Crucial Online Dating Tips for Newbies

20 January 2012
In the world of online dating getting it right the first time can be the difference between meeting someone for a fun night and suffering another “KK” (Kleenex and KY) evening. Follow these tips and avoid making the common mistakes, and ensure you do better than the complacent guys out there.

Finding Her the Easy Way

14 November 2008
Most girls I know get hundreds of responses to their online dating profiles. Most guys I know get none. That means making the most out of your retail expeditions. With a little forward planning and some artful cut and pasting, you might never have to go into a mall again!

Finding Him the Easy Way

14 November 2008
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Now, with the right questions and the ability to type, you can discover blokes on your wavelength without ever leaving your living room through internet dating.

How to Captivate a Man Forever

06 August 2008
Unfortunately for women, most research suggests that men are not naturally monogamous. In fact, unless they are living in a cave, one hundred percent of men are either physical or mental adulterers. Believe me – when they are