Golden Dreams

I image everyone has a fantasy of an orgasm that rocks your world. Well I will tell you of 3 people who got together over lunch and starting talking and drinking and enjoying their meal. When the subject of Big Mike come into the conversation.

He was 11 inches and as thick as your wrist. No one who slept with him ever went away without a story to tell. So we 3 decided that one of us should try and get his attention and get it on with him.

Jenny went up and started to talk to him but he quickly gave her the brush off even though her nice round size 12 arse was dressed in a mini skirt. Peta tried with her size 14 skin tight jeans on and his reaction was the same.

We were all laughing and it was my turn when a blond walked over and he decided that 3rd time was lucky, they went and sat down and started to talk and laugh and he was very accomodating.

The day became night and we drank more than we should have, so taxi home and then to sleep. During the course of the evening I saw Big Mike look across at our table and nod at me. I was a bit under the weather but his smile just mealted me.

Finally sleep and Saturday morning came all to quickly for my liking. Up and about it was 8 am. Off for a walk in the wonderful park to lose this excess 44E bust I was carrying around.

Well as I parked the car I noticed that there wasnt many people there just one old four wheel drive and someone yelling fetch it boy. So put on the headset and off I went.

I didnt get far when a labrador came bounding up towards me with a ball in its mouth and to my surprise Big Mike. Well hello there. He just loves playing but wont give me the ball as the dog tricky dropped it at my feet. Well Mike said he seems to like you.

I smiled and remembered what we were planning to do last night and reached down and grabbed the ball and threw it. He is lovely what is the dogs name? Tricky because you just never know when he will come up behind you and bark. lol. We both laughed.

Well I have to get some walking done, I will join you big mikes words were out before I could refuse. Oh boy now what do we talk about. That all 3 of us were trying to seduce him the night before. My mind was realing. Oh how I wanted to unzip those designer tracksuit pants and see what all the fuss was about.

Just then tricky barked and startled me I jumped right into mikes waiting arms. Mmmm he smelt good and as I did he said. Well that is one way of getting me close to you wonderful melons. My heart was pounding in my chest. You know he said if you had been the one who tried to seduce me last night I would have said yes.

Now I was on the spot what to say. Oh Um was all I could say as he leaned in for a kiss. His lips were soft and his hands were so big that they covered my arse as he pressed me closer.

Tricky still barking and now we were kissing slowly at first and then he began to take the lead ever so deeply with his great big hands starting to make me want more.

He stopped and said would you like to continue this at my place across the way. I just nodded and followed. We entered the 3 bedroom house with a king size bed as he put tricky out the back and locked the door.

He asked if I wanted anything to drink and my mind went back to his kiss and as I said yes please I will have water. My throat closing over as I wanted to drink of him.

He sat beside me and hand me the water as his big arm went around me to pull me closer. I put the glass down and he leant forwward and began to kiss me once again. As our kisses started to rise the temperature of the room.

Mike began to lift my top and I raised my arms to release my very big and bouncing 44E's. He moaned as my hands began to unzip his tracksuit jacket as my hands sought out more and removed his shirt.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me up and lead me to the bedroom where the four posted kingsize bed was waiting and he ripped off his tracksuit pants and there was the biggest cock I had ever seen.

It wasnt a joke it was enormous. Now my eyes were glued to it. I stammered are all your family that size. He nodded. Yes my brother is bigger and married. Now lets see where were we. He drew me close as I discovered he didnt waist time my clothes were off and he began to go down on my already wet and waiting pussy.

He moaned as he licked my clit and moist opening. He kissed my all the way up to my ample breasts where he moved closer for his enormous head of that cock to slowly enter me. As he did I could feel my orgasm rising from my nipples.

I muttered that I had to go to the ladies, he stopped me and said "no Don't". "I want you to cum and spray me with all those wonderful juices". I said Ok.

So he began to slide inside me I could feel ever inch of his cock and he was now 8 inches in me and starting to take me with great pleasure. We were moaning and rocking and I was about to cum when I could feel my golden shower get the better of me.

I said that I was about to cum and he said yes do it cum and let me feel your golden shower all over my cock. As he began fucking me harder and harder I couldnt hold back anymore, my body moved with his and as I exploded my juices poured out of me all over his 11 inches of cock and he gave a moaned so loud as his manhood filled me to the hilt with all that hot cum.

We lay spent on the bed only after 10 minutes. He said that he had wanted a woman to do that to him for years and no one would they would just say no way. I was the only one and we spent the next 2 days in bed exploring other forms of Golden Dreams.

Mmmmm what a way to go............

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