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Would you like to relate to women better?

Before a man can create truly authentic connections with himself and others, and before he will be able to make an impact on the world, a man must first accept and value his sensitivity.

Erotic Embodiment Sessions


Foundation Strategies of The Free Man - Maybe you're single again or in a relationship that you're feeling a little lost?!

But the more authentic a man is, the more attractive he becomes to others. A man who is connected to himself is deeply desirable. He allows those in his presence to feel safe and embrace all of themselves.


Are you Mr Nice Guy? Are you a male who feels trapped in the ‘friend zone’?

You might be trapping yourself in the friend zone with subtle patterns that get in the way of you becoming the boyfriend and partner. Or you might be grasping at some superficial personal flaw, e.g: “I’m just not good looking enough” or “I’m not her type.”


Are you wanting to be a better lover? But how do we get it? Where do we start? How much is our personal responsibility and how much of the responsibility belongs to our partner?

We will be looking at all of these questions and you will come away with a greater connection to yourself and tools to practice increasing your sensitivity and relationship to pleasure – with or without a partner.


* No bodywork is included in this session

Make it last longer! Can’t control it! Premature, early or involuntary ejaculation!

We've all heard the expressions and we know that these terms only makes things worse, piling on the pressure to perform. So does the good old myth of taking your thoughts elsewhere and tuning out of your body for a longer performance, when actually tuning into your body will regulate your arousal levels, helping you understand what stage you're at when approaching orgasm.

With some awareness exercises and embodiment practices, in time you can throw away the stopwatch and simply start enjoying pleasure whether that be two minutes or two hours. And, if you choose two minutes of pleasure, that's perfectly OK – because it's your choice!

In these sessions, we can explore the various stages of arousal, helping you connect with yourself and your body. We’ll also implement strategies to extend the plateau phase, giving you permission to maintain a high level of arousal within the body before consciously choosing to enter the next stage.


Could you do with some confidence?

Whether you're a late bloomer or had a sheltered upbringing or maybe you just feel socially awkward many anxious people can gently improve confidence through talking, gaining skills and experiential learning to help reduce the fear when approaching people they're attracted to. With some new found practices to play with, the possibility of getting off the keyboard and actually dating can only improve.

It's important to know that all practices are very gentle and under no circumstances will you be pushed or pressured. You choose the pace, you choose the topic and you choose whether to implement practices.

Sessions available by phone, online or in person in Adelaide, South Australia. Please contact the office if you would like to schedule a time outside of online availability (after hours and weekend etc) or for interstate and international private consultations. Depending on the locations and duration fees will vary, but please note that travel and expenses will be required to be included.

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