Somatic Sex Educator - Private Session - $50/30mins - (NSW)

Somatic Sex Educator - Intimacy & Attraction Facilitator

Private Sessions - Phone/Skype/Zoom

Would you like some insight on how to relate and fine tune your pleasure skills?

This is for people, who genuinely want relationships built on honesty and where both people are satisfied by getting their needs heard and met. We usually do the best we can with what we know when it comes to relating and pleasuring and this chit-chat can give you fresh insight on how you can improve your life both in and out of the bedroom while still being authentic to yourself.

During the session, we may cover the following:

* Learning for ask for what you want;
* Understand why your partner ‘doesn’t’ ask for what they want;
* How intimacy and erotic friction is different;
* Adding flavour and fun to a relationship;
* Why stops you from attracting the partner you want;
* Skills & techniques to improve sexual confidence (ejaculation choice, body image);
* How to get out of ‘The Friends Zone’;
* Help with online dating and profiles;

At all times, you will be encouraged to participate at your own level of comfort and I am open to discussing almost anything to do with love, sex and relationships.

How do I book a session and what does it cost?
Rate: $50/30 minute session
Booking: Online – click on the link below

ABOUT - Wala

Wala is super down to earth, her teachings are soft and subtle yet powerful. She is all about creating safe spaces for people to explore intimacy. She is a Certified Somatic Sex Educator and Bodyworker and holds a variety of skills that allow people to investigate the many facets of intimately connecting both with self and with others.

She’s all about feeling, sensations and connecting with the body and with nearly 20 years’ experience with human sexual behaviour, you will be in the presence of a woman who knows her stuff and wants to share it to help people embrace and life live boldly, beautifully and authentically.
She loves hanging out in the country on the river, hanging out with her friends who are more like family over a few beers skiing in the summer or a few wines by the bonfire in the winter.

What people have said working with Wala….

I was made to me feel very comfortable asking questions and learning about sex, that I was previously less confident to explore myself. She listened to my concerns and used her skills to help me understand sexual movement that as women, we are never taught to feel.
J - 28F

Learning the ropes from you was like being given a book of secrets to your own body and mind. With the highest level of professionalism, she makes you feel warm, unencumbered and helps you grow sensually and sexually at your own pace.

She teaches you to understand the connection between how you feel and how you can express those feelings, both physically and emotionally, all the time bringing you out of your sexual normality and into a world of heightened pleasure and self-control. I cannot thank her enough for the time she has spent with me.
R - 32M

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