Kimmi's Erotic Sensory Massage - Private Session

Kimmi's - Subtle Sensory Massage

Erotic Sensory Massages are unlike anything you’ve experienced.

They will melt your heart open, combining energy work with arousal (pleasure and healing) with the full-body and a lingam or yoni massage. They will help you to relax, clear your mind, meditate and concentrate on your sensations and heal your body.

Not mere stimulation, but your chance to awaken and honour your sacred creative energies. When one’s sexual and erotic energy is heightened, it can spread throughout your whole body, leaving you refreshed, experiencing the highest levels of pleasure, achieving perfect harmony between your soul, body and mind.

Here’s what people have said:

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a Sensory Play massage from Kimmi. The experience considerably exceeded my expectations and was the best hour of the week! I can highly recommend others to give it a try and reward yourself. – B (50)

Kimmi is one of those rare people who can immediately put others at ease, win their absolute trust and not take advantage of them as they make themselves open and vulnerable to her. – T (61)

"I didn't know what to expect when I was on my way to have the massage all I knew is that I was excited, I could feel how nervous I was, laid on the table and the massage started it melted away, all the different feels of the different items was unlike anything else I have ever felt in my life it felt amazing. I’m super shy but I have never felt more comfortable to be naked in front of someone in my life and the words coming out of Kimmi's mouth were so soothing, she knew exactly what to do and when to do it and the end result was one of the best erotic experience I have ever had and maybe ever will have in my life. 10 out of 5 stars 110% would recommend to anyone" – K (23)

Rates and availability:

The Erotic Sensory Play Massage – 60-75 mins - $200 (minimum initial session)

Available by appointment only - Inner Eastern Suburbs

** One way touch only **
** Kimmi is fully clothed **
** This is not a sexual service **
** All sessions need to be pre-paid **

Please email for make a booking.

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