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47, Female - It's complicated
South Brisbane, QLD 4101 Australia
Looking for Men between 24 & 40 for A relationship, Casual encounters, Something discreet, A Dom/sub relationship, Friendship, Something kinky

Submissive geeky cougar with a penchant for intelligent younger men

I don't think I'm anything particularly special but the ratio of horny guys: horny girls means that I'm fortunate enough to be overwhelmed with winks and messages. I try to respond to them all but I don't have enough winks and messages in my quota to even respond "thanks but no thanks" to them all.

With me, the two things most likely to get a response are if you have:
1) at least some pics, and ideally a face pic (in your PG and just shared with me is fine), and
2) something demonstrating that you're quite intelligent, either a strong education, a white-collar profession indicated, or showing me through your messages that you're somebody I would find interesting to talk to after I've cum. ;)

I'm looking for friends with benefits more than one-off casual sex. I'm polyamorous and in an open relationship presently. I'm not actively looking for further relationships, but open to the possibility of more if they come along.

I really like to chat and talk about what turns other people on, what things they've done, what things they'd want to do, and so on. And about everyday stuff - family, work, hobbies, news, etc. Intimacy makes sex more amazing. I'm also very affectionate and love to spoon, kiss, play footsies, and generally be touchy-feely. :) Staying the night isn't obligatory but is welcome where possible.

I'm not into incest, pedophilia, bestiality, scat, or cross-dressing. Trump supporters, bigots, and conspiracy theorists are also a hard limit.

Am I your kind of girl? I'm voluptuous - I'm definitely not thin, in fact I'm overweight, but I'm not BBW fetish size. I'm smart and I have a keen sense of humour, and if you don't laugh at me as well as being turned on, then obviously we're not compatible. Quoting Monty Python, Blackadder, or Jim Jefferies will definitely be a winner. On Netflix I love The Last Kingdom, Vikings, The Expanse, The Good Wife, Battlestar Galactica, Designated Survivor, and Archer.

I'm a bit of a geek girl and seem to be particularly compatible with white-collar professionals - engineers, scientists, IT guys, academics, financial services people, etc. (But don't let that deter you if you're not one of those.)

I'm not into the outdoors (maybe if there's really good WiFi), I don't get motor sports, I don't camp, and I exercise reluctantly (outside the bedroom). I do love nice hotels, high-speed internet, air-conditioning, great food, great company, social justice, reading and writing, watching cricket, and exercise my brain too much.

If you message me, please tell me something about yourself that's different to every other guy, that might grab my attention. Or tell me why you want to talk to me, rather than "any random woman on the site". A pic on your profile helps, it doesn't even have to be of anything revealing at all, but for some reason, any pic helps. But preferably not a dick pic, at least as your main profile pic. I'm partial to torsos. :)

Ideal partner

What type of guy do I like? Non-smokers or occasional smokers only. The rest of these are tendencies but not absolutes: I tend to be more compatible with educated guys (bachelor's degree or higher), white-collar workers, aged 25 to 40. I'm going through a cougar phase and am tending to younger at the moment. I'm flex a little on younger or older, but if you're outside the age range, you'll need to really be matching me very strongly in lots of other ways.

Generally clean-cut, professional, well-read, intelligent, open-minded. I like short hair, special fondness for men in uniform. :D If you smell really good, you'll win big points with me... a great fresh scent makes me weak at the knees.

I love all cocks, but I prefer uncut.

Bi guys - not only am I not put off, I'm excited that your bisexuality opens up all kinds of exciting opportunities... :D (Yes I am an open-minded girl.) But if you're straight, that's OK - I am, too. (What can I say? I've tried women but I just love masculinity.)

If you're a Dom and enjoy sharing a treasured slut, you just might be my perfect match.


It's imperative that you understand that a woman can be highly sexual yet still entitled to respect. Just because I like sex does not give you permission to disrespect me. Suggesting that I'm obliged to chat or cam or do anything that I don't 100% feel like doing is disrespect. As in life, the default is that I'm not interested unless I establish a particular rapport, not that I have to fuck everybody who expresses an interest unless I can come up with a good reason not to. >:( So asking me to justify why I'm not interested in fucking you is also disrespectful, and earns you an instant block. I'm here for my pleasure and fun, and if that happens to overlap with yours, that's good luck, but not my obligation.

Sorry to rant to the majority of lovely men that get it, but unfortunately there still seem to be far too many who don't.


Gender: Female
Age 47
Location South Brisbane, QLD
Status It's complicated
Sexual Preference Straight


Height 162.5 cm (5'4'')
Body Type Voluptuous
Eyes Grey
Hair Auburn
Piercings Ears, Nipple
Pubic Hair Shaved / Waxed / Lasered
Bra Cup D


Lifestyle Relaxed
Drinking I drink socially
Smoking Non-Smoker
Practice Safe Sex Always


Ethnic Background White / Caucasian
Personality Optimist / Easy going
Star Sign Taurus


Have Children Yes
Want Children No

Work & Education

Education Bachelor degree


1 on 1 sex
Anal sex - Receiving
Choking - Receiving
Choking and rough sex
Cock gagging
consensual non-consent
Deep throat
Double penetration
Magic Wand Hitachi
Oral Sex - Giving
Oral Sex - Receiving
Orgasm control, denial and edging
restrained gangbangs
Rope bondage (receiving)
sexual slave role play
share me around
Squirting - can do