Why was my account closed?

A member’s account can be banned for one or more of the following reasons:

That is: Being abusive or harassing a member;
Referring to or suggesting acts engaging in incest, paedophilia, or bestiality

  • for promoting services in exchange for money or soliciting sex
  • for using drugs on webcam chat or trying to sell drugs through the site
  • for opening an account when you were previously banned  
  • if a profile is believed to be fake or ingenuine
  • if a profile is using images or media that does not belong to or are not you
  • if the bank has notified us that there has been fraudulent activity on the card used to pay for your membership
  • any other actions we deem to be inappropriate in accordance with our Terms of Use

If your profile is banned and you are still unsure as to why please contact support.