young model

Ive chatted and met this girl before, took some tame pics in just g string.Today i met her again to take some hardcore pics, she is 24 and very pretty, im 43 and not so pretty.
I picked her up and we drove to an old mining site that has an old house on it, inside that house there are some old bits and pieces, its dirty and abandonded.
We got there and entered the building and set up, there is an old bed which she sat on and i took some pics, then she stood up and undressed, mmmm my cock was hard, i asked her if it was ok for me to take my cock out and play as i took pics, she said yes it was and would help her to get right into it. We had a carrot and cucumber and she after posing for some shots she grabbed it and started using it, mmmm was so hot my cock was out and i was storking it getting up close to take some great pics. This went on for awhile me moving around and her playing getting very horny her breathes were short and pussy wet. she was on the bed and i was standnig at head end taking shots down her body when she reached up and started stroking my cock , it felt soo good having a young girl doing this, i was hard and horny. i continued taking her pics when she got on her hands and knees for some more pics and looked back and said fuck me hard fast and cum inside me.
well i did what i was told and entered her hot wet pussy and fucked like no tomorrow, she was bucking and moaning and im sure she came a cpl of times. i fucked and then she said cum now, i couldnt hold back i came in her sweet hole and as i did she was saying fill me up. felt great
after we fucked she got dressed and i dropped her at her younger boyfriends house, one the way there she told me that she has to fuck lots more older guys. next time she wants me to eat her too, mmmm cant wait

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