wide open and was getting extremly wet.
I was sitting next to the aisle and could see a guy a couple of rows down jerking himself off, I leaned over to Betty and told her, she said so is the man next to her on the other side, she was loving it, after quite a long time my hand was getting cramped up from the aukward angle from fingering her for so long so I stopped, a few minutes later Betty leaned over and whispered in my ear, guess where that guys got his fingers what should I do?
I said are you enjoying it or not? She said oh fuck yeah, so I said well let him do it, the thought of a total stranger fingering her drove her fucking wild, we fucked like crazy when we got home,and for days later she told me she was having flash backs and getting randy just thinking about what happened.
I had often thought how gutsy that guy was he could have got his head kicked in if he chose the wrong couple.
And sadly the Oxford is long gone now but I certainly do miss it and the great times I had there

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