The English Dom

A True Story

Based on true... so here it begins with our first meeting.

We met for coffee, not in a nice cafe but one that serves a carpark and cafe... attached sort of affair not what I expected...albeit by the water, where all and sundry gathered hence was the result of the electricity that invaded the air that morning... I had tea funnily enough and spilt it nervously over the table and he with an impatience fetched napkins off other tables.

My peripheral vision picked up the four bikkies very nearby, nervous that they may hear our feeble conversation disguised as to our ensuing arousal for future playdate if I could get past now! But maybe falling flat here too... he wasn't giving anything away.
Who's playing Dom already! The new man who stood tall and broad-shouldered above me, was making utterances under his breath about the size of their bikes his was bigger something about a 750 Triumph only English bike the only bike rode fast nearly died broken bones such and such and I was getting more frustrated at his bad manners, or was it my frustration at not knowing where I stood. Why I desired him more... want what's out of reach maybe?

He said let's go. We walked to our cars, byes nothing more coming from his lips. the strong and silent type I s'pose, nah ok bye. I got in and drove away wondering where it all fell flat...

An invite to his for dinner later in the week. He's cooking and bring something to stay over in leave that with your imagination he said as he hung up.
Huh! so rude. The frisson made me too turned on... he had just played with dangling a new toy at me he knew too much for his own good and was aching to be his.

I was greeted by a huge dog at the gate only for her to roll over on her side wanting belly rubs... I was smitten. Then he appeared and the dark lord now revealed himself. I smiled with a relief. Dressed in his pjs, though very handsome pjs they were with slippers, a pipe hanging from his lips.
I don't believe this I thought... out of a movie come on is he for real though eccentricity gets me hot every time. "I wanted to make you feel comfortable at dinner when you strip off and wear what I have laid out for you on my bed you won't feel so naked darling" he kinda whispered raising the hairs on my arm, more so felt it twitch between my legs... he leading the way to his door and straight to his room lit with four post bed in the middle. The he said, come here, he flicked on a light to a room that was a den, he called it his den. I was incredulous. Ha! never heard that before. What have I gotten myself into he did say I was too vanilla very early on in our brief conversations. A low bed. A couch, a long lounge type for what reason I can't think of then but keep it cool taking stock of the room with various accoutrement shining at me, metal and glass toys on shelves, hooks in ceiling, leather straps dangling, a swing, books lining one wall, black and white photography, making out semi-clad women making me very turned on...vaginas and vulvas, hairy and bare, penises in erect poses inserted... at it's best erotica, one of a vulva, luscious and wet as I'm inching discreetly closer to get a real look at in the darker corners of the room, peeping out from a pair of sheer panties and hairy too... and I'm wondering if he can hear my breathing is getting a bit faster and heavier... keep it going... more dildos, multi-coloured ones that looked like dragons? Wrong. I was to find out. I said let me get dressed for dinner as I went towards the outfit on the bed, my now wet pussy aching for release... stripping off in a hurry I was now hungry, horny and hot and impatient a hedonist at best those damn H's... Couldn't stand the waiting, the run-away imagination, anticipation taking I walked into the kitchen, wearing the garments.

Garments. That's funny. Leather straps and not much else holding me up and feeling very turned on... fine black lace and silk g-string with only thin straps joined at the hollow in the space above my cheeks, thin lace triangle covering my mound, matched by a lace bra triangle of silk to cover my nipples... tottering on high black heels I packed hmmmm what how when but damn if felt good...

He was seated at the kitchen table a large expanse facing me as I walked in. I noted for the first time a soft jazz type sound coming from a distant room, a jazz trumpet I thought for a flash oh god be still brain... all senses on fire alert now... Drink in hand and pipe in ashtray... how do I remember all this ...heightened senses alight, it's like the smell of sex imprinted on the retina... raw energy to come. Pipe tobacco, the dinner on the stove, Champagne flutes sparkling on the table, the silver ice bucket with condensation rivulets, ice bucket are you serious French champagne in and I needed a drink and now I said to wake him from his languid now cat eaten dinner pose to serve me a drink quick juices were stewing and I wanted him more than ever. Can he read my mind. It's slow motion and I detect a warm glow about him too. The heat in the kitchen is for real... He stands up pushing the chair back at force in one smooth moment towers above me takes me in to him for minute, I can smell him want to ravage him and him me. He kisses me and then it's all or nothing he is devouring me with his hot mouth tongue circling my ear, down my neck hot soft caresses then a firm grasp his whole hand encircling my throat holding it for not long enough, then our mouths devouring each, he stands apart. I laugh abruptus interruptus... wow what?

He scoops me up and at once over his shoulder staggers for a minute then down the hall crashing me up against the wall... a pleasurable pain. I would forgive again and again... He doesn't let that deter him from pinning me with his mouth, I willingly resign all sense to this moment driven by desire, lust, greedy for release, the pleasure; don't want it to stop. I try to unbutton his shirt but he's not interested in helping or wanting release from his pjs silky smoothness...feel it against me I want to feel his chest hair and get a hand in somehow as distracted as I am by his mouth. Then he is down kissing from mouth, throat aaahhhh a sigh of primal pleasure mouth at my tiny bra, nipples erect he mouths one sending a single arrow to my clit, I arch my back and thrust my body's reaction at him, pleading for more... His grey hair tufts now with my hands in as his mouth on me, hands firm on my thighs willing them to part, he plants his face in me, the black lace is getting wet, panties pulled to one side my lips bare and smooth for him to gaze at and his tongue goes to work...

I'm helpless, looking down, pushed up bracing the wall lost all strength his tongue caresses me up down in and around moist soft strokes coaxing out moans of madness. I need to be horizontal. I want to touch him too I say hhmmm indeed he says. He rises and we kiss more to stagger the rest of the way to his room. Crashing on to the bed he unbuckles the leather around my waist fingers soft and deft at teasing me just swift and brushing my electrified body as he goes, unbuckling between my thighs, I laugh again. Lace panties pulled down legs ouch pain so worth it and I want to reach out and touch him but he's busy... go to kitchen pour me a drink I say in what must be a mix of madness and lust. ...on it he says. I smile a smile of more to come. Ice cold bucket and bottle are placed bedside and glass in hand, prop myself up on elbows to watch him, nervous excited wanting, my thighs open slightly relaxed turned on high as I gulp a mouthful of cold liquid an ice cube is inserted into my hot wet cunt...ahhh fuck, ice and heat, the sting it's generating, my pain and pleasure he knew, strokes me, fingers me slowly in and out, I have nowhere to go but come, kissing me at that crescendo can't breathe in ecstasy, forgetting everything glass crashes to floor I find him feel him through the silk tracing his erection, pants off kicked off he enters me slow and deep I could loose my mind as he moves in me, then pulls out slowing it down, enters me again slowly, going in little by little I've nothing but this to keep me in presence... gone is all time and place...

He fastens the pace and now we are at it like animals tearing at each other, his hard thick cock at my swollen blood engorged lips, sucking him in with every move hard deep fast rocking my body in time to his the excruciating joy and ache of build up...we come. He stays in me collapsed on me, I need the weight to ground me to this... We lay in the in-between worlds of here and now and somewhere else in bliss, his tallness wrapped around me somehow we fitted in to the shape of each other... till we came to, he says much to my joy and delight lets do that again...a soft laugh from my lips and we kiss and the night was ours for days and nights to come with the den awaiting exploration guided by him he was the master of my pleasure and my first Dom.

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