Playmate Protocols: Being So Good You Get Invited Back!

08 August 2013
In an era where etiquette isn’t the main focus of our education, sometimes it’s hard to know how to be a good guest. Add to that being a good playmate guest and the rules aren’t written in any etiquette book I’ve ever seen. Here are our top ten tips to being such a good playmate you get invited back and bragged about.

Dealing with Emotions!

25 October 2012
When you’re planning your first swinging experience you could be filled with excitement and anticipation of fantasies being fulfilled but you may end up feeling something very different. Our lifestyle expert, discusses how to deal with some of the negatives so you can relax and have a blast!

What Happens when Friends become Playmates!

There is a very big grey area that becomes evident when playmates become friends or friends become playmates. All of a sudden the rules of engagement change. This article gives you some handy hints and tips to help steer you through it and back to the fun and frivolity!

Help! Our Swinging Secret is Out!

15 March 2012
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Some people aren’t concerned if friends, family and colleagues discover their swinging lifestyle. For others, it’s their biggest fear and once it happens, they aren’t sure what to do. This article discusses some options, as well as a way to help make the right decision if it ever ends up being you in this situation.

Let's have a threesome!

29 January 2012
A threesome may seem like a word everyone knows the definition of but do you really? There are various flavours of threesome and what you think a threesome entails versus what I think it entails could be two completely different things.

Swinger Etiquette

14 October 2011
As with anything we do, there are rules, boundaries and etiquette that makes sure that it’s fun and no one gets hurt. Swinging is no different and it’s not necessarily commonsense to everyone. So read up on your etiquette so you have a fair understanding of how the game is played to keep it fun & flirty.

Social Media Strategies for Swingers

08 August 2011
The era of social media is great for connecting and sharing with friends and family. But if you're a swinger that loves to share it can also be a recipe for disaster if you don't have a strategy for keeping a few things private.

Swingers are a Girl’s Best Friend!

Single and looking to have some fun? Limiting yourself to hooking up with single guys? Have you checked out swinging with couples or dabbling in the swinging scene? Well you should! There are a whole lot of plusses but rather than asking for your phone number to tell you about it, here is an article just for you!