Top 5 Sex Positions for Love Lounges

One of the most fun things about sex is how many different ways you can do it, and how each different position or “style” can create whole new sensations and ways to orgasm. Depending on the angle of penetration, or perhaps the position allowing for the addition of other body bits (like hands or mouths) to get involved in the action, you can change the whole game. Just the difference in “attitude” from something like the slow, sensual intimacy of missionary to the hair-pulling, butt-slapping hotness of doggy is a way to “change it up” without having to change much at all!

Yes, all of this is great but the problem is that, for one reason or another, not all of us are capable of “changing it up” in the way we may want to. Dodgy knees and backs, medical conditions, disabilities, old age, latent injuries from that one drunken night out… We’ve all got limitations and unfortunately sometimes they can hinder our sex lives, but the amazing folk at Pure Love Lounge have created and designed an amazing piece of furniture that will absolutely change all of this and more, giving you the flexibility and variety in the bedroom you’ve always wanted!

And not only that, it’s also a gorgeous, well-made seat that will fit seamlessly into your décor and no-one ever has to know what it is!

We’ve come up with a whole bunch of ways you can use it and we know you’ll want to try them all out for yourself!


Cowgirl (front and reverse)

Girl on top positions are always a bit sexy. They not only allow her to be in full control of the angles and penetration rhythms, it also gives him a gorgeous view of her body and the ability to touch and caress her.

If she’s facing forward her breasts and stomach and face are in the perfect place or him to touch, kiss and tantalise, and if she’s facing the other way he gets her curving butt and waist to grip onto or admire. The great thing about Cowgirl on the Pure Love Lounge is, depending on the way he sits or lies on it, it can create a variety of angles from lying flat to sitting up straight all with full back support and no worries of straining himself.

Lay Down Doggy

This is such a nice and intimate position with beautifully deep penetration and the full closeness of bodies. It is also one that allows people to enjoy “from behind” positions while avoiding the pain of dodgy knees or low mobility by putting a pillows underneath her body as she lays on the bed… But unfortunately pillows can move, and lose their puff after being laid down on for a while, and constantly having to shift and re-plump can be distracting and annoying. The Pure Love Lounge solves all those problems and more with the sensually curved and ergonomic seat supporting the contours of your body, and the positions you put it in, allowing for long-time playtime without the shifting around or pain that comes from long term, unsupported body positioning.


Oral Sex

The Pure Love Lounge takes oral sex to the next level with the huge number of different angles, positions, and dynamics you can experiment with. Positions you once found awkward or uncomfortable can be rediscovered with all the body support you were missing when you first tried it. When it comes to oral positions like the good ol’ 69, it creates a far more comfortable way to play, as well as far less opportunity for elbows, knees and hair to get in the way and ruin the fun.

With the high and low back ends of the lounge, as well as the curved centre, you will have so many different positions to lick and suck in you’ll want to try them all!



Unless both you and your partner are a very specific type of height and weight you’ve probably looked at those “stand up” sex positions in movies and porn as being impossible. I mean not only do you need the strength to hold someone up, even against a wall, and you also have to have the flexibility and extra strength to thrust and move and concentrate on not accidentally dropping your partner… And being the one being held up also comes with its own needed strength as well as paranoias about weight or being dropped… It's a mighty stressful position! Enter the Pure Love Lounge and almost every single standing up position you thought unachievable is right there for the taking. Depending on which end of the lounge you use, you can simulate all manner of different angles and high/low positions all without any fear of buckling knees or being dropped on your butt. 


Everything Every Way

As you’ve probably realised reading the above position suggestions, the Pure Love Lounge is brilliant in its ability to create fun, exciting, and experimental sex positions in comfort and low body stress for just about everyone regardless of age, mobility, or experience level. Almost any position you can think of is achievable on the lounge, including ones you may never have even thought of! Just a simple change of where you position your body can turn a “vanilla” position into one a little bit “kinkier” and all those memories of the sex you had before your knees went can now be relived and re-enjoyed! Like doggy? Try it in every angle imaginable! Afraid you’ll break your back having sex standing up? Not any more! Try it all, in all the ways, and then try it all again! There is nothing you can’t try now!

Customed designed "love" lounges are a fantastic way to spice up your sex life as well as adding a classy-looking, beautifully strong and well made piece of furniture into your home. To the uninitiated it will look just like a luxurious ergonomic reading chair, and to the ones in the know… Well you never know, you may just be invited over to give it a try. 



  • Mstickley
    More than a month ago

    My only question is why is she naked and he isn't Hahaha! Cause you know i feel like I would learn alot more.

    • AMM.Editor Photo
      More than a month ago

      He can't be fully naked in this photo because then it would be deemed that they are having sex and you have to be age verified to see photos like that on our site. Also our members share blog articles on social media and, again, the image can't be perceived as them having sex or the person sharing risks getting a Facebook ban.

  • KinkyGirl101
    More than a month ago

    Yay! See you at Sensual Ball

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    More than a month ago

    69 is a favourite position of mine...……...great way to get intimate and enjoy each other

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