Back to doctors point

well like last friday i said i would go back and i was not dissopointed i got there at 9.30am and there was knowone around so i just got out of my car and started reading the paper it wasnt long before a car pulled up next to mine and this older guy id say he was 60ish got out and he just looked at me then winked and started to walk of into the bush he didnt go to far and when he stoped and turned around he had his cock in his hand i walked up and said well what are we going to do with that and he ordered me to suck it so i dropped to my knees and did as he had said it took a while for me to get him hard but once i did he was cumming in my mouth before to long he returned the favour by wanking me off untill i exploded in his hand i clened my self up and said thanks and he said cya you next time he was waiting for another guy he meets there the other guy was going to fuck him i asked if i could stay and watch and then anoher car had pulled up it turned out to be the other guy i asked if i could watch and he agreed so i leaned on a tree while this guy fucked the guy i had just sucked of it didnt take me long to get hard again so while i was watching theese to strangers fuck i was pulling my cock to another orgasam i will be back there next friday.

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