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50, Female
Launceston, TAS

Looking for Men, Women, Couples between 40 & 60 for A relationship, Casual encounters, Friendship

NO WHISPER IN CHAT - contact details excepted.

Heads up! If you are easily offended by someone being brutally honest, stop reading right now! You have been warned, so if you continue and get all pissy because of what I have written, please get pissy in private and don't clutter my msgs with your upset, ok?!
If you are thicker skinned, read on....

Chat: to be perfectly honest, I prefer open chat.... which means if you are looking for discreet and quiet, I am most likely NOT what you are seeking. Whisper is as annoying as hell, but I do respond occasionally - especially if you interest me enough for me to think about handing over contact details. But everything else I say is generally in open chat where everyone can see it.
Also re chat... if I have been offended by your attitude toward me, ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY MET ME! - ie. you have been nasty, snarky, trolling or abusive - and I end up blocking you, then that's it. I do not change my mind and I will not unblock you. Ever. It takes a fair bit for me to get to that point but it has happened.

I am looking for regular playmates to add spice and interest to an already amazing life. I have done the 'exclusive' thing, and found it wanting, so now I am busting out and playing... and loving it!
I think of myself as gregarious, confident, open and tolerant..... but have been told I am probably too out there for most to handle! I am well and trully past the point where I am going to hide my personality behind 'acceptable'. I am exactly what I am, and I make no apology for it!
I love sex..... love everything about it.... the anticipation of it, the overwhelming sensations that come from doing it, and the unbelievable excitement of trying something new or different. I want to try all those things I have been reading and hearing about but never had the chance to do!

Ideally looking for people that can simply enjoy eachothers company sometimes as well as have fun physically.... friendships with added stimulating benefits are pretty damn good, don't you think?! But happy to be just occasional playmates and keep it to that as well.

Not here looking for mindless cyber/sex chat..... I am genuinely interested in actually meeting new people and just seeing what may or may not happen. Seems a bit useless to connect with people out of state, as I'm likely never going to meet any anyway! So, no - I do NOT do cyber, cam or do phone sex.
If you message me, and it is completely obvious that all you did was perv on my pictures without reading my profile, then don't expect me to reply!
I am happy to meet everyone, but if you are married, I would much prefer to meet BOTH of you *smile*
If your partner is unaware, that's an issue... if you have lied and I find out, I will not remain silent to protect your secret. Be upfront and open - it really isn't that hard to do.

If you meet me and decide you don't like me, that's fine. You don't have to like every person. But for the love of all that is soft and fluffy, don't go running around playing stupid highschool games and spreading rumours! We are all grown up and wearing big people pants here, so act like it!
Similarly, if you hear something, then before you form an opinion why not ask me first? I am honest to a fault and will not get offended.

Hidden pics? Unfair - by the time you msg me, you have likely checked this profile and know what I look like, so if you message me return the favour please!
(Women say looks aren't important, but they somewhat are.... because we need to have just a frisson of mental/physical attraction in order for us to move ahead! No tingle, either mental or physical.... no date.)

Ideal partner

I'm looking for both friendship and sex, not necessarily together. Having friends I can be around without having to watch everything I say is fun, and having friends I can play with as well is even better!
A guy who is confident and bold, a woman who is happy to play with me solo and sometimes both myself and my fwb, more than one man who like to play in a group, a couple who swap..... looking for all of these! And more...

Ideally, you will be able to combine friendship and sex..... one-nighters are fun, but ongoing arrangements add a little something as they progress.
You don't have to be rich, you don't have to have Hollywood looks.... but you do have to take some pride in your appearance. Turn up for a coffee or drink wearing trackies and uggs, or unwashed and in work clothes? Expect me to pivot 180 degrees and walk straight out the door!

Also.... what's up with asking to fuck without meeting first? I know this is a hookup site, but hey - even if I go out clubbing with the intention of picking up a casual, we have a drink and a chat first!
And please, just because I am open and bold, that does not mean you get a free pass to touch. Even in a play/party setting, I expect simple courtesy!

And now to address my preferences, and there are a few...
Excite my mind, and my body follows. Bore me, and I am outta there!
I don't do overweight. Sorry about that, but I actually find it difficult to become aroused at all by overweight people. Stocky? Yes. Overly cuddly? Probably not. (Don't get me wrong - I am not wanting the perfect specimen. I realise as we age, things are not going to look as they did when we were 20. But wearing your age, and wearing a large amount of fat, are two very different things!)
I am a bit of a size queen too... come at me with 4 inches or a very thin penis and I don't care how good you might be with your hands/tongue, it isn't going to cut it for me. I apologise to smaller men, but that's just how it is.
Same if you say you're a stayer, and then it's all done and dusted in 2 and a half minutes... there will not be a repeat!
I don't like huge boobs either. Anything bigger than a D cup and my brain simply won't go there.
I would much rather neatly trimmed pubes than completely bare - hair is normal and natural and fun.
Big, shaggy beards are a turnoff.
I am not someone who plays soft and sensual. Long gentle stroking and stuff bores me.

If you have grossly misrepresented yourself in your profile or while chatting, then I will not be interested. I have now met a few people on here that are very different in reality, physically as well as personality wise! Not quite sure how you think you can get away with that?!? People are what they are and I believe in 'There's somebody for everybody.' You might not be the somebody I am looking for, but pretending to be and then getting caught out is a really dick move, ok?! A waste of my time and yours.
Penis profiles. All I can say is, I have never yet seen a penis picture that has made me want to jump straight on and ride off into the sunset! Show me the whole you, and then we can talk.

If you've read this far and I haven't totally freaked you out, msg me!


Gender: Female  
Age 50  
Location Launceston, TAS  
Status Single  
Sexual Preference Pansexual  
Can Host It Depends  


Height 172.5 cm (5'8'')  
Body Type Average  
Eyes Hazel  
Hair Red  
Tattoos Arm, Leg, Ankle, Shoulder, Lower Back, Belly, Other  
Piercings Ears, Nipple  
Pubic Hair Manicured  


Lifestyle Relaxed  
Drinking I drink socially  
Smoking I am trying to quit  
Practice Safe Sex Always  


Ethnic Background White / Caucasian  
Personality Outgoing / Sociable  
Star Sign Aries  

Work & Education

Education Diploma/Certificate  
Industry Self Employment  


Almost everything, except hardcore pain.