Doctors point a new spot

I havnt been back to doctors point for a while its been to wet and you cant get down the tracks i went for a drive this morning and noticed a car parked on the side of the road leading to a track so i decied to take a walk down a very muddy track after about 2 minutes i saw this guy standing there with his back towards me as i got closer he turned around and said hi i said hi back and asked if it was his car parked on the side of the road and he said yes he asked what i was doing and replird was wondering if the car had been dumped i said i havent been here for a while and was just looking and with that undid his fly and let out the biggest fattest cut cock that i have ever seen it was fucking huge and hard with out any invetation i walked over and just grabed it it was fucking huge and throbbing in my hand he undid my jeans and started pulling my hardening cock i had to have this monster in my mouth fuck i was chocking on his knob thats how big he was i sucked and licked the shaft of his long thick shaft for what seemed like for ever and he cum in my mouth and allover my face there was cum everywere im sure this guy was a horse in his last life he then sucked me off untill i cum we both cleaned up and left fuck i hope i see him again.

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