How to Take a Sexy Nude Selfie


Let’s be honest the human body is beautiful so why shouldn’t you showcase your naked flesh in the name of art. 

The nude photo used to be an art form. Unfortunately hurriedly snapped nude selfies reflected from badly lit bathroom mirrors have become acceptable. But we’d like to change that! If you want to impress your lover, or potential lovers on Adult Match Maker, our tips will help you make the most of your assets.

Taking nude shots isn’t just a matter of picking up the camera - you need to know what you want to achieve.

Of course there are two kinds of selfies you can take - one which teases and leaves the beholder wanting more and then there’s ... well just naked. But regardless of your choice there’s an art to taking a selfie worth bragging about. 

And before we get started check out our previous blog post “Read this before you send that Naked Selfie” which is essential reading before you pick up that phone or camera.

Being a tease: Sometimes less is more! We’re talking about being tangled in your bedsheets, a photo which captures you undressing, submerged in a bubble bath or using your hands or props to strategically cover the naughty bits. Perhaps it’s just a glimpse of naked flesh through a curtain or the camera focussing on a particular part of your body. 

Leaving nothing to the imagination: Basically you and a camera and nothing inbetween! Raw, sexy, revealing ... it’s hot! 

So let’s look at the tips we’ve sourced from photographers to porn stars to work that camera!

Set the Mood

We’re not just talking about location and lighting, it’s also your frame of mind. Pick a day and make sure the lead up is all about pampering, thinking about what you’re planning and any necessary grooming. And gents when it comes to grooming we’re talking to you as well. Don’t forget if you trim the bushes the trees look bigger! If you wake up on the morning of the shoot and feel bleh, it’s not the day to shoot.  You need to feel as sexy as the photos you plan on shooting. 

And don’t let someone rush you into sending a selfie when you don’t feel good about it but then you know that if you read our other blog post. 

Pro tip: Music is a great way to set the mood. I live next door to one of Sydney’s most exclusive escorts and I always know when she’s having a shoot done – the music goes on! 

Lighting is everything!

Photographers will tell you that natural morning light is the most flattering - not direct sunlight - just natural even light and don’t use a flash. Position yourself facing the light source and if you have white sheets and white walls you will positively glow. Net curtains can also provide a nice effect as they diffuse the light. 

If you don’t have access to natural light think about hiring a hotel room for the day or if your photos are being taken on a bed use a mid height bedside lamp.

Forget the bathroom mirror shot. It’s been done to death and gets a big thumbs down. Bathroom lighting will make your face look tired and can highlight areas you would prefer to avoid. And yes there are some celebs who get away with it but after thousands of paparazzi shots they know their best angles and KK reportedly hires a professional to photoshop her images and she uses a high tech filter app (reportedly Perfect365).

Pro tip: Side light from windows is great at emphasising cleavage. 

Location! Location! Location! 

Clear the background which will appear in the photo whether that’s moving the pile of washing, unplugging your laprop, closing the bathroom door or decluttering your bedside table. The internet is filled with galleries of selfies gone wrong and while you are focussed on YOU in the picture don’t let a messy room be a distraction for the viewer.

If nothing but a fresh breeze and the feel of the sun on your back will do, take it outside. The gorgeous model in our hero image is certainly channelling her inner “pixie at the bottom of the garden” pose. Think about private spaces you know are perfectly safe from prying eyes or secluded spots and take a friend as a lookout. 

Pro tip: The only time you should be using a mirror is to set up your photo. 

Self Time or Not?

Self-timing can be tricky at first but it avoids forearm photo bombing and allows you to try some different angles. If you’re going to self time then buy a tripod or a gadget to hold your phone like a Gorilla Pod. We also read, although we haven’t checked it out, that the CamMe app is a winner.

Pro tip: Take a video and then take screen shots from the video. The quality won’t be as high but it’s a quick way to get shots at different angles and work out your most flattering poses. 

Strike a pose!

Angles are incredibly important and figuring out which poses work for you is all part of the fun. It’s not a race, take your time. Professional photographers take hundreds of photos and then only choose 2-3 so don’t be too hard on yourself if the first 10 are not what you’d hoped for. 

Instinctively most of us know the right angles to accentuate our curves and hide our perceived imperfections. Don’t pick a pose which is going to looked forced. If you have to pull stuff in or push stuff up it shouldn’t look like you’re forcing yourself to do it.

Raise the camera slightly above your head as it’s generally more flatting and look straight on or above which also allows a glimpse of cleavage. Try angling your face differently, some with your eyes open, some with your eyes closed. 

Strike a pose and work the camera! Bend over, lean back, slide forward, slither, drape, twist, lie, look over your shoulder, stand, sit. There is no wrong answer and you’ll find out what works for you through experimentation. You’ll find that some of the ideas in this post for glamour photography will kick start your inspiration. 

  • If you’re doing a standing shot then put on a pair of stilettos even if they’re out of shot. Your posture will improve and it will make your legs and bum look fantastic! 
  • For the best butt shot it's all about arching the back, throwing your shoulders back and popping out your booty.
  • If you prefer lying on your back, lean your heels against the wall to elongate your legs. 
  • If you love your curves but don’t love your tummy try a silhouette taken from the rear.
  • Remember to keep your chin up and your shoulders back. 
  • For a more boudoir photo, arch your back seductively.
  • If your face is in the photo making eye contact with the camera is very sexy.
  • Cropping your photo with just a glimpse of a bottom lip with a slick of red lipstick can be sexy as hell.

Pro tip: Duck face is out! Just before you take your photo gasp as if your lover has just hit the sweet spot as they go down on you. Part your lips slightly and tell the camera how sexy you are through your eyes. 

Add a Filter!

There are so many filter Apps available that you’d be crazy not to tweak your images. Warming filters make everyone look a little hotter and even turning your photo into a black & white image can give it a whole different look and feel as it’s somehow less about the body and more about the shapes and shadows.

It’s the little things!

Droplets of water or bubbles always look sexy. Spray yourself with a light spritz of water to create a sexy sheen. If you want shower photos then our pro tip using video is probably the way to go. 

Have some accessories on standby. Scarves, flowers, mirrors, hats or even a men’s shirt unbuttoned can all be used to change the mood. 

Pro tip: You can always enlist the help of a friend and have someone else take the photos but make it look like you did. We’re sure there would be plenty of AMM members who’d love to assist. Volunteers line up here! 

Guys a lot of the hints in this article apply to your shots as well and if you’re focussing on your penis check out our sexpert’s advice in this article or get inspired by this blog post

We’d love to know what our members think makes a photo “sexy” so let’s hear your comments! 


More than a month ago
one thing i do is say to people wow, great pics, sexy, nice position , love the lighting, even when web cams are going you can see some great creatiiveness..

n its not about the skinny people either i say it too even people on cam get compliments .. but hence why my web cam is out of focus to prevent people from taking pics while watching cams .. which is breaking a few laws of privacy n taken n stored on a device without permission...
More than a month ago
More than a month ago
Soooo sexy soooo hot, I must be allergic , parts of my body are swelling, big time....
More than a month ago
Pritty good tips.. ill try them out.. next time i upload a selfie here
More than a month ago
It is so much a part of the sexy fun... taking selfies or having a romp with your playmate while snapping away!!!
That's what this swinging, sexy game is all about - fun & how to titillate!
Our profile photos - as many angles & positions as actual sex ;-D
More than a month ago
Finally some hints from some professionals! I have been advising people on this site about their photographs for 2 years now! Its not hard to take a good selfie or photograph as long as you think about the pose, the setting and the outfit to wear/not wear. Blurry, dark, socks, powercords, flashes, bad angles...all things to watch out for! We constantly have people offering their photographic services....
we think we are doing a great job already...
and as for the "trim the bush to make the tree look bigger" statement...lmao..the tree is as big as it is.....LOOKING bigger is not BEING bigger...
More than a month ago
im more than happy to help AMM members take some good shots. I have a good eye for detail, & as a female I know what i like to look at. Hit me up men or couples.....i'll take those pics for you :)
More than a month ago
Cool I can help also, all good fun, quite a trust thing though.
The edit is lots'a fun - and erotic as...
More than a month ago
I'd love some help, but I'm about 10 hours too far away.... if there is anyone around the Newcastle/Hunter area that would like to help me take some better pics, I'd love to hear from you.
More than a month ago
Very good article!
Account Closed
Account Closed
More than a month ago
HO yes Vixenette that is a good pose i like it................
More than a month ago
I often hear "LUCKY PHOTOGRAPHER"!!!!! No such luck as I am the one "striking a pose" OR 10 in front of my built in cam on gives me approx. ..2 sec to strike a pose.....OMG!!! How tiring until I get the perfect shot.....I enjoy the dress up part of it being a creative bold n bright personality..always have been....will do a few more sexy ones very soon hehe.
More than a month ago
Yes good photos dont just happen
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More than a month ago
Very nice
More than a month ago
Love your pics..... nice job..... beautiful body to work with too. Would love to be behind the camera working with you. Could be soooooooo much fun
More than a month ago
We enjoy taking a photo or two but its not always easy to get good results. I do like the video idea to go back and check for good positions and angles
Account Closed
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More than a month ago
Excellent Photo
More than a month ago
LOL@ mrdiscrete... your photo is terrible.... for someone offering their photography skills as a service lol
More than a month ago
Good photos always make a difference. If you supply the camera I would be willing to take photos for any AMM members. You may then be kind enough to take some photos of me so I can update my AMM profile photo.
More than a month ago
I love taking selfies on my mobile
because I am hoping all the while
that you will say “I think you're sexy and beautiful'
and I know that sounds incorrigible
so I hope it is clearly understood
that when you reply 'You’re looking good'
I love to hear you say so
because your flattery feeds my ego
but perhaps I need to explain
that I am also deplorably fickle and vain
so it only encourages me
to tease you unmercifully
with very little or no attention to propriety
or for that matter simply devoid of sense or sensibility
because my hunger for flattery is unquenchable
so because' you think I am sexy and beautiful '
and your reward is pictures bountiful
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More than a month ago
You are sexy and beautiful...beach shot soooo sexy
More than a month ago
You my lady, have hit the nail on the head for how I feel but have never been able to phase and express it the way you have.

Just so beautiful. YOU are beautiful on every level; your face, mind, brain, attitude and sheer confidence and demand. I am honoured to have come across you on this thread.
DDDelite X
More than a month ago
the makings of a cam chick
More than a month ago
Yes you are sexy and beautiful .. would love to flatter you over and over ...
Account Closed
Account Closed
More than a month ago
Yes u r very sexy u look half your age??
More than a month ago
You certainly are sexy and beautiful
More than a month ago
What a fantastic poem.
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